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15+ Attractive Sewing Projects To Sell On Shopify In 2023

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If you’re looking for sewing projects to sell in 2023, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a professional tailor or just someone looking to turn their sewing hobby into a money-making venture, we’ve got a list of 25 sewing projects bound to sell on Shopify in 2023.

These projects range from charming fashion accessories to home decor and amazing gift ideas. We’ve carefully chosen projects that are both beginner friendly and still attractive enough to bring you sales. Read on to discover 25 attractive sewing projects to sell on Shopify in 2023.

Can I Make Money Sewing Crafts Online?

If you’re wondering if you can make money online sewing, the answer is yes, you can. Sewing crafts sell pretty well in the US and globally. In 2021, the sales from crafts in the United States amounted to $1.22 billion dollars.

Sewing crafts doesn’t have to be just a hobby. With the rise of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, you can make money from sewing crafts and selling them online. Shopify allows you to offer your crafts like table runner, reusable snack packs, and tote bags to potential buyers across the globe.

Aside from income, sewing also provides other benefits, which makes it a great choice as a side hustle or an online business.

What Are the Other Benefits of Creating Sewing Projects

Asides from making money and the sheer joy of creating attractive items, creating sewing projects also has other benefits. Some of them are:

Promotes mindfulness

Sitting at your sewing machine and stitching away can bring your mind into a zen-like focus. You slowly find that the rest of the world fades away, and you’re lost in the rhythms of your stitching.

Taking on a sewing project can get you out of the typical chaos of everyday life and be fully immersed in the creation of something beautiful.

Boosts creativity

Creating sewing projects to sell is a great way to boost your creativity and bring your artistic side to life. You can take any project and put a spin on it to create your designs and style.

Whether this includes experimenting with bold colors, mixing and matching patterns or adding unique embellishments, you can unleash your creativity and create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Great for socializing

If you’re worried that creating sewing projects would leave you feeling alone, you don’t have to! Creating sewing projects like reusable snack packs for sale at local craft fairs is an excellent way to socialize. You'll find other crafters who would be glad to sew with you.


You can exchange techniques or inspire each other. You can also find new friends by joining sewing circles, sewing workshops or connecting with fellow crafters, whether online or in person.

It helps relaxation

Creating sewing projects is also a great way to relax your mind and body. While focusing on creating your project, you can slow down, recharge and find solace in creating something beautiful. The repetitive movements involved in stitching bring calm to your mind and body.

17 Attractive Sewing Projects To Sell On Shopify

Here are 17 attractive sewing projects you can sell on Shopify in 2023 and make money. Each of these projects is attractive and beginner friendly.

Monogrammed Towels

Monogrammed towels are an amazing gift for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, and special occasions. They are easy to make, and what makes them so amazing is they offer a personalized, custom touch that will have customers rushing to your store.


The personalized gift market is expected to grow by over $13 million in 2023 (source:, making projects such as monogrammed towels a profitable business.

Some ways you can also earn profit selling this product include creating products specifically for celebratory occasions, bundled sales etc.

TypoCraft Store is an example of a Shopify store doing this. The website leans heavily into customized items like party packs, different colored towels and more.

Baby Blankets

Sewing baby blankets can be a fulfilling project, especially if the goal is to put a smile on the face of its owner. Apart from being practical items that keep babies warm, there’s plenty of room for creativity with these items as you can make them in different patterns and styles.

To start this business, you’ll need to understand what fabrics are comfortable for babies and feel nice on their skin. Natural, breathable fibers like organic cotton, muslin and cashmere are top options for baby blankets.

With great fabrics and attractive designs, you’ll have the basics needed to thrive in this $2.3 billion market. Plus, you’ll endear yourself to the many parents and gift shoppers looking to wrap babies with the indulgent care a warm blanket provides.

An example of a great Shopify store that offers baby blankets is Saranoni Luxury Blankets. The store offers a variety of high-quality baby blankets any customer would love.


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Stylish Pouches

Pouches are one of the most versatile accessories to have. These items can double as phone cases and can also be used to haul small items like cards, keys and even a wallet in some cases.

