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Customize Customer Account Page To Drive Repeat Purchases With Flits

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With more merchants focusing on customer retention, it’s crucial to set up on-site experiences that motivate shoppers to purchase. Many merchants swear by personalization to drive more purchases. 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized experiences. 

We want to help you leverage one of the most frequently visited pages on your Shopify store— the customer account page— and use this to drive repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty.

Let’s dive in!

What is the Customer Account Page?

The Shopify customer account page is a default page set up on every Shopify store that gives customers details about their orders, including tracking links, if any, as well as saved addresses and personal information that is saved on the account.  

While Shopify provides merchants with a customer account page that includes basic features like address and order management, it just isn’t enough. To maximize customer engagement, you need a personalized customer account page that makes shopping on your Shopify store easier. 

Here’s the difference between a Shopify customer account page and a branded customer account page through Flits:

Such a customized customer account page shoppers turn your customer account into their personal playground, where they can earn rewards, view their saved items, and reorder on the quick.

Let’s look into how a branded customer account page can help you drive repeat purchases to boost customer loyalty.

How Can Your Customer Account Page Drive Repeat Purchases and Increase Loyalty?

1. Add a one-click reorder button to simplify reordering

If you sell items like haircare, beauty items, supplements, and food items, your shoppers may want to reorder these items.  By making this reordering experience more straightforward, you can attract higher reorders and make it easier for your shoppers to buy items they want. 

You can set up a one-click reorder button on your “Orders” page within your customer account. This will let shoppers add items to their cart directly, without having to open the product page to do so.

2. Make login instant and reduce abandonment with social login

One of the most common reasons for abandoning a cart on Shopify stores is due to the long registration process. But, you can solve this issue and get your customers to place orders with social login. 

Social login allows shoppers to sign up/login using an existing social media profile. This one-click login method is sure to make the shopper experience more effortless so that customers don’t have to enter any details when getting to their customer account.

The proof is in the pudding— social login can increase conversion rates by up to 20%.

You can set up social login to make it easier for shoppers to access their customer account using Flits

3. Build a need to buy with a rewards program

75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer rewards. By setting up rewards programs on your Shopify store, you can gamify the experience on your Shopify store and make shoppers eager to continue shopping from you. 

Due to the offers and discounts you provide through your rewards program, your customers would continue to choose to buy from you, seeing the value of shopping from your Shopify store and increasing repeat purchases.

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase.

You can set up a rewards program on your customer account page with Flits. The app lets you create a rewards program, set conditions for different rewards that shoppers can earn, and even set up triggered messages to be sent when shoppers earn or redeem rewards. 

This way, you can get your shoppers to continue interacting with your brand and increase repeat purchases.

4. Allow shoppers to save items they want to buy with wishlists

Ever browsed through an online store and found a few products interesting but only ended up buying one or two of these items? What happened to the other items? It's highly likely that you exited the product page and promptly forgot about it. As a merchant, you need to anticipate shopper needs and make it easier for them to save items they may be interested in so they can come back to it later. 

This is where wishlisting helps. Wishlisting allows shoppers to save items within their customer account so they can later come back to it and buy, without even having to browse the entire product catalog looking for it.

Being able to save items also allows shoppers to shortlist their favorites and later compare these options to finalize the item that they want to purchase.


Set up wishlisting on your Shopify store with Flits.

5. Let shoppers look through their browsing history 

Shoppers sometimes look at a product, navigate to other pages, and then want to come back to the product they viewed previously. However, oftentimes, they forget what they looked at, making it difficult for them to buy the item.

This is where a browsing history helps. With a browsing history, shoppers can view items they looked at previously. This 'Recently Viewed Products' section is best placed within your customer account where shoppers can easily access it. This way, shoppers will know where to look, find items they want, and checkout easily.  


Drive repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty with a personalized customer account page!

Every Shopify store has a customer account page but it isn’t optimized to sell more. However, by customizing it and adding personalized features, you can leverage your customer account page and capture more sales and repeat purchases through it. Even eCommerce giants like Amazon have personalized the customer account page, with features like rewards, wishlisting, and instant reorders. 

Customizing this customer account page is easy with Flits!

Flits is the only Shopify app that lets you transform your customer account page, customize it, and add personalization features to allow your customers to frequent your Shopify store. 

Besides order history and address details, here are some features available on the Flits Shopify app:

  • Reorder: Let shoppers reorder items they previously bought through the Orders page with just the click of a button.
  • Wishlists: Allow your shoppers to save items they were interested in and let them buy these wishlisted items with a direct add to cart.
  • Rewards: Set up a rewards program within your customer account page where shoppers can view activities that will earn them rewards and even redeem them.
  • Referrals: Tap into referral marketing by allowing shoppers to refer your store to other potential customers and earn rewards when a referred customer registers or shops.
  • Social Login: Make registration easier by allowing shoppers to login with just one click using their existing social media accounts. 
  • Browsing History: Set up a ‘Recently Viewed Products’ section on your customer account page so that shoppers can view their browsing history and not have to struggle to find items that caught their eye.

With Flits, you can not just set up these high-converting features but, you can also monitor how customers use their customer account page, optimize the shopping experience, and use this data to set up personalized marketing messages and even on-site tactics for better conversions.


Author bio:

Gunjan is the co-founder of Flits, the only Shopify app that lets you transform your customer account page, customize it, and add personalization features to help you increase repeat purchases and loyalty on your Shopify store. 

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