The nutrition product landing sales page. How does it look like?

You have been selling nutrition products from the brick and mortar store for a long time. To sell these products type you have to do the detailed consultation with the customer, educate them and outline the benefits of choosing the product. This kind of product that requires learning before the purchase. So now, let’s get back to your Shopify store with the product page.

The standard product page layout that comes from the default Shopify themes are quite simple. You have the product images, description, price and add to cart elements. However, what if we want to put the video introduction there? What if we want to add the testimonials or text image block layout explaining some unique selling point of the product? Most Shopify themes don’t have such possibility because the limitation of the theme’s code structure. Before going in details with the solution to solve that problem let’s analyze the product page from website.

The Product Page layout for Nutrition product

Let’s take a look at the example with Essential AmiN.O. Energy product from From the image below you can see that it has the long form, you might heard about “sales page”. It’s one of the kind of sales pages that can showcase the product and has the main goal - sell the product. Looking at the whole page layout it’s a quite easy to understand

So going to details what things we need to pay attention?

The video is coming first and there are 02 videos with the product introduction and promo short clip.

From the page building process it’s just 02 video page elements with the full width in the main area.

So just dragging the video page elements you can put the video on the page built with PageFly app. In our case PageFly support video from Vimeo, Youtube or just HTML5 video element.

The next section clearly show the product itself and the way it’s executed via the image and paragraphs. From the page building point of view there are 02 rows. The first row just contain the single image. The second role consists from 02 columns. The first column has the image with paragraph, and the second column just simple paragraph.

The layout for that section will look like the image below. The first image just get the whole width. The second row need to build the layouts with 03 column. The first column contain the child column layout.

Scrolling down the product page we’d discover the interesting section outlining the Unique Product features with the short promo video.

To build the layout marked with green rectangle, you just need to drag the heading page element and use the layout with 02 columns. Inside the first column you put the Item List page element. For the second column there is the image page element.

And the video emphasized by the red rectangle is just one more row in the page layout with the video element. As we can see the video is used a lot because it can affect on the buying decision.

As you can noticed this product have many flavors, 14 to be precise. It’s just the simple image graphic and presented in 04 rows with 05 columns. How does it look with page building?

In reality it looks like the image below. 05 images need to place in the same row and that’s all. Not really hard to build such layout.

Next, we see 02 sections with product image and paragraph text.

And now, how to build actually such layout?

Indeed it’s not really hard. Just by using PageFly Shopify page builder app you can build exactly the same layout containing all media rich content. The product “Amino Energy” with a green background is actually 02 columns layout with the Image and Paragraph content.

And for the next section “Cafe series…” can be built from dragging the image on the left and placing the paragraph on the right.

Connect your product page with Blog as the education channel

One of the best thing I’ve learned from website that they closely connect the blog content and products at their shop. The navigation flow to the product page goes from the home page -> blog page -> product page. The article solve the problem with exercise in chest workout written by Craig Capurso.

When you visit this blog post there is the valuable content educating users to do the exercise right. The content looks just gorgeous. There is clear short text paragraph with images and video as well. The content also includes the practical advice step by step and “voila”... there is the cross promotional product item the product C4 Original.

Clicking on the Product Content in the blog post I’ve been redirected to the C4 sales product page. And as you guess, the bodybuilding dot com portal build the great sales product landing page concept with outlining benefits and problem the product solves.

So, in summary, it’s actually not really hard to build the right funnel and especially the product page to showcase your content and sell the product to a customer. With PageFly Shopify page builder you can easily create the similar product page content layout like on this fitness portal and have better conversion rate.

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