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Shopify Envy Theme Review 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

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The theme of an online store is much more than just a visually appealing design. It is the foundation that sets the tone for the entire shopping experience of your customers. A well-designed theme can impact the store's overall look, feel, and functionality in a number of ways. 

Shopify, being one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, offers a variety of customizable themes to choose from that cater to various business needs and aesthetic preferences. 

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The Shopify Envy theme is a modern, minimalistic option for online stores. Showcasing products in an attractive way, the Envy theme is apt for anyone new to the eCommerce world looking to create a sleek-looking website, as well as for existing Shopify merchants who want to revamp their website with numerous customization features.

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, the right theme can make all the difference for an online store. That's why we're here to help merchants like you make informed decisions for your e-commerce stores by leveraging the power of the Envy Shopify theme. So, let's begin!


Shopify Envy Theme: An Overview

Shopify themes are known for their responsive designs and uniqueness, coupled with extensive customization capabilities to suit your online store. In addition, all the themes are easy-to-use, which means there is a zero learning curve to customizing your store using Shopify themes.

The Shopify Envy theme is one of the best Shopify themes out there that comes with drag-and-drop functionality for sections and blocks to create custom pages for your store. This way, you don’t have to worry about coding to design your website the way you want.

Who Created Shopify Envy Theme?

eight themes

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The Shopify Envy theme Eight Themes, a Shopify themes development group based out of the UK. They aimed to provide store owners with easy-to-use templates that are both visually appealing and functional, helping to enhance the online shopping experience for customers. Their themes are designed with user experience in mind, featuring clean layouts, intuitive navigation, and mobile responsiveness. 

Eight Themes is known for its several themes for Shopify that aids in boosting sales and making your products and store stand out. The theme supports premium features and is an all-time favorite of Shopify merchants. 

Check out how Bud of Love, an organic online wine store on Shopify based out of Melbourne, saw a 30% boost in their conversion rates by using the Envy theme.

Shopify Envy Theme: Styles

envy shopify theme


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The Envy theme is a game-changer for product-based e-commerce businesses. It offers a unique platform for promoting featured products, showcasing offers, sales, and even your brand's story through a built-in blog feature. 

With its minimalistic design and customization options, Envy allows you to create an online store that truly represents your brand and sets you apart from the competition. It's not just a theme, it's a solution. That's why so many successful brands choose Envy to elevate their online presence and drive sales. The Envy theme comes in four styles that you can choose directly from the Envy theme page on Shopify’s theme store. 

Check out this video on the Envy theme:

The Envy theme comes in four styles that you can choose directly from the Envy theme page on Shopify’s theme store.

Shopify Envy Theme

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You can choose a style from the navigational menu to get a quick glimpse of the style through the preset image above. The styles are as follows:

  • Stockholm
  • Oslo
  • Copenhagen
  • Gothenburg

Let’s take a look at each of them separately.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

01. Stockholm

Shopify Envy Theme

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The Shopify Envy theme's Stockholm style offers a sleek and sophisticated look, perfect for fashion and luxury eCommerce brands. This style is characterized by its minimalistic design, which imbues an air of professionalism while still remaining understated and refined.

02. Oslo

Shopify Envy Theme

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You can unleash the full potential of your online store with the Shopify Envy theme's Oslo style. Like the other styles, Oslo also offers a sleek and contemporary design that is best suited for fashion and lifestyle brands. It helps the store and its products stand out with an attention-grabbing aesthetic.

03. Copenhagen

Shopify Envy Theme

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Envy's Copenhagen style for Shopify boasts a simple yet impactful design that ensures your products receive maximum visibility and exposure. It comes with a clean and efficient layout that will make a lasting impression on your customers.

04. Gothenburg

Shopify Envy Theme

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The Gothenburg style is a versatile and user-friendly option for your online store. It is optimized for all devices (so are the other themes), ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Additionally, it is designed with search engines in mind, improving your store's chances of ranking higher in search results. It also prioritizes fast page load speed, even when displaying multiple articles or products at once. 

Shopify Envy Theme: Who is it For, Price, & More

The envy theme is most suited for online stores looking to run time-based promotions with an impact and process high-volume transactions in a given period. Hence, this theme is probably not the first choice for smaller stores with lesser products. However, this doesn't mean small business store owners cannot use the theme. Leveraging the Envy theme will provide you with all the necessary features to run your store smoothly without much friction. 

