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Finding the right tool to grow your business is challenging & time consuming, especially in the beginning. Shopify merchants have used a variety of tools to come up with the following recommendations.


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Most effective tools recommended by Shopify 2024 ☄️

Finding the right tool to grow your business is challenging & time consuming, especially in the beginning. Shopify merchants have used a variety of tools to come up with the following recommendations.

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Best online shop name ideas

From different industries & Shopify powered

  • 01. Rebag
  • 02. BodyCandy
  • 03. Ridge
  • 04. VRAI
  • 05.  ALEX AND ANI
  • 06. Crown & Caliber
  • 07. Princess Polly USA
  • 09. FarmFoods
  • 10. Crown & Caliber
  • 11. Only Natural Pet
  • 12. Lucy & Co.
  • 13. Finalmouse
  • 14. Only Natural Pet
  • 15. Fangamer
  • 16. Canna Cabana
  • 17. Design Milk
  • 18. Melt Cosmetics
  • 19. Daily High Club
  • 20. Human Kinetics

Live Clothing Store Names Ideas Examples

  • 01. Vera Bradley
  • 02. Lo & Sons
  • 04. Roark
  • 05. ECOSUSI
  • 06. Vera Bradley
  • 07. Birdy Grey
  • 08. Groove Life
  • 09. LAAM
  • 10. Kennedy Blue
  • 11. Adrianna Papell
  • 12. Ling's moment
  • 13. Ana Luisa
  • 14. Missoma
  • 15. Pink Lily
  • 16. Hello Molly
  • 17. I SAW IT FIRST
  • 18. Girlfriend Collective
  • 19. Bluefly

Free Tools by PageFly team

PageFly shop name ideas tool to generate names your online store

It takes years of trial and error to build a strong brand name for your Shopify store but you can have catchy and unique shop name ideas in a matter of seconds. PageFly’s free shop name ideas generator tool saves you from the hassle of finding a store name by suggesting possible store name ideas for you. Just simply sit back, type in a word that best describes your ecommerce business and let our free business name generator do all the work so you can check domain availability and start selling. 

Crafting the perfect name for your business 

Got a good business plan figured out? Amazing, let’s move on to the fun and important part - finding a business name that feels right for you and reflects your products. We understand that naming your business is definitely not easy, especially when you’re also building your small business from scratch.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed with possible business name ideas, ask yourself these essential question before finding a name for your business: 

What is your brand? 

It’s essential for your online store name to reflect your choice of products and services as well as your brand story. This question will become the lighthouse of your brand to guide how your brand name would interact with the target customers, communicate messages towards the public and stand out among your competitors. As the brand founder, it’s also important for you to identify how you wish your brand would be perceived to create a long term branding strategy. 

What is the market made of? 

As a business owner, it’s important to look at the current business environment around you to decide which part you should focus on and which niche is still left unattended. Seek high and low for your competitors - what are they selling, at what price, what makes them stand out, who is their target market,.. The list goes on but it’s important to put your brand under the same perspective and ask yourself the same questions to identify what makes your brand unique 

Can your store name be found easily? 

One key thing to remember about running an online business is the easier you are to be found, the easier you can reach potential customers. A great store name should be short, easy to remember and easy to find. A shop owner’s worst nightmare is when your customers try to find your store but can’t remember it and eventually get swooped on by competitors. That’s why your ultimate goal is to find available names through social media, SEO tools to ensure that name is searchable. 

Are you looking for a helping hand in naming your business? Give PageFly’s shop name ideas generator a try and generate names for your business within seconds. To start, all you have to do is type a word that describes your business into the search bar and let the shop name ideas generator do all the work for you. There are tons of unique and catchy shop name idea for you to choose from so you can get your favorites shortlisted and choose a name suits your business idea the most. 

How to choose the right store name for your business

PageFly’s shop name ideas generator is a free tool to use and designed to help you land on the right business name in the easiest way possible. Our tool will provide you with a list of potential business names and domains but finding the right name that works must be done on your own. Choosing the right business name is like walking into a maze but don’t worry, we do have a checklist to guide you through this process. 

Is your store name memorable? 

It’s crucial for your business to be memorable enough so customers can recall your brand after the first encounter. A memorable name is a smart way to leave an impression on customers and will further support your marketing and branding efforts. Think of memorable names when choosing yours as it will be directly related to your marketing funnel - from getting attention from new customers to keeping loyal customers. 

Is your store name possible for branding? 

Think of your shop name as the arrow and your branding decisions follow the direction that arrow is aimed at. As your business grows, branding elements such as a logo, tagline and brand positioning can be adjusted or changed completely. But keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to change the Shopify store name without hurting your business in terms of sales or reputation. It’s important that you choose one from brandable names that can grow with your brand’s vision and development routes. 

Is your store name clear and direct? 

When it comes to naming a business, being direct is key. A straightforward, no-brainer name will be far more effective than a long and complicated name that everyone struggles to pronounce. Even though your shop name needs clarity, it should also be vague enough in case of change. One of the most common pitfalls that small businesses tend to fall is having a way too direct names or targeted to a specific product. This action could trap your business in a self-made box along the road as your business wants to explore your niches and products. Before landing on the final name, don’t forget to think of its adaptability to future growth. 

Is your store name one of a kind? 

Customers are very likely to forget your business name if it’s not unique. Your branding efforts as small businesses can start from making yourself stand out amongst competitors with a catchy business name. A distinct and catchy shop name will leave a lasting impression on customers and become familiar to your brand. Plus, a cool and unique business name is closer than you think as it can be rooted from your name, a funny pun or something personal. PageFly's shop name generator can provide you a list of brand names but whether they are unique or not is up to you do the research.

Is your store name available? 

A good business practice is to make sure your shop name is still available. If you came up with a taken name, other brands with similar names may make customers confused and destroy your newly built reputation. Not to mention, choosing a taken or similar to a taken name also comes with legal consequences of being sued and paying heavy fines. Once you land on your name using PageFly's shop name generator, don’t forget to check for domain name availability and act quick to claim an available domain. 

Finding the right online store name doesn’t have to be difficult. With PageFly’s free business name generator, seeing possible options for your Shopify store has been made simple. After finding a store name that works for you, you can focus on the rest of your store and launch your online business in no time. 

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