What’s new in PageFly Shopify App version 1.0.5?

What’s new in PageFly Shopify App version 1.0.5?

Just a few hours ago we shipped the PageFly Shopify page builder app version 1.0.5. With this update, you get some great improvements with page duplication, Shopify page element support for product page and minor bugs fixes. This version release is out after one and a half weeks working on the previous version 1.0.4. We’ll be improving the app more and more.

The important thing to do for avoiding any issues with the PageFly app is clear the cache of your web browser. For more information on how to do this in detail, please refer to this article You’ll find a detailed tutorial for clearing your cache on all popular web browsers.

Now let’s explore what’s new that you can expect with this app release.

Page duplication

From now you can easily duplicate pages inside “Manage pages” page settings and re-use the content template you created before. You can find the duplicate icon in the Action column. A newly created page has the additional prefix in the Title’s name “- copy”.

Page duplication

Shopify page element support for the Product Page

Shopify page elements such as Products, Collection, Featured Product, Blog Posts and “add to cart” are now available in the PageFly pages created for product pages.

Shopify page element support for the Product Page

So you might wonder, how does it look in reality? Just take a look at the example below. You can build additional content with PageFly and place it under the product description. You could outline your product benefits and finalize with Call To Action (CTA) “Add to cart.” With this improvement, the visitors to your store would have a better user experience.

add to cart demo view

A new header bar with Support Link

With this update, we have removed the old support chat icon in the bottom right area of the app. Some customers reported to us that this chat icon was overriding PageFly settings and made the configuration process hard. We are aware of this and moved that important area to the top.

A new header bar with Support Link

Draft mode editing

You can see the “Visible” checkbox near the “Save” button. If it’s unchecked and you hit the “Save” button, the page will be saved and the status “hidden”, so your customers won’t be able to see that page.

Draft mode editing

If you leave the option “Visible” unchecked in the “Manage pages” page you’ll see the status of that page as “hidden” like the image below. And to publish the page, you can do this directly from this page or inside the PageFly editing dashboard.

draft page editing

Bugs Fixes and the app improvement.

There are still bugs that popped up suddenly, and we have fixed them all. Thanks for reporting it to us! We care about the product quality and are always interested to find and eliminate all bugs. If you find some bugs, just submit the support ticket. Below is the list of bugs fixed with this release update:

  • Fix: Shopify product element can't get over 50 collections
  • Fix: Shopify blog element did not work
  • Fix: Shopify featured product
  • Fix: The product page did not save
  • Fix: Some minor bugs

Support Help Center release.

2 weeks for the research, system setup and producing the first content of PageFly Shopify app. We’ve got feedback that there was no documentation at all and video would be great for self-help as well.

With the release PageFly App 1.0.5 we’d like to introduce to you to the PageFly Help Center based on WordPress and helpdesk system.

pagefly help center

On this information source portal, you can find all the information related to PageFly app usage from official documentation to tips & tricks for utilizing it. In some articles, you can find video tutorials as well. We simply think that sometimes it's hard to explain PageFly features through text and graphic content. Thus, we’ve produced video recordings to reproduce some key features of the PageFly app.

At present, you can find 6 video tutorials with the concept “how to do … “. Watch PageFly page builder app “how to” playlist on Youtube.

pagefly quick start video

That’s all for now, and we hope you enjoy using the PageFly app. More product features are coming, and it’s built with PageFly users community at our exclusive Facebook Group.

So if you wish to participate in the app building process feel free to install PageFly page builder app and join PageFly Users group (this group is exclusively for PageFly active users). We’re welcome to any constructive feedback.

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