The Envy theme comes at a one-time fee of $350. You can try out the theme from here before making your final decision by simply clicking on 'Try theme' and signing up with your Shopify account info → Shopify Envy theme

The trial period is free forever; however, if you finally decide to use the theme for your online store and are looking to publish the pages, then you have to make the payment. Even though the price may seem a bit high initially, the theme comes with power-packed features that are definitely worth it. The theme is designed for store owners who already have a physical store and are expanding their business horizon online. The theme suits a wide range of industries such as arts and crafts, clothing, health and beauty, and many others. In this case, the price may not seem high after all due to the higher volume of sales and traffic. 

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

Shopify Envy Theme: Features

Now that you have understood the Envy theme, its styles, and price, it’s time to dig a little deeper into it and explore the features the Envy Shopify theme includes. 

  • Multi-level Menu

The Shopify Envy theme comes with a powerful and user-friendly multi-level menu, allowing you to create an organized navigation structure for your customers. This feature not only makes it easier for them to find what they're looking for, but it also maximizes your menu space, making it ideal for larger stores. 

  • Promotional Pop-ups

Creating and customizing pop-ups has never been simpler. Whenever a visitor lands on your site, take advantage of this opportunity to showcase promotional content, such as discounts, special offers, or other important information, with the Shopify Envy theme's built-in pop-up window functionality.

  • Slideshow

Showcase multiple product views with ease by uploading a gallery of large images that display as slides. The slideshow is an excellent way to keep visitors engaged and up-to-date with your brand's latest offerings, products, and discounts. With the option to swipe, drag, and auto-play the slides, as well as the ability to add more images or videos, the slideshow section of the Envy Shopify theme is highly customizable. This feature is the perfect way to introduce customers to your newest products without ever having to leave the comfort of your store's homepage.

  • Product Image Zoom

The image zoom feature allows shoppers to get a closer look at the finer details of your products, just as they would in a physical store. With a simple click, they can zoom in and get a captivating and attention-getting view of your product's best features. 

  • Promotional Banner

Shopify Envy Theme

Image Credits

Using the promotional banner feature, you can highlight your latest sale, promotion, or discount in the header of your store's homepage, making it easy for customers to see what's new and exciting. It helps you capture your website visitor's attention rather quickly. 

  • Mobile-First Design

Shopify Envy Theme

Image Credits

In today's digital age, having a mobile-friendly site is a must, as Google uses a mobile-first index. The Shopify Envy theme is designed with mobile users at the forefront, providing a superior experience for customers on the go. Whether they're browsing from a small device or shopping on their mobile e-commerce, the theme's clean and curated design makes it easy to navigate and purchase from your store. 

  • Customizable Product Page

You can customize your product page displays to showcase your products in the best light. 

  • Choose the information you want to highlight, from vendor information (Show Vendor) to stock-keeping units (Show SKU), and make the shopping experience seamless for your customers. 
  • The theme also allows you to feature a quantity selector (Show Quantity Selector), enabling customers to adjust the amount they want to purchase easily. 

This way, you can make sure your customers know exactly what they're getting with each product, and keep the shopping process straightforward.

  • Customizable Collection Page

With the Envy Shopify theme, organizing your store's products can become effortless. Simply sort your items into collections to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. 

For example, if you own a shoe and sandal, you can create separate collections for different shoes, heels, and sandals. It allows for various customizable options, including hover effects and the number of products per row, to create a truly unique shopping experience for your customers. 

You can even create pages with images and descriptions or include links in menus that appear on different store pages to make navigation quick and easy.

  • Changeable Variant

Shopify Envy Theme

Image Credits

By enabling the variant image color display feature, customers can see which color they've selected in the dropdown variant selector. So, if they choose the "Gold" option, the variant thumbnail will immediately change to the gold jewelry, giving customers a clear visual representation of their selection. 

  • Social Integration

With the Envy Shopify theme, you can effortlessly integrate social media channels into your business, allowing your customers to share their wishlist items with their friends. 

  • Product Reviews

Shopify Envy Theme

Image Credits

With the Shopify Envy theme, you can make the most out of customer reviews to drive sales and increase conversion rates. This theme allows you to prominently display positive reviews from satisfied customers on the product page, helping to build trust with potential buyers. Given the fact that many people take the time to read reviews before making a purchase, having a place for reviews can be a significant factor in closing the sale.

  • Add to Cart Action

Shopify Envy Theme

Image Credits

With the Shopify Envy theme, you have the flexibility to customize how your product page will respond when a customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button. You can choose to either display a drawer, show a success message indicating the product was added, or redirect shoppers to the cart page. 

  • Out of Stock Mail

With the Out of Stock email feature in the Shopify Envy theme, you can keep your customers informed about the availability of their chosen products. This way, they'll never miss out on the items they're eager to purchase, and you'll ensure a seamless shopping experience for them.

