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Top 12 Shopify Facebook Store Examples For Your Social Commerce Strategy

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Nowadays, it’s hard to come by an online shop that isn’t on at least 1 social media platform, specifically, Facebook. In fact, it’s become necessary for Shopify business owners to promote their products on the biggest social network. If you’re planning to follow suit, time to look at some Shopify Facebook shop for inspiration. 

But before that, let’s get through the basics first, shall we? 


I. What is A Shopify Facebook Shop?

In essence, a Shopify Facebook shop is an extension of the main online web store. Shopify now has a feature that allows users to shop directly from the shops’ Facebook pages.  

As the biggest social network in the world, Facebook is a great place to generate leads and views. That said, it’s never all rainbows and roses. 

First of all, the average click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ads isn’t that great. The average CTR in Facebook ads across all industries is only about 0.90%. Of course, this number varies among industries. For example, ads from legal and retail rank the highest at 1.61% and 1.59% respectively, as of August 2020. Meanwhile, the average CTRs for ads in employment and job training or finance and insurance are only 0.47% and 0.56%. Depending on your business type, the number will change. 

On the other hand, the CTR for featured snippets on a Google search are significantly higher. The first 2 results average at 23.3% and 20.5%, while the 10th still averages at 2.3%.

That said, Facebook isn’t a place where users stop browsing after viewing the first 3 posts on the news feed, and attaining one of the top 3 positions in a Google search isn’t easy. What’s more, the conversion rate on Facebook is really high, it can get up to 14.29% on average in the fitness industry. 

Secondly, Facebook’s guidelines can be a bit tricky sometimes, and your page or shop is always at risk of being suspended due to violation. So as the old saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, it’s safe to host your own eCommerce store and promote it with a Facebook page. A Shopify Facebook shop should mostly be for promotion only. 

II. How to Integrate Your Shopify Store with Facebook

Before you do that, you will need to set up your Facebook page first. 

After that, Shopify's integration with Facebook Channels is really easy. You just have to install the Facebook channel app.

Facebook channel app
Source: Shopify 

Once Facebook channel is installed, go to your Sales Channel, select Facebook and follow these steps: 

  • Select Facebook Shop as the first feature that you want to set up.

Set up Facebook in Shopify Store

  • Note that: If you have the Facebook channel installed and you activated another feature during set up, then the Facebook Shop feature is available on the Facebook channel Overview page. If you previously set up Instagram Shopping, then you can activate the Facebook Shop feature without needing to add any additional information. 
  • If you previously set up Facebook Marketing, then you need to connect a Facebook Commerce Manager account to the Facebook channel to activate Facebook Shop by clicking Start setup in the Facebook Shop section of the Facebook channel Overview page.
  • Then, simply connect Facebook required Assets (Your Facebook Account, Business Manager, Business Page, Facebook Commerce Account) then you can add products from Shopify to Facebook Shop.

Set up Facebook Page Shop

A huge perk of using a Shopify Facebook store is that product management is synced up for you. Whenever you add a product or change the price of one on your Shopify shop, your Facebook store will automatically register the change. No need for manual labor anymore. 

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III. Top 12 Inspiring Shopify Facebook Store Examples 

So without further ado, here are 12 examples of Shopify Facebook shops to give you inspiration for your next big project!

01. Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks is an exceptional store specializing in Mukluks (a type of original Canadian winter boots) and other types of boots. 

Manitobah Mukluks Shopify Facebook Store

Source: Manitobah Mukluks

The “Shop Now” button brings you directly to their Shopify store, which is the first step done right. What’s more, you can click on every photo they post to view the products in the photos. This is a really convenient way of ensuring a high CTR. 

Their shop section is also nicely arranged. They divide their products into collections and list their prices accurately. There’s no-nonsense, no clutter at all whether you are browsing on mobile or desktop.

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02. Package Free

Package Free is a shop that sells environmentally friendly products that leave virtually no waste behind. It was all started by Lauren Singer, the girl who went viral for fitting 8 years worth of waste she’s accumulated into 1 single mason jar. 

Package Free Shopify Facebook store examples
Source: Package Free

The “Shop Now” button also brings you to their Shopify store. The shop section is also carefully and effectively sorted, so you can see all of their products and collections. 

Package Free shopify faceboob store examples
Source: Package Free

This Shopify Facebook store has amassed over 76 thousand page likes and they post almost every day. This is a great way to maintain an online presence and gain more reach. 

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03. Flourist

You’d almost think this store sells flowers until you realize its name is a pun. This Shopify Facebook store actually sells baking ingredients like flour, beans and also cookies.

Flourist Shopify Facebook Store examples

Flourist store

Source: Flourist

Their shop section is free of clutter and contains featured collections, which makes it easier for customers to navigate. 

They aren’t as active on the site as the other aforementioned 2, that’s why their like count is much lower at 4.2 thousand. That said, their content is really delicious-looking, and that’s one of the things that make them such a remarkable Shopify Facebook store example. 

04. Allbirds

This incredibly popular store focuses on making the best quality sustainable shoes and clothes. The materials for their products are exclusively sourced from nature, and their packaging is also made from recycled matter. 

Allbirds Shopify Facebook Store examples
Allbirds shopify facebook store examples

Source: Allbirds

You can access a plethora of beautiful and environmentally-friendly products in their Facebook shop. Although they don’t feature any collections, the navigation on their page is seamless as can be. They post regularly and you can view products straight from their photos. 

They stick to their predominantly white and grey palette, which gives them a modern and synchronized look. They sure can be the next household name in the fitness and clothing industry with close to 250.000 followers on Facebook already. 

