PageFly Reborn is here - Work less, make more!

PageFly Reborn is here - Work less, make more!

More than a year ago, PageFly was officially launched to thousands of users, bearing our hopes, dreams and all-nighters. Flawed as it was, we had a rough journey and untold bittersweet lessons. We gained some, but lost more. We couldn’t deny that sometimes we wondered if this worthed it.

Luckily, there wasn’t a day that we stopped trying.

If you have been with PageFly since the beginning, or only for a few recent months, wherever you are, we couldn’t thank you enough: You have been through the overloaded servers, the crashes, the bugs and the glitches. Whoever you are, we are grateful for the feedbacks, the complaints and the sharings.

You and us - we made it!

On February 18, our team has completed the code refactoring process after 7 months. During this time, the development team tirelessly restructured the system and generated cleaner code. Meanwhile, other teams worked on app experiences and aim at a higher level of customer satisfaction. With powerful innovation and better performance, now’s a great time to explore your new home.

PageFly Reborn is now better than ever.

Table of Contents

What’s new

1/ Double performance

Thanks to the rebuilt system with cleaner code, PageFly Reborn now loads 2x faster, and your pages do too.

2/ Create layout more quickly

All elements have been re-organized into smaller design groups, such as “Basic”, “Media”, or “Social”, so you can find them effortlessly.

Reordered elements

But we don’t stop there.

As old as the story is told: Building layout in PageFly was back-breaking as heck. A lot of our customers complained that they couldn’t grasp the idea, and many gave us up. What does “Equal Width” mean? What about “Equal Height”? How can one adjust any column width?

While our team knows web design, most of our customers don’t. And that’s a real puzzle - how to step in their shoe and build something simple enough so they can intuitively toggle it.

Then we realized: This is a drag-and-drop builder, then make it truly one.

Now when you turn on “Equal Width” and “Equal Height”, all columns are equally distributed. We also removed “Stackable” and “Doubling” in General tab. These features have been integrated into the layout by default so the content will stack on smaller devices.

To customize their width and height so there are variable columns, turn “Equal Width” and “Equal Height” settings off first. Then, edit directly on screen with the Column Resizer: Click to add new, drag to resize. That easy.


3/ Complete page preview

In the past, PageFly could only show the body content of the page, which confuses many people why the header and footer don’t show up in the Editor.

Now we have added them into the Editor so you can see the complete page design.

Embedded header and footer

Any overriding theme styles will show up in the Editor too. You can use PageFly tools to outdo the original theme styles and they will appear on live page.

4/ Get in touch faster

Let’s talk about notification and our Help Center.

I know what you are thinking. The side notification section was kinda chunky. Thank you, because we like it meaty - said no one ever. So we decided it’s time to adopt some popular trends.

Voilà! We bring you the new Notification Center - a handy way to stay updated and surprised whichever page you’re in.

Notification center

Right next to it is the renovated Quick Help.

Quick help

With Quick Help, you can access our Help Center much faster and find the helpful article right in app, no switching tab needed.

Relax, no risks here

The reason that we leave the migration up to your pace is to ensure that the server doesn’t get overloaded with data of all users migrated at the same time. This secures the process and makes sure your pages do not experience the following risk:

  • Broken style and layout
  • Billing cycle is changed
  • Missed data when migrating
  • Important: All Custom CSS stylings will not be migrated automatically. You can find your page in PageFly Reborn missing your custom CSS codes.You need to migrate (copy-paste) the Custom CSS code on your own.

It’s time, dear

You will notice that now in your PageFly account, all pages built in the old version are marked as “Outdated”. They will function just fine, but we highly encourage you migrate them to PageFly Reborn so your pages would load faster, boosting customer experiences.

Outdated page

You can preview the design in PageFly Reborn by opening the “Outdated” page in Editor > choose Switch to New Editor.

Before migrating, make sure that you have checked the design up to perfection. Once you hit that Publish button, there’s no way going back. The trip to PageFly Reborn is a one-way ticket. When it’s done, the old data has been removed and new data will be transferred to PageFly Reborn.

The reason that we are not doing it silently and automatically is because migrating such many stores at a same time are extremely risky (and kinda forceful), so we want you leave this up to you when you’re ready.

That’s all! We are excited for you to try out PageFly Reborn!

What are you waiting for? Open an Outdated page in the Editor and hit Save & Publish, then sit back and wait for the magic to happen 🎉

“We’re glad it’s better

But we won’t stop there

The wait is never over

More are yet to come

And maybe just a few undiscovered bugs

But ain’t all roads to success are bumpy?”

- by PageFly team with much love and hope :)


P/s: Btw we always need your awesome opinions on App Store, so I’m gonna leave the link here in case you’re happy with PageFly Reborn (or maybe you just fall in love with my blog post *wink*).
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