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10 Best Mother’s Day Ads Of All Time

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Every Mother's Day is special, and brands around the globe haven't missed the chance to celebrate it in the most unique manner. Showing the appreciation every mother deserves through a thoughtful and creative ad campaign has always made an impact on the desired audience. 

But a few Mother's Day ads stood out from the rest, and in this article, we will showcase 10 Mother's Day ad campaigns that captured the hearts and attention of not only the customers but every viewer! From tear-jerking messages of gratitude to fun and happy gift ideas, these Mother's Day ads have got it all. 

Whether you are a marketer looking for some inspiration or someone looking to celebrate the day with a meaningful gift, these unforgettable Mother's Day ads have got you covered.


10 Creative Mother’s Day Ad Campaigns That Customers Loved

Here are 10 unique and special Mother’s Day ads that stole every customer’s heart:

HallMark - #PutYourHeartToPaper


Image Credits

Hallmark's Mother's Day campaign, #PutYourHeartToPaper, is all about pushing people to open up about their feelings towards their mothers and let their emotions flow in a personal way. This Mother's day ad campaign celebrated the special bond between mothers and children in a creative yet heartfelt manner.

To take it a step ahead from the generic "I Love You" or "Thank You", HallMark ##PutYourHeartToPaper campaign asked people to describe how they feel about their mothers without any barriers or traditional cliche phrases. 

While expressing their emotions, their mothers secretly watched them from another room. The reactions of the mothers were recorded in a series of videos for the ad campaign, simply showing how heartwarming thoughts put into words can be as impactful as a material gift.

The campaign, once again, helped strengthen Hallmark's brand identity as a company that celebrates emotional connections and special occasions.

Here's what the Hallmark #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign achieve:

  • The campaign promoted the idea of expressing gratitude and love towards mothers by creating a positive message for society, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of their mothers.
  • It encouraged people to be creative and express their feelings in a personal way, in turn helping to build stronger emotional connections.

Tesco - #EveryMum

EveryMumImage Credits

A unique approach to celebrating every type of mum on Mother's Day was Tesco's way of showing how much mothers matter. The British grocery chain Tesco passed a strong message in a video with the help of real mothers and children who shared their stories in a short and impactful one-minute-long video. 

The campaign did not promote any product or service from Tesco but rather passed on a beautiful and strong message on Mother's Day from unconventional moms and their kids.

The Tesco #EveryMum video ad campaign helped:

  • Celebrate the contributions of every kind of mum without any barriers and acknowledge their hard work.
  • It encouraged people to appreciate their mothers, building stronger emotional connections between families.
  • It helped promote inclusivity and diversity in the celebration of Mother's Day.

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Pandora - ‘The Unique Connection’

The Unique ConnectionImage Credits

Pandora's Mother's Day ad campaign, 'The Unique Connection,' features a video showcasing children's emotional bond with their mothers. In the video, children are blindfolded and asked to pick out their mothers in a line-up of women just by a touch. 

Children could recognize their mothers each time by holding their hands, with shoulder taps and a few hugs. The video ad truly captures the emotions of the mothers as their children recognize them without having to see them.

The campaign's focus on the emotional connection between mothers and children helps to create a sentimental and meaningful message.

Here's what the 'The Unique Collection' campaign by Pandora achieved:

  • It promoted the idea of celebrating Mother's Day by giving a special gift, helping to drive sales for Pandora's unique collection of jewelry specially meant for mothers.
  • The campaign creates a positive brand image for Pandora as a company that values emotional connections and offers meaningful gifts.

Procter & Gamble - ‘Thank You, Mom’

Thank You, MomImage Credits

Procter & Gamble's Mother's Day campaign, 'Thank You, Mom,' features a video showcasing the sacrifices and challenges that mothers of athletes face in raising their children and the impact that mothers have on their lives. 

With the tagline "the hardest job in the world is the best job in the world. Thank you Mom", the campaign ran during the 2012 Summer Olympics showing different mothers' hardship that goes into raising their kids to become athletes.