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If you are a parent of small children, you’re going to love this Shopify Facebook store. sells organic, hand-made toys by over 120 women, many of whom are Syrian Refugees. The toys are sustainable, and the workers are paid fair wages, with the option of working from home! Shopify facebook store examples facebook store

The shop section doesn’t feature any collection so it might be tricky to navigate around and browse products. That said, some toys come with optional hooks and needles for customers to fix or customize, which is a huge plus for parents of handy children. 

They upload somewhat intermittently, which can lower reach and leads. Their Facebook page has amassed 7.4 thousand likes. 

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06. Tsuno

Tsuno is a social enterprise that sells disposable bamboo menstrual pads and organic cotton tampons. Not only is the store environmentally conscious, but it is also socially conscious, since 50% of their profits are given to programs that aim to help women and girls in the developing world. 

Tsuno Shopify facebook store examples

They have a distinctive pastel pink palette, both on Facebook and on their website. This design language is easy on the eyes and memorable. Their shop section does feature collections for easy browsing, which is always a plus even though they don’t have a lot of product lines. 

Tsuno Store

Source: Tsuno

You have more than 1 option to buy their products, either in bulk or individually. This is a really good Shopify Facebook shop example to learn from, design-wise and browsing experience-wise.

07. Ketnipz

You’ve probably seen or heard of this name before. It’s originally a webcomic that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. They now sell merch with their cute, original artwork. Although this isn’t an integrated page, it’s a good and inspiring Shopify Facebook shop example to learn from nonetheless. 

This is a typical case of using a Facebook page for promotion only, since they have built a huge audience base with more than 200.000 followers. You can access their online storefront from their “Shop Now” button, but they don’t have a shop section on the Facebook page. 

If you’re an aspiring online artist or you have a pre-established fan base, it’s good to try to emulate Ketnipz. 

Ketnipz Shopify facebook store examples
Ketnipz Shopify Facebook store examples
Source: Ketnipz

08. LastObject

Here we have another business that is working hard to save the environment. LastObject has successfully created sustainable alternatives to single-use items like q-tips and tissues (they named the products LastSwab and LastTissue). 

They keep a consistent pastel color palette (blue, pink, and mint)  throughout their posts on Facebook and on their website. This makes branding easier for businesses, and you should do the same. 

LastObject Shopify facebook store examples
LastObject store
Source: LastObject

LastObject is constantly growing and has gathered over 33.000 followers on Facebook. 

09. Lunchskins

It’s time to ditch your paper and plastic lunch bags and get a new reusable, plastic-free, and most of all, beautiful lunch bag from Lunchskins. For a cheap price, you can make your lunch a lot more stylish and eco-friendly. 

Lunchskins’ Facebook page has close to 26.000 likes and followers, and their photos are beautiful, just like their products. They keep a consistent design in their media - a colorful, uniquely designed lunch bag or kit, on a simple white background. Browsing on their Facebook page, as well as their website, is such a refreshing experience. 

Lunchskins Shopify Facebook store examples
Lunchskins Store

Source: Lunchskins

10. BLK & Bold

Pernell and Rod know how to properly start a day - with coffee. And so they created BLK & Bold with a purpose to give people the best experience when it comes to caffeinated beverages. “If you’re not drinking bottom shelf liquor, why drink bottom shelf coffee?”. 

What’s more, 5% of their profits are given to initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, bettering workforce development and eradicating youth homelessness. 

Their Facebook page is really eye candy for fans of black and gold. Their designs are well carried out and can be seen in distinctive packaging or any social posts. 

Their Facebook shop section is really easy to navigate around, and you can also click on photos on their news feed to view the products featured!

BLK & Bold Shopify facebook store examples
Source: BLK & Bold

Knowing that they have a partnership with NBA, their 7.000 follows are sure to increase vastly in the future. 

11. Meow Meow Tweet

Summer has arrived and it’s high time to take care of your skin and body. And what better way to do so with cheap, vegan, natural and cruelty-free products from Meow Meow Tweet? To add the cherry on top, their packaging are also eco-friendly, and the business has a bulk refill program to reduce waste even more!

Meow Meow’s page really has an awesome summer vibe for all those vibrant photos of both products and others. 

Meow Meow Tweet Shopify facebook store examples
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

Browsing through their Shopify Facebook store is refreshing, thanks to their colorful, seamless design. Shopping on their Facebook page is also easy since they offer you all the available options for a product so you don’t even need to go to their website.

Meow Meow Tweet store
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

12. Unwrapped Life

Unwrapped Life is on a mission to provide a body cleaning solution that needs no fancy packaging that can harm the environment. Their slogan is “Performance, over packaging”, and all their solid soap bars come in wrapped in only kraft paper. And yes, they have everything you need in the shower, even shaving foam, which also comes in the form of a solid bar. 

Unwrapped Life Shopify facebook store examples

The Facebook shop’s product listing is as minimal as can be, just pictures of items on a white background. Nonetheless, the design is still classy. And when you see a photo on their timeline that shows a product, you can click on it to view the item in the Facebook shop. 

Unwrapped Life store

Source: Unwrapped Life

This can be considered one of the most well-rounded Shopify Facebook shops, regarding its page follow count of over 14 thousand. It’s simple, but remarkable. 

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So we have gone over 12 Shopify Facebook shops for inspiration, no matter what industries you’re in and what type of business you want to run. Featuring your products on Facebook is as easy as pie, to utilize the platform for marketing and selling is the tricky part. 

Ensure the design of your page, post regularly about the right topic that will get consumers’ attention - do that and you’re already ahead of many competitors. We wish you all the best in your venture, and check out our other articles for more inspiration and experience to operate your Shopify store as effectively as possible!

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