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We all want conversions. But how do we get them?

Sometimes getting traffic is the problem. Sometimes it’s making it convert causes you to pull your hair out. And sometimes, when life is feeling particularly cruel, it's both. 

But like most things in life, time, dedication and a little bit of smarts will turn that stress into financial gain. Keep reading because you’re about to find out how to instantly increase conversions on your store. 

If you’re already getting traffic. 

As usual, I’m breaking down another Shopify store to show you exactly what you should and shouldn’t do to provide your customers with the best experience and capture more sales. 

And because the pet niche is so popular, it felt like a good time to touch on a store that’s all about love for cats and dogs. 

EnduraPet provides scientifically backed supplement formulas to keep your beloved companion healthy, happy and living life to the max. 

I’ll run through the product page and suggest some improvements that can be made to instantly boost conversions. 

And as usual, for those unwilling to read the article, you can catch the video review here. 

Endura Pet Shopify Store Review 

Strong brand identity

EnduraPet Shopify Store review

First impressions are solid. The color palette is nice - it reminds me of the popular health food store iHerb. I always advocate looking to your heroes for inspiration for your own store. There’s a reason why these eCommerce giants have the success they do. 

Don’t copy their ideas. But use them as inspiration and incorporate what you need to into your own store. 

Here’s the good: 

  • Two-color brand palette
  • Professional logo
  • Clear product image

Here’s what can be improved:

  • Call to action doesn’t jump out enough. Position it lower, change the tone and square the edges to differentiate it from the orange sticker on the product label

Lackluster product description

EnduraPet Shopify Store review

Your product description is where the magic happens and usually what convinces the prospect to buy. EnduraPet’s is lacking in intrigue, excitement, and emphasis on benefits. They’ve used some good techniques, like bullet points to highlight key aspects, but overall it isn’t optimized to convert. 

Here’s the good: 

  • Bullet point system is easily scanned
  • Description states thorough research from the brand

Here’s what could be improved:

  • Strong headlines are really needed here to entice the reader to keep, well… reading
  • Images or video can be used to increase engagement and convey information faster
  • Highlighting the severity of the problems with modern dog food would allow EnduraPet to position themselves as the solution to lack of nutrients
  • Video testimonial should be used to help the prospect confirm they’re making the right decision

Overall, this description needs to be written to trigger an emotional response in the reader. People will go to great lengths for their pets. Helping them realize they NEED this product with copy that speaks to their emotions will increase conversions tenfold.

Not enough emphasis on benefits

EnduraPet Shopify Store review

Here’s the good: 

  • The guide to [roduct dosing is informative and provides value upfront
  • The ingredient listing is transparent and appears to be mostly natural 

Here’s what could be improved:

  • Expanding on each ingredient to highlight its effects and benefits

To elaborate. While the ingredient listing is transparent, it's not clear how they impact your pet. A Maitake Mushroom sounds beneficial, but what does it actually do? 

Breaking down each ingredient into clear, measurable benefits helps the prospect realize the power and potential of your offer. It gives them a rich understanding of how it can impact their pets life, and theirs in the process. 

Alitura Naturals skincare do a great job of conveying ingredient benefits. 

EnduraPet Shopify Store review

Further Reading: 

In conclusion

For all aspiring eCommerce merchants out there, put these tips to work for your own store. And if you’re operating in the pet niche, don’t forget this important message. 

Pets are brought into our lives not out of necessity, but out of love and desire for unconditional companionship. Therefore, emotions are the driving forces behind pet owners purchasing decisions. 

If you remember this and incorporate it into your product headlines, description, and all aspects of branding, you’ll find the sales rolling in no time. 

As for EnduraPet, I love what they’re doing. They’ve got great content and are contributing to fantastic causes, so don’t forget to check them out. I just think their product pages could be spiced up a tad.

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