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14 Feb 2024 - Limited Time

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Essential Countdown Timer Bar - 33% OFF on All Plans

Trigger urgency to boost sales with advanced and highly-customizable countdown timers.

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*Use code ESSENTIAL33 at checkout after installing the app. Apply for all users.

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Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks - 40% OFF on ALL plans in 3 months.

The #1 bundling app to boost your sales in 2024 (15,000 merchants made $70M in additional revenue using this app).

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Parcel Panel Order Tracking - 30 Days Free Trial

The #1 tracking app: auto sync, tracking & update, branded tracking page, shipping notifications, 24/7 live chat support

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*Install Parcel Panel and you will get the 30 day FREE TRIAL.

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Essential Countdown
Timer Bar 

Essential Countdown Timer Bar is like a Cupid's arrow for triggering FOMO and urgency, boosting your conversions on your Valentine's Day ⏰

  • Create a sense of excitement and scarcity of Valentine deals 
  • Provide 20+ coutdown templates for FREE
  • Work on ALL page types, including Cart Page
  • Customize your timers to match your brand
  • Mobile friendly
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Kaching Bundle
Quantity Breaks

This Valentine's Day, give your sales a double dose of love with Kaching Bundles! This Shopify app empowers you to boost AOV 🛍️

  • Craft irresistible couples' combos for collections/ products
  • Offer tiered discounts that are special for Valentine’s
  • Set discount in percentage, dollar, or specific price
  • Customize to match your business brand
  • Provide live chat support
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Parcel Panel
Order Tracking

No worries about shipping! Parcel Panel keeps your customers happy, orders tracked, and Valentine's spirit around 📦

  • Real-time tracking and updates for Valentine’s orders
  • Say goodbye to "Where's my order?" emails.
  • Customize tracking pages with your logo and love-themed messages
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Happier customers, fewer returns
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