The campaign also promotes Procter & Gamble as the proud 'Sponsors of Moms.'

This Mother's Day ad campaign,

  • Celebrated the hard work and sacrifices of mothers.
  • It encouraged people to share their appreciation through numerous gestures.
  • The campaign creates a positive brand image for Procter & Gamble as a company that values families and the community without any direct promotions of their products.

Macy’s - ‘Mother’s Day at Macy’s’ Campaign

Mother’s Day at Macy’s’ CampaignImage Credits

Macy's launched their 'Mother's Day at Macy's' campaign in 2018, highlighting separation anxiety. The video with the tagline "The perfect gift keeps us close" opens with a young girl who is anxious about her first day of school.

The mother reassures the girl by giving her a purse saying she will be back. The video fasts forward to the girl leaving for college when she shops online at for a similar-looking purse for her mother to let her know she would be back too. 

The campaign encourages people to shop for Mother's Day gifts at Macy's, focusing on personalized gifts that show mothers how much they are loved and appreciated.

Here's what the campaign aimed to do:

  • The campaign promoted Macy's as a one-stop shop for all Mother's Day gifts, helping to drive sales for the company.
  • The focus on personalized gifts helps to create an emotional connection with customers, building loyalty to the Macy's brand.

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Brawny - ‘Once a Mother, Always a Giant’ Campaign

Once a Mother, Always a Giant’ CampaignImage Credits

Brawny's Mother's Day commercial was a clever way of promoting their paper towels while passing on a powerful message.

The commercial is shown through the eyes of toddlers who make a mess with food and causes trouble and how their mothers sweep in to save the day with Brawny's paper towels. What really stood out in the ad is that it was shot with real families to better connect with the audience. 

The campaign encourages people to recognize and celebrate the strength and resilience of mothers, especially in the face of challenges and adversity.

Here's why the Mother's Day ad campaign by Brawny worked:

  • The focus on mothers as powerful figures for their children as well as their protectors challenges gender stereotypes and promotes gender equality.
  • The campaign promoted Brawny as a brand that values and respects mothers and their contributions.
  • With the help of real families, the campaign became more relatable. 

SeatGeek - ‘Make It a You & Mom Day’ Advertisement

Make It a You & Mom Day’ Advertisement

Image Credits

With a few text messages and taps here and there, how can you make your mother feel special? This is what SeatGeek's animated GIF emailer aimed to do with their Mother's Day campaign.

The advertisement is about a text exchange between a mother and her kid. It promotes the idea of spending quality time with mothers by encouraging them to book tickets for events or experiences that they both can enjoy. This email advert engaged the recipients in a simple yet heart-touching way. 

Here's what worked with this ad campaign:

  • The campaign promoted the importance of spending quality time with mothers, creating a positive message for society.
  • Focusing on shared experiences helps build stronger emotional connections between mothers and their children.
  • The campaign promotes SeatGeek as a company that values experiences and relationships over material gifts.

KFC + Proflowers - ‘Buckquet’ for Mother’s Day!

Buckquet’ for Mother’s Day!Image Credits

While most Mother's Day ads are creative, only a few last in our memories. And one such ad to remember is KFC's. KFC partnered with Proflowers to gift mothers a "buckquet."

It is a bouquet of flowers with pieces of fried chicken in a vase with a KFC decal. It might initially seem strange, but who doesn't like flowers and KFC's fried chicken? This fresh and flowery surprise with a touch of savory deliciousness is a brilliant gift idea for moms. 

How did this ad campaign stand out?

  • The promotion is indeed unique and a fun way to stand out in the crowded Mother's Day gift market.
  • The partnership between KFC and Proflowers helps to create a positive brand image for both companies.
  • The promotion creates a fun and memorable experience for mothers and their children.

Coca-Cola - Inseparable

InseparableImage Credits 

The Coca-Cola 'Inseparable' ad campaign is a form of interactive media that leaves everyone with a tear-jerking message, especially for children who live far away from their mothers.

