Retail Sales Calendar 2022: Key Dates and Tools to Help You Own These Holiday Seasons

Retail Sales Calendar 2022: Key Dates and Tools to Help You Own These Holiday Seasons

When thinking about Black Friday - Cyber Monday, do you instantly think of it as one of the biggest sale events of the year? Because it is! Holidays are a great chance for businesses to increase their sales dramatically in just a few days. They give customers reasons to make a purchase, whether because they want to gift other people on special days, have a FOMO mindset, or they just want to catch a good deal.

But let's reflect on it for a second. There are hundreds of other holidays and events throughout the year that you can turn into a mini - BFCM and benefit from it. Wouldn’t it be such a waste if you can’t maximize the opportunities just because you don't remember when they will happen?

Fear not, because we’ve got you covered! The Sales Calendar 2022 will help you keep track of all the holidays and events in this year, so you can plan ahead and make the most out of it. Download the calendar and you’ll never have to jot down reminders for upcoming events anymore.


I. What Is A Sales Calendar?

A sales calendar is a calendar that contains all of the sales events of the entire year that businesses can use to keep track and be proactive in planning ahead and make the best out of each opportunity.

II. Why Do You Need A Sales Calendar

A sales calendar is a powerful tool to help businesses with their marketing. Using it, merchants can:

01. Have better focus and visibility

A sales calendar allows you to lay out all of the holidays and events that you can take advantage of and create a campaign, so you can put that out of your head instead of trying to get on top of it, making sure you don’t miss any major holidays. That way, you can plan ahead for your business and map out what you want to do.

While every holiday is a chance to increase sales, not all of them are equal in importance, popularity, and relevance for your business. Sales calendars can help you decide better which sales events to focus on and prepare carefully, so that you can see better which days you are going to focus on and to go all-out, and which one you can skip a bit.

02. Have better resources allocation

As I mentioned above, there will be holidays that are more important and significant to your business than the others. For example, if you own a sports equipment store, you would be more likely to pay attention to and prepare for National Yoga Day, or other sports day, instead of World Chocolate or World Bagel Day.

Once you’ve identified your major sales events for the year, you can then proceed to allocate your resources, including finance, time, labor, etc., towards those days to maximize the return on your investments and achieve a major win.

III. Holiday Sales Calendar 2022

We have summarized all the sales events and holidays in 2022 that you can add to your Google calendar HERE, or you can check them out in the list below, month by month. Own and equip your business with this powerful tool.

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Spring sales holiday 2022

01. January

  • Jan 01: New Year Day
  • Jan 15: National Bagel Day
  • Jan 24: National Peanut Butter Day
  • Jan 27: National Chocolate Cake Day
  • Jan 31: National Hot Chocolate Day
  • National Staying Healthy Month

Usually, the first month of the year is when people are creating and sticking to their new year resolutions the most, so they are more likely to spend more on food, sports, and clothing. Having special bundles or free shipping could be the “cherry on top” for the reasons they are finally making the purchase.

02. February

  • Feb 01: Lunar New Year
  • Feb 09: National Pizza Day
  • Feb 13: Super Bowl Sunday
  • Feb 14: Valentine’s Day
  • Feb 15: Singles Awareness Day
  • Feb 20: Love Your Pet Day
  • Feb 21: Presidents’ Day (US)
  • Black History Month

Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the highest spending holidays around the world, and mostly any businesses can create a custom marketing plan for their store preparing for this occasion, so maybe you shouldn't miss out on this day.

03. March

  • Mar 01: Pancake Day
  • Mar 08: International Women’s Day
  • Mar 17: St. Patrick’s Day
  • Mar 20: International Day of Happiness
  • Mar 20: First Day of Spring
  • Mar 23: World Puppy Day

Spring has finally arrived, no more winter breezes, everything is brighter, more beautiful and lively, and people are also in a better mood. And a better mood can very possibly equal an easier-made decision, which your business can take cues from and set your target.

One of the most signature things about St. Patty’s Day is the green theme, so if you are going to have business plans on that occasion, make sure you color-match for the vibe.

Summer sales holiday 2022

04. April

  • Apr 01: April Fools’ Day
  • Apr 11: National Pet Day
  • Apr 22: Earth Day
  • Apr 23: World Book Day
  • Apr 28: National Superhero Day

Earth Day is tremendously and increasingly becoming more important and impactful each year. Creating a campaign where your business will donate a percentage of your sales to environmental organizations can be greatly effective and thoughtful. After all, people are shifting to buying brands and value more than just buying the products themselves these days.

