[Infographic] - The perfect Anatomy of Product Page for Shopify merchants.

[Infographic] - The perfect Anatomy of Product Page for Shopify merchants.

The essential part of any online store website starts with the product page. If you’re just getting started with Shopify, you’d see the default Shopify product page containing product image, price, quantity number, description box with pure text content, social sharing icons and the “add to cart button.” However, I’m asking myself is this enough for the buying decision? Looking at Shopify stores, I’ve noticed many great stores selling a different kind of products and the default style might not fit all niches. In the infographic below we’ll summarize the essential information section that matters in the product page and why you’ll need to pay the attention. Let’s check it out.

product page anatomy

The anatomy of the product page layout has been built after our team has checked for more than 100+ product pages of Shopify merchants. The best 30+ product pages are carefully selected and combined in this blog post. Those layouts are outstanding, and actually, you can build your product page with PageFly page builder app for Shopify.

The essential information sections. What and Why?

Product Description

Make sure you write the unique content description. Don’t just write about the product, but tell more about the product benefits. How your product or service can give benefits to your customers. It’s a little bit time consuming, but as the reward, you’ll have higher Conversion Rate. For more information about page elements effecting on the conversion, please read more with this article.

High quality images.

The hi-quality image will definitely effect on your conversion rate. Better the image quality, better product presentation. Pay attention to the angle of capturing the product as well. However, when you take the quality image might take the drawback with its size. In this case, use the image sizing services like You can optimize popular image formats such as jpg or png.

Social Sharing.

A good product will get the attention, and it’s even more important to give easy access to share this product with your friend. Include the social sharing network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other. There is no social network that fits all, so you have to test and keep only those social network where your target audience is.

Video & text with image blocks.

Video sell the product even better than the image. But hang on, what the video need to put there? Well, you can ask your customer to record video testimonial. Another idea is recording the video of your product. Just some words about this product and its value. Just test, and you’ll see how it affect the store’s conversion rate.

Benefits & product features.

Information block with 03 - 05 key benefits of the product to your customers. Usually, 5 is the maximum number because the human brain cannot remember too much information at the same time. Add the numeric outline for each benefit and position the priority accordingly to what your customers expect to see.

Customers Reviews.

Buyer affects to other potential buyers. Make sure that when your customers are happy with the product you ask the testimonial. It’s even better if you put the name, job position, or even website if he/she is the business owner. has been driving crazy sales because of its focus on the genuine customer's reviews.

Customers Showcase via Social platform - Instagram.

Good to show the image of your customer and the product (with their permission for sure). Since the image's location is on the social network such as Facebook or Instagram, it’s even more comfortable to share it with friends and colleagues. That’s the power of social media.

Media proof.

Your product is featured or has been reviewed in the popular niche blogs. Use this opportunity to let your customers on the product page to know about it. However, avoid to mention direct PR articles, it looks not natural and might harm your conversion rate.

Shipping Information

Most products selling online is the physical type and shipping is one of the key things customer take a look carefully. Shipping cost and shipping time might be related directly to the purchase decision. If the cost is high, many customers might abandon the cart. Make shipping information transparent.

Returns Policy

Boost your brand credibility with the clear returns policy. The information can be placed in secondary and less noticeable area of content’s presentation. The transparency will pay off you with more sales and brand trust.

Money back guarantee.

As the business owner, we’ve tried our self with the money back guarantee. When people decide to buy, they would be more likely to stick with you, and if the product works as it should, the money back rate is really low. The conclusion here is putting the money badge on the product page will boost your conversion rate.

Payment Methods.

Outline payment methods available at your store: VISA, Master Card, PayPal, Apple Pay or other. The credit cards are the most popular, but when it comes to region and countries, not all customers prefer cards. Instead, they might use COD (Cash On Delivery) or bank transfer.

Related Products.

Give the alternative product choices or other less valuable products that come with the current one. Increase the Average Order Value of your buyer, so you’ll reduce the total sum of money spent for acquiring a single customer. uses this tactic frequently like buying this item with another one.

Shopify product page on mobile device. Looks and feel?

Based on Shopify 2016 yearly review the mobile traffic went over desktop one. That means when Shopify merchants build the product page, the activity with checking the page on mobile and tablet devices is the “must do the thing.”

Just a few weeks ago I talked with one of eCommerce Amazon seller, and he shared the way he drives traffic. He buys 100% mobile device traffic from Facebook Ads. And the fact that the product page is created for mobile is the essential thing for him. After discussion with that guy, he asked about the interest of the page builder app that can build product and landing page for mobile and tablet layouts.

However, that’s not the end, and I’d like to mention additional advanced ideas to test for your product page. To test the advice below, you’ll need to install other Shopify apps (some of them are free), or you already collected some information from your customers. With customers information, it’s total orders, testimonials, the average rating for the product and other.

BONUS. Advanced Ideas for increase the conversion rate for the Product Page.

01 - Numbers & Customers proof

This tactic has been tested a lot and proof the fact that if you put “number”, the online store conversion rate will be higher. For example, “Product A used by 1,000 happy customers”, or “Customers from 50+ countries around the world”. Such messages will connect your brand and your customers.

02 - Chat box

Put yourself shopping in the usual brick and mortar store. You have a question and the expert around you. So putting the chat box will help customers to clarify all issues before buying. There are some questions that FAQ might not answer, so it comes in the chat box with staff in charge.

03 - Internal linking to other pages

This is some advanced technique for SEO onsite optimization. “Internal Linking” is well-known stuff to take seriously when doing on-site SEO. The whole idea is about linking your product page to blog post about that product. In that way, your customers learn more about the product before buying. It’ll also give trust to you as “the expert.”

04 - Discount box on the side area

Often the price might be the reason why customers abandon your store. Give first customers a good discount to acquire. This tactic is usually the most effective during seasonal promotion campaign. For example, you can utilize it with coming Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) time. It’s going to happen 24 November. So hurry up and be prepared.

product page discount offer

We hope that the information provided was helpful for you in making your Product Page better and most important thing - convert better. Hey… but now what to do? Well, we have prepared the printed version of product page checklist. You can download and print it freely then do your own check. Test and check the sales result!

P.sssss.... PageFly app can create highly customizable product page for Shopify. Learn more about it at Shopify app store.

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