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PageFly 2.15.0 - What's new? ParcelPanel Order Tracking and Klaviyo Signup Forms Integration

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This holiday season, there is great news with PageFly's latest version.

December is going to an end soon, the end of a challenging year of 2020, but it's an inception of PageFly with innovation. We are always striving for improving our app with better features and capabilities of advanced customization.

In PageFly 2.15.0, we are happy to announce two big integrations with ParcelPanel Order Tracking App by UpperCommerce, and Klaviyo App for the new Signup Forms element.

To get up-to-date with the two elements and how to use them in PageFy, users can check out our new tutorials in PageFly Help Center.

01. ParcelPanel Integration - Better order tracking for customers

ParcelPanel is an order tracking app created by our partner UpperCommerce. It's an all-in-one order tracking solution with 700+ couriers supported worldwide, branded tracking page and proactive email notification.

Customers can easily track their orders on a merchant's web page by entering order or tracking number. With just a simple click, customers will get updated with the order status: when the item is shipped, where it is located for the time being and also carrier’s name and contact information.

Another cool thing about ParcelPanel App is that when people search for their order tracking, there will be a product recommendation part showing up, which is good for upselling strategy.

Upsell with Parcel

With PageFly's latest version, merchants can easily find ParcelPanel Order Tracking Form in the third-party elements section, then drag and drop it in the editor board. Once they install the ParcelPanel app, it will automatically show up on PageFly page and reflect the theme they are using in Shopify.

drag and drop ParcelPanel to PageFly

02. Klaviyo Signup Forms 

With this new version, we introduce to you the Signup Form element from our new partner, Klaviyo. Klaviyo is an email marketing solution that can help merchants personalize their email campaigns.

Klaviyo sign-up form

Klaviyo allows merchants to manage their campaigns, create marketing flows and observe analytics metrics right on its dashboard.

PageFly has collaborated with Klaviyo and worked on the Signup Form element. Klaviyo provides users with 3 types of form which are Popup, Flyout and Embed, but in PageFly, at the moment, the element can only work with Embed type. And we are looking forward to extending the element function on the horizon. 

Klaviyo form

Previously, when a user wanted to display Klaviyo's custom form in PageFly, we often recommended using HTML/Liquid element to insert the HTML code from Klaviyo.

But for now, with the new Klaviyo element, you can easily drag and drop it in PageFly, and copy the embed code of your setup form in Klaviyo and paste it in PageFly editor board.

Klaviyo with PageFly

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