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Guess what? Sales Wheel Is A Holy Grail of every business. Most, if not all, of every successful business owner rely on the sales flywheel to drive the effort to meet and exceed the revenue plan. Besides, it helps automate your sales process and and keeps your business growing. So let’s get a quick and simple understanding of what sales wheel actually is

What is Sales Wheel and how it works

Long story short, Sales Wheel is a visual representation of the processes you use for getting prospects who don’t know you to know you, like you and then trust you enough to buy from you. Further, they’ll their tell friends about you and you start getting more sales. This process is described as a wheel because, as an entrepreneur, you want the wheel to spin continuously, which means your business continues to grow.
It is directly connected to the customer journey phases and can be sorted into three parts:

  • Before
  • During
  • After

However, unlike a traditional Sale funnels, you don’t just end at the bottom. These processes need to be carefully designed to continuously bring repeat sales. And the best part is, you can optimize that wheel for maximum results. Repeat sales? You want to dig into the steps of the flywheel now?


Generating visibility - Let them see you first.

No matter how good your product is, when you’re just starting out, your prospects may not even know you exist.
The goal of this phase is to generate visibility, which means get your prospect to see you, know who you are and respond to your message. To handle this problem, what you will need to do is:

Identify a target market

  • Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant
  • How to price a product
  • How do you know your ideal customer 
  • Create customer persona

Craft a compelling message

  • Develop a Unique Selling Proposition
  • How To Write Seductive Sales Copy Like Apple

Delivery your message to them through advertising media

  • Facebook ads
  • Snapchat ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Pinterest ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Linkedin ads
  • Youtube ads

Once they’ve indicated interest by responding, they start visting your website and enter the During phase of your Sales Flywheel


Creating conversions - Don’t try to sell here, build trust first.

In this stage, you’re dealing with people who already visited your website through ads and have interested in your product by responding to your message. The goal is to build trust first, create conversion and then you’ll get your first sale by providing high-value value content to them. 

Lead Capturing

  • Re-marketing to People That Have Already Visited Your Website
  • How to acquire customers with coming soon page
  • Crafting a Home Page that converts
  • How to create Product Page that actually sells

Bring high-value content to build trust.

  • Content Marketing Examples with Amazing Results
  • Create a compelling story brand page

Create Conversion Touch Points

  • Page elements that effectively boost sales
  • Tips and tricks to build better landing page
  • eCommerce Landing Page Best Practices For Higher Sales
  • The perfect Anatomy of Product Page for Shopify merchants.
  • The importance of Testimonials Page
  • Create Best Special Offers Landing Page that convert

Once they’ve indicated interest by responding, they start visting your website and enter the During phase of your Sales Flywheel

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Getting More Sales - Your Sales Flywheel starts spinning from here

This phase will determine whether your business grows or not. The goal of this final phase is to get your customers to trust you and buy more from you. This phase continues in an ongoing “virtuous cycle” where you deepen your relationship with customers, do more business with them and get more referrals.

Delivery a world class Customer Service

  • Customer Service 101: A Guide to Providing Stand-Out Support Experiences

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

  • How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Pay More Now, Get More Later

Build your brand community

  • Build customer loyalty and engagement with rewards
  • Turn brand advocates into powerful marketers