Opinew Product Reviews and PageFly: Integral Cooperation

PageFly has announced their partnership with Opinew - a revolutionary product reviews Shopify app that will help optimise your store’s conversion rate by increasing customer trust. This partnership is a significant step for both PageFly and Opinew, which will ensure their success in the ecommerce industry.

With the convenience of the drag & drop system in PageFly, you can easily integrate Opinew into your page and make it more reliable with automatic review collections.

The importance of review apps

It is crucial for an online business to have reviews along with its products. The reviews allow customers to express their thoughts and feelings about the product, then show the products’ quality and reliability to other customers. 

According to Ogino (2020), online reviews will help a business to increase sales, increase engagement, improve rankings and create customer loyalty. Customers always want to look for more information when they are interested in a product. Reviews and ratings of a product will assist the customers in their decision making process, whether they should add the product to cart or not. It is well known that customers are more likely to buy a product based on the product’s good rating and reviews left by other customers. 

Next, the reviews allow customers to express themselves, and create a bond with the business. Reviewing a product online is just like engaging in a social community where customers can discuss the use of a product as well as share their own photos and experiences. They love to hear what people are saying about the product and wish to share their own experience. Thus, this kind of engagement increases commitment and communication of customers towards the product and the business.

In addition, the reviews are also a source of SEO keywords to help the website to rank in search engines such as Google and Bing. Each review helps a business to gather a new range of keywords that aids it in the ranking process on search engines. Furthermore, it’s very important for a business to have people talking about it. Search engines like Google and Bing will look at these criterias to help with the business’ status.

Finally, Ogino (2020) claims that customers who wrote the reviews usually must have a trust for the brand which makes them loyal to the business. Through reviews, customers might feel like they have their own voice for the business and feel more confident and comfortable with the business.

Opinew Product Reviews App

opinew product reviews

About Opinew

Opinew Product Reviews is a Shopify app that can help you in your journey to make people want to purchase more and be loyal to your business. The Opinew app has been helping more than 6,000 shops with more than eight million reviews collected.

opinew product reviews app

The app imports reviews from Ali, Amazon and Ebay, with bulk import available as well. This is best suited for dropshippers who are already on these platforms and want to expand their revenue. Also, Opinew can automate review collection from your current customers using every possible path including email requests, SMS and printed review requests that you can slip into packaging. This app assists in responding to reviews and managing how they are displayed. This is beneficial for your business when a negative review is managed rightly.

Lastly, the app can customise its widgets, stars and emails to match your store design and branding.

Opinew Product Reviews App Pricing

Opinew product pricing

This reviews app offers you four main plans which are Side Gig, Shop, Warehouse and Corporation for different users depending on how big your business is. The features include: displaying reviews directly in store, integrating trust badges on successful products and customising how reviews display on your site. 

Their most popular plan is Shop which is for small businesses. It allows you to have 500 review requests every month, import 2,000 AliExpress or Amazon reviews and all of the features. However, if you’re trying to grow your business because you’ve been having customers, the Warehouse plan is perfect for you. This plan costs you $69 per month, which allows you 1,500 review requests a month, 8,000 AliExpress or Amazon review imports and all features.

All plans propose a 14-day free trial, and if you’re interested in the Enterprise plan, they’ve also got your back!

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In-app Elements with PageFly

PageFly and Opinew announced their cooperation and this means effortless creation on your web page.

If you’re a customer of PageFly, you already know that  PageFly page builder provides you with a diversity of elements, Shopify and third party elements. It has always been easy to make use of these elements and build a stunning page for your business. And now, with more testimonials comes a greater chance of improving your customers’ trust, thus building up your business and increasing revenue.

And the process can’t be any more simple! From your PageFly page editor, just go to Add third party element (under Add element and Add Shopify Element), you’ll find the Opinew Product Reviews element. All you have to do is to choose the variations (Review Widget, All Store Review, Product Review Star, Collection Review Star and Average Store Review) and drag it out onto your page. 

shopify opinew product reviews

Convenient, isn’t it? With this Opinew feature on PageFly, you can be creative when constructing your page and make it more steady and trustworthy when customers enter your page.

Click here to learn more about the Opinew Product Reviews element on PageFly and how to use it.

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More and more businesses have established an online presence and the eCommerce industry has been growing rapidly in recent times. Thus, taking advantage of this wave to expand your business and sales is a wise move. So, without any further do, try out the Opinew Product Reviews on your store with the extended 40 days trial with PageFly.

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Ogino, S., (2020), 4 Reasons Reviews Are Important For Your Ecommerce Business, Annex Cloud Blog, Annex Cloud Customer Marketing Platform, last viewed 14 July 2020

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