The video takes the viewers through the journey of a mother and daughter's inseparable connection. The mother remains a constant from happy childhood to tantrums in teenage years to important life decisions.

The viewers can switch between either perspective throughout the video to make it more relatable. The footage shows Coco-Cola as a part of all the good and bad times and ends with a note prompting children to gift their mothers with a call.

The campaign impacted the audience by:

  • Pushing the viewers to take action by connecting with them emotionally.
  • The focus on Coca-Cola as a symbol of connection and togetherness helps to create an emotional relationship with customers.
  • The video shows how mothers are a constant part of our lives and how it is important to let them know how much they mean to us. 

Watch: Ekko - Coca cola mother's day

Stockland - ‘To All Those Who Mum’

To All Those Who MumImage Credits

The Australian development company Stockland celebrated motherhood with its Mother's Day special campaign, "To all those who mum," with a truly special video that showcased mothers in all their forms - as a leader, a cook, one who sacrifices things for the bigger happiness of their children.

The campaign captured the essence of motherhood with emotional messages. The ad campaign highlights Stockland's support for diversity and how all motherly figures need to be recognized on Mother's Day.

Here's why the campaign worked:

  • Stockland positioned itself as a forward-thinking and inclusive company by showcasing that everyone is brought up differently.
  • The focus on celebrating different ways of motherhood challenges stereotypes and promotes gender equality.
  • The campaign promotes Stockland as a brand that values and respects mothers without any promotional punchline or message.

7 Tips to Create Heartwarming Mother’s Day Ads

Collaborate With a Mom Influencer

Leveraging social media trends is a great way to stand out and, at the same time, pass on the message you want to as a part of your Mother's Day campaign. Social media influencers have a loyal following and can help you reach a wider audience.

Choose a mom influence who can best resonate with your brand values and has a similar target audience. Create content that is authentic and relatable rather than promotional. You can even have your landing page in the captions of the video. 

If you're using Shopify, you can use the PageFly app to create custom landing pages for your influencer campaigns. This will also help you track your campaigns' performance and understand the impact of the collaboration.

Focus On Emotion

Mother's Day is truly an emotional and special day for all mothers as people want to celebrate their mothers and show their love and appreciation. So, focusing your marketing ad campaign on emotions such as love, gratitude, and nostalgia can prove more beneficial as more people connect with messages on an emotional level. Your ad should tell a story and evoke an emotional response. 

Use User-generated Content

User-generated content is a great way to create heartwarming Mother's Day campaign ads. People love and connect to real stories and experiences other customers share as they are more relatable. You can also encourage your existing customers to share their stories and experiences with their mothers through social media and a special hashtag for your campaign. 

Showcase Your Brand Values Clearly

Your Mother's Day ad must showcase your brand values effectively. This will help you connect with your target audience and build trust. Ensure you don't push your values too loudly in the ad campaign so that it ends up looking like any other promo ad. 

Create a Multi-channel Campaign

Reaching a wider audience can come easily if you adopt a multi-channel campaign. Promoting your Mother's Day campaign across multiple channels, such as social media, email, and your website, can increase your ROI and leave a mark on a very special day. 

Create an Interactive Ad

An interactive ad is a great way to engage your audience. It could be through interactive videos, quizzes, games, or polls with many surprises. An interactive video can be used for emotional storytelling, and the other activities could be a part of your Mother's Day sale or collection. 

Keep It Simple

Mother's Day ads should be simple and easy to understand. Keeping your messaging clear, concise, and visually appealing for the success of your campaign.

If you are directly or indirectly promoting your products or services, then ensure your website theme also represents your campaign. If you are a Shopify user, then choose a theme from the Shopify Themes store and customize it according to your wish. The Shopify Themes store has all kinds of themes that can make your website look special for your Mother's Day campaign without much hustle.


This year, celebrate motherhood in the most special way. Mother's Day is the perfect time to reflect on the love and appreciation we have for our mothers. Leverage the power of storytelling and create an emotional impact on your audience by drawing inspiration from these 10 best Mother's Day ads

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