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How to Make Money in the Shopify Partner Program through PageFly (Freelancers + Agencies)

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The Shopify company is not the only profitable service that makes money from selling their service to customers. By encouraging merchants to constantly update their stores and running a Shopify App store itself, Shopify is currently helping over 20,000 freelancers and agencies on the Shopify Partners program in the exponentially growing eCommerce market. 

Not owning any Shopify stores themselves, these Shopify partners are helping their clients grow prosperous Shopify businesses. Mind you, they are making money just as much as their clients and sometimes even more.

As the best Shopify page builder, PageFly is driven to assist not only Shopify merchants, but also those on the other side of the industry.

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Shopify Partners program - Get underneath the tip of the iceberg

Those who know about Shopify know about their incredible aptitude in helping anyone start an eCommerce business. However, there’s more than one way to make money on Shopify: the Shopify Partners program. This is an ecosystem of freelancers and agencies interested in boosting merchants’ businesses with their Shopify expertise.

It takes only a few searches on the Internet to see that the market is full of potential.

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1,000+ Shopify Experts on the Shopify Experts marketplace.

Shopify Experts

5,000+ Shopify developers / designers on Upwork. At least 500 pages with 10 profiles / page => 5,000 developers providing Shopify development services.

Upwork freelancers

~10,000+ profiles on


Freelancers using page builders to work on Shopify stores.


Growth rate search queries for “shopify partners” by

Shopify partners

What’s waiting for you on the other side?

If you already started off as a Shopify store owner, steering the Shopify Admin Dashboard and building a basic Shopify store shouldn’t be a challenge.

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The Shopify Partners program brings with it a pretty similar dashboard. However, there are plenty of tailor-made sections that cater to particular needs of Shopify freelancers and agencies.

Shopify partner dashboard

The Shopify Partner dashboard allows you to archive and track your clients conveniently. The ‘Education’ section grants you access to exclusive Shopify content for Shopify service providers.

You can read more about the Shopify Partner program in our blog post HERE.

As a Shopify Expert, the best Shopify page builder, PageFly, has a proven track record of experience in helping merchants with their online stores. Throughout years of Shopify client servicing, PageFly has been passionate about sharing expertise and paving the way for others to enter this lucrative business.

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PageFly x Shopify Partners #1: Service Providers

In the Shopify ecosystem, service providers play a key role in helping merchants build their Shopify stores, ranging from initial store setup to designs for specific pages and items.

Shopify partners of this category earn their income by transferring ownership of Shopify stores to merchants.

Partner-friendly apps come as incredible assets of the Shopify Partners Program. These apps are free to test in development stores, meaning that partners can interchange their products and see how the combos work out in their clients’ stores all at once.

Because PageFly is partner-friendly, you can use it to create development stores for clients with the top tier plan for free, for life.

Create a development store.

Shopify development store

After creating a development store, you’ll be pointed to the regular dashboard. An interesting thing about this store is that there is no trial time limit, so you’ll be free to experiment with any ideas you may have.

PageFly app in the development store.

Partner-friendly PageFly

PageFly elements

A development store like the PageFly demo store below can make a good deal.

PageFly demo store

PageFly demo store

PageFly demo store

Shopify development store ownership transfer

Shopify development store ownership transfer

PageFly x Shopify Partners #2: App providers

PageFly has a proven track record of trust from Shopify and customers alike. The app is ranked number 1 in the page builder category, as well as landing in the top 8 most recommended apps on the Shopify App Store amongst over 4,000 other apps.

Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
Trusted by over 2,000,000 businesses worldwide

If you’re an app provider and would like to take advantage of PageFly's excellent store presence, we are always open to integration and collaboration with other apps.

Note: Please email us at for any partnerships enquiries.

PageFly third party elements

Once the partnership agreement is settled and executed, some features of the guest apps will be integrated into PageFly page editor. Not only will this make pages built on PageFly more powerful, but it will also get merchants excited about installing the fully functional third party apps listed on the page editor toolbar.

Guest blogging is one of our most effective co-marketing activities.

PageFly LitExtension

PageFly LitExtension

Although not making direct money, these activities can help improve brand presence across apps. UTM links in the blog post can point readers to the app site on the Shopify App store or the main site of the app.

PageFly x Shopify Partners #3: Content Providers

If you’re on the Shopify Partners program, you should be familiar with the Shopify Affiliate program. The latter lets you make money by producing content and directing customers to Shopify through referral links.

As for PageFly, content providers should find no difficulty because the PageFly Affiliate Program works the same way. (1) You make quality content and subtly include a few referral links, (2) customers click the link and use PageFly paid plans and (3) you’ll get paid for your affiliation.

Check out this blog post to see how PageFly works with referral links.

Make use of Youtube videos and their video descriptions.

The Money Mentor

PageFly Youtube content providers

Business Dynamite

PageFly Youtube content provider

Rafael MartinsPageFly Youtube content providers

Blog post

PageFly content providers

Each content provider is given a referral link.



PageFly referral link

PageFly referral link

You can give your honest opinion on PageFly through a product review or share your success stories with PageFly. Any interactions that convert the audience into paid plan subscribers will be profitable for you.

Read more about creative tactics to make money with PageFly here.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired enough to try out PageFly as a Shopify Partner. If so, simply click the button below and select “Schedule a Demo Call”. The PageFly Partner team will sit down with you and directly walk you through how we can work together to drive profits.

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