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05. May

  • May 07: National Fitness Day
  • May 08: Mother’s Day
  • May 17: World Baking Day
  • May 25: National Wine Day

In case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day is the second-largest spending holiday in the U.S. So why skip this golden opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the incredible moms out there, while boosting your sales? Adding a gift wrapping option, offering gift cards, or creating bundles can be some of the great tactics that fit mostly every type of business.

06. June

  • June 01: International Children’s Day
  • June 04: National Cheese Day
  • June 19: Father’s Day
  • June 21 International Yoga Day

International Children’s Day might not seem like a high spending occasion at first, but with great plans and awesome tactics, you are sure to benefit from this holiday. Try having sales campaigns targeting parents, or simply just go for the kid inside all of us! It’s good to treat ourselves from time to time, so make sure you communicate this idea with your customers and watch a change happen.

Autumn sales holiday 2022

07. July

  • Jul 04: Independence Day (US)
  • Jul 07: World Chocolate Day
  • Jul 11-12 (estimated): Amazon Prime Day
  • Jul 30: International Friendship Day

July is usually the time for going on summer trips, hanging out with friends, and paying attention to yourself more. Businesses can mark down these dates and create a marketing plan to increase sales.

08: August

  • Aug 08: International Cat Day
  • Aug 09: Book Lovers Day
  • Aug 19: World Photography Day
  • Aug 26: International Dog Day
  • Back-to-school season

This month has quite a few occasions happening, so make sure that you own the Marketing 101 for holiday seasons and confidently smash those business goals.

09. September

  • Sep 05: Labor Day
  • Sep 10: Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Sep 11: Grandparents’ Day
  • Sep 17: First Day of Oktoberfest
  • Sep 27: World Tourism Day

Some of the great tactics you can use for your online store to boost sales during the holidays are building special landing pages, creating bundles, offering discounts, and many more. Building landing pages can sometimes be frightening, but with Shopify’s page builder app PageFly, you can easily create high-converting landing pages with beautiful templates and effective elements to encourage people to make the purchase and come back for more.

Winter sales holiday 2022

10. October

  • Oct 01: International Coffee Day
  • Oct 04: World Animal Day
  • Oct 29: National Cat Day
  • Oct 31: Halloween

A spooky season requires a spooky marketing campaign. Make sure to jump on board with the theme and create a frightful look for your store.

11. November

  • Nov 11: Singles’ Day
  • Nov 13: World Kindness Day
  • Nov 19: International Men’s Day
  • Nov 21: FIFA World Cup 2022 Begins
  • Nov 24: Thanksgiving (US)
  • Nov 25: Black Friday
  • Nov 26: Small Business Saturday
  • Nov 28: Cyber Monday

It’s undeniable that Black Friday - Cyber Monday is one of the most spending occasions during the year that no businesses should skip. Landing pages are one of the best ways for any online store owners to take advantage of the increased traffic and boost sales. You can easily generate a month worth of sales in just a few days with a high converting landing page. So check it out and exceed your business goals.

12. December

  • Dec 03: Make A Gift Day
  • Dec 13: Green Monday
  • Dec 14: National Free Shipping Day (US)
  • Dec 17: Super Saturday
  • Dec 24: Christmas Eve
  • Dec 25: Christmas Day
  • Dec 26: Boxing Day
  • Dec 31: New Year’s Eve

Tis’ the season! Christmas is the time for family and friends, so people will be more likely to purchase a gift for their loved ones. Having a clear plan and efficient tactics can be the key for businesses to a winning season. Check out all the marketing ideas for your Shopify store this Christmas here.

IV. Conclusion

After adding these dates to your Google calendar, I hope you are ready to make the best out of 2022 with your business and exceed your goals. Make sure you plan ahead carefully, so as to not miss any golden chances. Creating custom landing pages, collections, or special deals for these events are some of the great tactics to increase sales and make profits that you can apply to your store.

PageFly can help you create different beautiful landing pages for your promotional and sales campaigns with no fuss, no code, just an easy drag-and-drop interface. Along with this calendar, this powerful duo will assist you in boosting your store’s conversion rate and profits, especially during holiday seasons.

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