  • Cart & Checkout

Shopify Envy Theme

Image Credits

The Shopify Envy theme offers a range of features to enhance your customers' shopping and checkout experience. With the cart notes feature, your customers can leave special instructions for their orders, such as gift messages or specific delivery requests. Plus, with the in-store pickup option, you can offer your customers the convenience of picking up their orders in person, saving them both time and shipping costs. 

The theme also offers a quick buy feature making adding products to the cart a breeze without leaving the product page. And, with the slide-out cart, your customers can easily view and adjust their order without interrupting their browsing experience. 

Shopify Envy Theme: Pros & Cons

Every theme comes with a set of pros and cons, and this may be different from store to store. Here are a few pros and cons that we discovered for the Shopify Envy theme


  • The theme comes with tons of features, as we discussed before. It will cover all your necessary needs and more for starting an outstanding online store.
  • The free trial option lets you explore the theme properly before making a decision. This way, you don't have to worry about buying a theme that suits your store's needs.
  • All the styles offered by the Envy theme are mobile-friendly. What you get with your desktop design is not compromised in a mobile view, ensuring a smooth experience on any screen.
  • The modern typography and the layouts go perfectly hand in hand, enabling an improved shopping experience.


  • The Envy theme is priced higher compared to other popular Shopify themes.
  • The theme might not be the best choice for beginners, as it comes with premium features due to its high price.
  • Even though the free trial is unlimited, you will not be able to publish using the theme during the free trial without purchasing the theme.
  • Lacks quick view feature for customers for product listings.

From the detailed analysis of the Envy theme we shared with you so far, you know that the theme, especially the Gothenburg style, offers high page speed and impeccable SEO-friendliness. 

In order to understand the page speed for other styles, we analyzed a Shopify brand called Soak Sisters, who have used the Envy theme's Copenhagen style for their website. 

Shopify Envy Theme pagespeed

Image Credits

The page performance on the desktop was more than optimal, meaning the theme has good loading speed and performance on big screens. This is the case with other styles of the theme as well.

Shopify Envy Theme: Support

When you choose the Shopify Envy theme, you can count on quick, dedicated, and professional support from the theme developers team. They are committed to providing responsive assistance, with an aim to reply within 24 hours to any queries or issues you may encounter. However, please note that in some cases, response time may vary due to various reasons. 

The Envy theme support team is only available through the ticketing system, so if you need help with the theme, simply submit a ticket, and their team will be there to assist you. 

Brand Testimonials on Shopify Envy Theme

The Shopify Envy theme has received over 92% positive themes. So, here are some of the reviews from various Shopify brands on the Envy theme to get you started:

Shopify Envy Theme review

Shopify Envy Theme review

You can review the 200+ reviews on the Shopify Envy theme from different brands here.

Top Brands Using Shopify Envy Theme In 2023

Here are 3 Shopify brands that have leveraged the Envy theme for their online store:

01. Clover & Swift

Clover & Swift shopify store

Image Credits

Clover & Swift is a jewelry brand that offers simple yet luxurious jewelry in unique designs. The brand was founded by Hannah Dawson, with the website designed in Envy theme’s Gothenburg style. The overall look and feel of the website are extremely pleasing, with clean typography and soothing colors. This has extended to the other features of the theme, including add-to-cart action, pop-up banner, etc.

02. alexbender

alexbender shopify store

Image Credits

Started in 2010 by Alexandra Bender, alexbender is a unique online store selling high-quality handmade bags and accessories made of leather and fabric. Like the brand's philosophy and the products' simplicity, the online store has illuminated a sophisticated and minimalistic look through the Envy theme's Stockholm style. The navigation menu is straightforward and lets visitors identify and purchase the products they want.

03. Dazey LA

Dazey LA shopify store

Image Credits

Dazey LA is an art apparel store by Dani Dazey. The website uses the Oslo style of the Envy theme and features colorful and quirky apparel that steals the eye with its unique designs and creative outlook. The products and the brand's vision are perfectly highlighted with bold colors and rodeo-style typography, giving the whole website a refreshing look.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not the Shopify Envy theme will suit your online store needs depends on various factors. Using a theme like Envy can benefit you if you are looking for a theme that helps convert quicker and drive more traffic. 

At the end of the day, customers need a website that lets them place orders quickly and without any hassles. This includes finding their desired products easily and being able to have a smooth checkout. We recommend trying the free trial to understand how much it can align and amplify your store's demands. If you're looking to take your product-based e-commerce business to the next level, then Envy could be an ideal choice.

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