PageFly 1.1.3: Mobile page preview improvement, SEO, and Shopify elements

PageFly 1.1.3: Mobile page preview improvement, SEO, and Shopify elements

PageFly Shopify page builder 1.1.3 is officially shipped and available right now in your store’s dashboard. With this update you get a new convenient mobile preview, SEO description improvement, “Save and Publish” page workflow, Shopify page elements updates and more.

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Mobile Preview page improvement. Device screen size support.

We aware that mobile traffic is raising the crazy speed, so PageFly users need to be prepared well for mobile traffic. With the goal mobile traffic conversion optimization, we’re introducing Mobile Device preview feature.

In the device preview, just switch to “Mobile” type then you’d see the new setting with device selector. You can now have the mobile preview of the exact device and make ecommerce pages mobile friendly.

Mobile Preview page improvement. Device screen size support.

SEO Improvement with editor UI

Clicking on the “Edit website SEO,” you can see refined UI dashboard. With this PageFly update, you can use the URL of your store before the URL handle of the page. You’ll have a better understanding of how the full URL looks like. Since now make SEO is much easier.

The number of characters is a second new thing in this update. As you know the page title in Google search result is limited by 70 characters. So now it’s more convenient to write the SEO friendly page title and description. Write the user-friendly and attractive content to increase the Click Through Rate from search engines.

SEO Improvement with editor UI

Save and Publish page workflow

In the past, there was no “Save” button and only “Publish” button available. It means that everytime you hit the “Save” button the changes will affect immediately on your live store. That workflow created the inconvenience for both you and your customers seeing the “under construction” page.

With the function “Save page” you can now with confidence edit and finalize the page before the official publishing on the live store. Rest assured you can now polish the page until it’s finished and make it available for your customers.

Save and Publish page workflow

Going forward, we have made the series of improvement of PageFly elements covering Shopify and General use. 

Shopify Elements styling improvement.

In the Inspector panel of Shopify featured product element you can see the new option of styling for Product, Title, Price and Button. Each part of this page element now has the high customization possibility.

For the Shopify Product List page element the styling option is following:

Shopify Collection list page element.

Image element: Open lightbox option

With the image page element you can choose the action after the user click on the image. With this PageFly app release we added one more option to open the image like “lightbox”.

And let’s see how it works on live Shopify store...

That’s end for now and we’re looking for your continuous feedback with suggestions and new ideas. We seriously take into consideration and execution any feedback coming to our support channel. Just drop us an email at then you can expect the response from our team in less than 12 hours. And the last thing…. We’re officially Shopify Expert partner. Whoo hoo…

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