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Why Do You Need The Landing Page For Christmas Sales And How To Build It?

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The Christmas season is coming right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday season. The latest customer “wave” is coming to our Shopify stores and we need to be prepared for that event. Looking at the Shopify Analytics dashboard, we see that traffic is coming to the home page as the “welcome gate” of our store.

However, is the homepage the right page for delivering the information about Christmas promotions with the best selling items to the customers?

Shopify Analytics dashboard

During the Christmas season, we can re-build the homepage a little bit and replace the usual “promotion section” with Christmas promotion banners. However, the purpose of the homepage is different, and if we run a promotional campaign, it’s better to drive traffic to the “landing page". Let’s clarify a little bit about the main purpose of the “promotion landing page.”

The promotion landing page’s goal is to present all information related to your Shopify store promotion campaign. Firstly, the most important thing is that it’s about placing the promotion items on that page.

With a store containing about 1,000+ SKUs, we understand that some best selling items might generate over 80% of the shop’s overall revenue. Just look at Shopify Analytics reports to see valuable insight and get ready for your Christmas promotion campaign.

Just look at the table below and add a little bit of imagination, then we can see that the tablespace is as limited as the customer’s time and view on our Shopify store. If we put too many items (choices) there, we might make the purchasing decision hard. The critical point here is to place only items that generate revenue.

Christmas landing page table

The content design of your Christmas landing page depends on the items you’re selling. When the promotional campaign is over, there won’t be any need for such a page. By building such a page, we already filter customers who are interested in our promotional campaign.

So back to our main question - why do we need the landing page? The answer is simple: message match. So going further with building this “special page” you might ask…

Why not use existing Shopify pages and adapt it for the Christmas campaign? 

The homepage or the collection (category) page was originally designed for normal shopping days where promotion is not involved. So the design’s layout of your Shopify store is not initially designed for promotional activities. The message match is not precisely targeted to Christmas shoppers. If you purchased the premium theme from the Shopify Themes store, the theme’s sections might help you to update the design of an existing page a little bit. However, this solution doesn’t solve the problem entirely.

What about the collection page of your Shopify store? Well, when you visit the collection page from your theme’s customizer there won’t be many options to choose. We take an example with the Debut Shopify theme.

Debut Shopify theme customizer

Going deeper into the options to adjust this page, we find a basic one with adjusting the layout style and options. If we want to put an additional information block above or below the product list, it’s challenging work and we need to hire Shopify experts.

collection pages customization

Searching for landing page app builders for Christmas Promotion

The first thing that comes to our mind for a solution to allow us to build the Christmas landing page is the Shopify app store. As a Shopify merchant, we understand that apps might help us to extend the functionality of our store. Typing in the keyword phrase “page builder” will give us at least 6 “solutions” to help with building the landing page.

Shopify app store

Going forward, when it comes to building the landing page, the obvious thing to consider is that the solution should have a pre-designed web layout. It’s more convenient and less time consuming when it comes to building the landing page. You just need to replace the existing sample products items and add unique content about your product.

Below you can see a snapshot of the PageFly App Template library. You can find different design layouts for your Shopify store and do a little tweaking to make the layout present your product correctly.

PageFly App Template library

As a Shopify Store owner, we understand clearly that mobile shopping is normal behavior these days. Responsive web design standard is a must have for any promotion landing page. So just keep in mind that you need to build special mobile and tablet friendly layouts. Information consumption on mobile layout is also limited, so just put only important information there and remove graphics and distractions.

PageFly Shopify page builder app allows you to build such layouts. It has a mobile and tablet editing view so that you can design your content layout for specific devices. As you remember, “message match” matters, and now “device message match” is also worth paying attention to.

Wrapping up, the information above regarding your promotional landing page might affect your sales. Give a try with the PageFly app. It’s even easier and faster to build the landing page with drag and drop workflow & 90+ pre-designed landing page templates.

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