PageFly PRO Shopify page builder will be available by Jan 5!

PageFly PRO Shopify page builder will be available by Jan 5!

PageFly PRO Shopify page builder app is coming to the town right after a new year. We’ve been worked really hard to polish latest details and capture all founded bugs to ship you the PRO plan. We’ve been delaying the release of PRO plan for a few months for a reason: fix all discovered bugs and improve the performance. PageFly app today is different from the first release in September at Shopify Apps marketplace. PageFly app will have 02 editions for now: FREE and PRO, so let’s take a closer look at this blog post.

PageFly Page BuilderCreate your own Shopify landing page

Quickly create high engaging Shopify landing page with PageFly app

Free install now



You can easily upgrade the current PageFly FREE edition to the PRO one. Just login to your Shopify store and navigate to the PageFly App. 


PageFly is the only page builder app on the Shopify marketplace that comes with both FREE and PRO editions. You can start building the regular Shopify pages such as the contact us, about us, coming soon and other information pages. You’ll have all essential page elements for building more beautiful pages, unlike the current Shopify page editor. The FREE plan ideally matches the basics needs of Shopify merchants who just want to build simple pages with better page layout. The FREE plan doesn’t limit the usage time, and all pages you created with PageFly are stored on your Shopify store, so you can use it forever until you decide to give a try with the PRO plan.

The PageFly PRO is different. You get the powerful tool to convert the traffic better.

First of all, with the installation PageFly PRO, you get 14 days free trial. For this period just spend a few hours on learning PageFly and make sure that it fits your needs. PageFly is designed with the usage simplicity and the convenient drag and drop workflow. Whether you’re the store owner or customizing the store for a client, you’ll find it easy to use and start building pages quickly.

So what PageFly can do to support your business?

35+ pre-designed ecommerce landing page templates

PageFly PRO is equipped with beautifully designed ready to use page templates. You can install the landing page template within second and start building the own Shopify page to match your brand. The landing page templates cover different types and business niches. Inside PageFly PRO you will find templates for making contact us, about us, home pages, product pages, sales landing pages, holiday promotion pages.

Sales Landing Page templates

nutrition shopify sales landing page single product shopify sales landing page beauty and cosmetics shopify sales landing page

About Us Page templates

sports about us page tempalte medical about us page template personal portfolio about us page template

Contact Us Page templates

contact us page tempalte 01 contact us page template 02

Home & Product Pages support

You can easily create the home, product or regular Shopify pages from the beginning. Just click on the icon “+” (plus) then you’ll have three choices. You don’t have to integrate PageFly code anywhere in your theme, PageFly automatically takes care this part. Your job is just to focus on building the content of the page itself and make sure that the app works for you.

When you are done, the page type can be managed lately at the “setting” icon near the page you created. And one more good news is you can decide whether to show the default theme header/footer or not. Just by clicking on the checkbox then you can control your Shopify theme header and footer content. This practice usually gets used when customers build the landing page and need to eliminate “distraction” from the navigation part of the e-commerce website.

If you have installed PageFly app before January 5, you're eligible to get 03 months of PRO plan for free. Just click on the button below to great great benefits of PRO edition. 


App Inspector tab with mobile and tablet content layout

We call it the App Inspector, and you can find it in the right column setting when the page element is selected. On the screenshot below we select the icon and text blog information. The “Advanced” tab gives you the opportunity to customize the display part of the page element via “Inline”, “Block”, or “Flex”. If you’re the Shopify Partner and building the website for the client, you’d love this feature.

Also, the second part and the important benefit of PageFly PRO as well is that you can hide the page element on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile devices. It means you can build the unique page content based on devices. For the small screen size devices put only crucial information to deliver the right message to your visitors.

And the last thing is you can apply the Custom CSS code to exactly selected page element only. It gives you the full freedom of building the custom Shopify pages.

Advanced page elements

PageFly PRO is equipped with advanced page elements which save you more time in building the landing page. All Shopify page elements are available in the PRO edition such as: Collection List, Product List, Featured product, Add to cart button, Blog Posts. Also, as you can see from the image below we’ve built the predefined content section with the mentioned elements and put it in “Section”, so you can easily use the pre-designed content to build a page faster. This privilege is available only for PRO users.

Page Content Sections

From Shopify elements, we go forward to the usual content sections that you might use for building the regular Shopify pages. The content section includes mostly used information block with image and text elements. For example, you can see the “Image with text overlay” content section allows you to build the attractive hero image part at the beginning your landing page. If you build “About Us” page, you could use the “Team member” content section. The main goal of this feature saves your time on building the page and move to the next task with building your e-commerce website.

Custom CSS & predefined styles settings

If you’re building the Shopify store for a client or know the code, you’d love “Custom CSS” setting. Feel free to customize the page by adding the addition CSS or Javascript code into the page.

Another feature is the “Styles Preset” which gives you build the own block, button and text styles templates. For example, you build the e-commerce sales page and often use “Buy button”, so the point is you put that CTA in the beginning, middle and end of the page. To save the time you reuse the same button style to keep the consistency and better user experience for your visitor.

NEW: Contact Form page element with Shopify Customers integration

Since this PRO edition with this release, you can build the contact us pages easily. PageFly PRO has the unique contact form page element with Shopify Customers integration. All contact information collected from the contact form is automatically transferred to the Customers dashboard of your Shopify store. Each field in the page element can be built quickly via drag and drop workflow as well.

The contact form element support following form fields: First and Last name, Email, Single LIne Text, Number, Multiple Line Text, Select, Radio, Checkbox, Datepicker, Date Local and Timer picker.

If you have installed the PageFly app before January 5 feel free to upgrade to the PRO plan with 3 months free usage.


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