Pouches typically require sturdy fabrics and strong sewing. Linen, silk, and denim are options that will ensure sturdy construction and an attractive final look.


Sewing pouches also offers opportunities for profit, as it's a part of the $1.8 billion (source: textile bags market. You can make a lot of money with these, as long as the pouches you are planning to sell are trendy, stylish and incorporate fashionable patterns in different colors and designs.

Hair bands

If you thought hair bands were old school, you’re in for a shock. They’re not anymore!

They made a comeback as stylish hair accessories in 2020 during the pandemic, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.The market for these items is currently worth billions of dollars and is growing at a rate of 4.5% a year (source:

Josephine Alexander Collective is a lovely Shopify store that offers a wide range of hair bands, and other hair accessories for women.

You can sew beautiful hair bands using different fabrics like satin, velvet or soft leather and watch them get picked off your virtual store shelf.


After hair bands, scrunchies are the next thing making a comeback. Scrunchies help keep hair in place and are a stylish addition to every girl’s wardrobe.


Sewing a scrunchie is also a great way to explore your creativity, as you can create one using a wide range of fabrics, from playful materials to silk and velvet.

Best part is that these are easy DIY sewing projects you can sew and sell for extra money. Stella WaxBar offers a variety of velvet scrunchie in several materials and sizes, so there’s always something available for a customer.

Attractive Keycharms

You can put a unique spin on your keychain charms by making customized options for each buyer using their initials or sewing cute pendants like animals or shapes.

Let your creativity run wild.

Keychain charms not only serve as thoughtful items with sentimental value, they also add a splash of color to any regular keychain.

A Shop of Things, powered by Shopify, sells some of the cutest keycharms, available in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can even get a customized keychain charm to stand out.

Animal Plushies

If you're unsure of what products would be lucrative on Shopify, then you should consider selling baby items such as stuffed animals.

These baby items aren’t only adorable, they are a top-selling toy category as new moms and expectant mothers are always hunting for something cute for their babies. Stuffed animals already brought in $8 billion (source: in revenue this year alone, and the year isn’t even done.


You can easily sew adorable animal plushies using soft fabrics and beautiful colors. You can also stand out by ensuring that your plushies are made of high-quality stitching, safe for the eyes and nose since they would be used by children.

You might also need to ensure that whatever you use for sewing your animal plushies is easily washable. Cozy Up! sells some of the cutest animal plushies on Shopify.

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If you’re wondering why several headwears are on the list, it’s because the headwear market is thriving and will grow over 6% over the coming years. Headwraps are beautiful headwear that can make you look fashionable even on bad hair days (source:

They are also beginner friendly and can be made with various fabrics, from prints to silk and bamboo. They can also be made in different styles, like knot headbands or turbans.

Good Girl Wraps by Meagan Good sells functional head wraps for women seeking hair accessories that keep their hair safe and out of the way when they work out or lounge at home.

Dog Bandanas

Are you a dog lover? Then you’ll enjoy creating lovely bandanas designed for dogs. In 2022 alone, pet owners in the US spent over $136 billion on their pets (source:, so you’ll be heading in the right direction with these bandanas.

WallyGrow, a Shopify store seems to know this as they sell the cutest pet bandanas for dog owners who want their four-legged furry friends to stay warm and also stand out from other pets.

Wrist Pin cushions

Make something for fellow tailors that they’ll love. You can create them using different fabrics and prints.

Wrist pin cushions are great to sell on Shopify because they are essential for tailors who want to improve work efficiency and save on the stress of always having to reach for a needle or pin.

This sewing project also makes sense because it reduces the chances of having a messy work area. Sentimental Stitches sells wrist pin cushions for tailors who need to hold all of their pins together as they work.

Eye Sleep Mask

Eye Sleep masks are an all-year-round product. These sewing projects are beginner friendly and easy to create.


Use soft fabrics like velvet and silk to ensure your masks are gentle on the eyes. You can also go crazy and introduce your designs and patterns. Myz sells high-quality sleeping masks that allow its owner to sleep peacefully while blocking distracting lights.

Tote Bags

You should consider creating a tote bag if you're not sure what sewing projects to offer on Shopify. Tote bags are attractive items to sell because they are always in style, and the global market for tote bags is expected to grow.

The beauty of sewing tote bags is that you provide your customers with an eco-friendly reusable bag that they will love.

They are amazing to create, and you can make them using different materials, free patterns and prints. You could even provide potential customers with customization options.

Coast Accessories is an online store powered by Shopify that sells durable tote bags for tote lovers who need an incredibly functional bag.

Baby booties

These are so adorable! This sewing project is not just profitable; it’s also fulfilling especially when your target audience are new parents. Baby booties keep a child’s feet warm and protected, whether they are crawling around the home or being pushed in a stroller.

These booties also provide your child with stability should they ever be ready to take their first baby steps. Little Baby Kicksoffers a lovely collection of crocheted baby shoes on Shopify to provide new parents with something for their latest bundle of joy.

You’ll need to use non-slip fabric like polyester anti-slip materials so that the babies using these items can look cute and play safe.

Get lost in creating snug and non-slip shoes for babies that warm their tiny toes. Every time you make a sale, you’ll feel warm inside!


After COVID-19, more and more people started cooking from home and with the rise of food enthusiasts, aprons are easy sewing projects you can make and sell.

One way to stand out is by creating aprons with durable materials and attractive features like spacious pockets, adjustable neck straps patterns. Allen & Petersen Cooking & Appliances Center is a Shopify store that offers a splendid variety of aprons customers can choose from.

Sunglass Cases

You can create chic yet protective sunglass cases with attractive designs and fabrics. Sunglasses are fragile items so it only makes sense that any owner would want to get a case.

You can make massive sales from this customer need by selling stylish, high-quality sunglass cases. The best part is these items are beginner friendly and easy to sew. You can also add customisation options for your customers.

Cinda B is one Shopify store that sells chic, protective sunglasses cases with impressive designs.

Fabric Baskets

Fabric baskets are also excellent sewing projects you can sell online if you're looking to make extra money from crafts.


These baskets are stylish storage solutions and are fun projects to create if you are out to have fun while producing something extraordinary.

Fabric baskets are not just easy sewing projects, they are practical items perfect for organizing tools and sewing items for fellow tailors.

If you are not looking to use one as a storage case, a fabric basket can also serve as an interesting piece of decor that adds color to any space. The best part is that they’re quite affordable.

You only need to ensure your baskets are colorful and functional, and you’re bound to make sales. Dana Herbert Accessories is a Shopify store that offers a range of canvas baskets wrapped in fabric, available in several beautiful colors.


If you're looking for easy sewing projects to sell on Shopify, you should consider creating backpacks. Backpacks are essential for travel or work and they make stylish fashion accessories.

You can have fun sewing beginner-friendly backpacks and backpacks with more complex features like padded straps, laptop sleeves or hidden pockets. Fearlessly Hue sells a wide variety of backpacks, suitcases and even totes to help daily commuters move around with all of their everyday essentials.

Keep in mind that bags are tougher to make than the average sewing project though. You’ll need to use a combination of materials and understand how to make the different pieces come together. But it’s more than worth it.

The market for fashion backpacks is constantly growing and recent reports suggest that it will continue to grow at a rate of 4% until 2028 (source:

Set up your Shopify store and start selling

Choose a sewing project to market and begin your sales journey. Shopify enables a smooth launch of your online storefront, connecting you to a worldwide customer base. It offers secure transaction methods and intuitive management tools for your inventory.

Shopify ensures a sleek, professional shopping experience for your patrons. Whether your offerings include tangible sewing materials or instructional courses for DIY home sewing ventures, Shopify stands ready to bolster your enterprise. The service provides exceptional analytical resources, allowing you to monitor your business's progress and make savvy decisions. Plus, take advantage of the Shopify $1 dollar trial to start your business on solid footing.

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