andar’s Successful International Expansion 

Meet andar, top-rated athleisure brand in Korea, learn how they build an international brand and boost their conversion, and how PageFly has assisted along the way. 





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It is difficult to choose the right platform for targeting the US market. andar needs tools to help them build strong brand identity and maintain brand styles over platforms.



PageFly Page Builder comes as an all-in-one solution with rich features and a handy support team to aid them effectively.


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Meet andar

andar is the No.1 athleisure brand in Korea, providing outstanding quality, premium sportswear and designs for all daily moments.

andar research materials that can fit all body shapes while offering comfort during any activity. All processes from design to sales are managed within a unified channel to maintain quality and reduce costs.

With their products, andar hopes to give you an instant flush of lightness and freshness, the moment you wear them, keeps you comfortable and satisfied in your everyday walks and strolls.

In April 2021, andar made a milestone in their business with the opening of their Global sites. 

lyfefuel website


On its way to go global, andar found it difficult to choose a platform that can manage their online store and at the same time, provides them proper tools to design and recreate the Korea site. 

andar decided to go with Shopify. Even Though Shopify can help andar to run their business, managing inventory, order, marketing, etc. however, this platform’s page editor can’t meet andar requirements and high demands on content creation and store updating. 

And that is when PageFly came in. PageFly is a drag-and-drop builder tool for Shopify stores, with its flexibility, PageFly has been assisting andar Global in their journey since the beginning. 

andar has unique features on every product so we need to build each different product pages while keeping the key characteristics. Buying clothes on the internet is not easy, we want to provide enough help and guidance for our customers.

We aimed to add helpful size charts, detailed product guides, brand story pages, and many other different types of pages, so we chose Pagefly.”- Park HyoYoung, CEO of andar


andar has a variety of campaigns such as AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, OUTLET discount, MEMBERSHIP, and seasonal promotions. To promote these campaigns, well-made pages are needed most. andar Team can build those pages in time with the right sources and elements from PageFly.

“We want to fully explain "Premium Tactel-Lycra Fabric" as if customers really experience it. Pagefly supports GIF, video, and high-quality images over devices.” - Park HyoYoung, CEO of andar

lyfe fuel website

Clothes brands have a variety of types of thumbnails. The Squared ones and Rectangular ones with different sizes, but Pagefly can resize those images very responsively. 

For andar, Seasonality is very important. With Shopify integration, the team could show those collections customers are looking for in the right time with perfect mood. It is really easy to change the collection list, or product combination on PageFly editor.


Product pages

“We had built each unique product page over 131 products.”

It is very easy to build matching set products, adjust keywords and provide necessary information for each product in the PageFly editor.

Users can use elements that integrate with Shopify Admin like Product Details, Product List or Product Metafields. The team can make product assignments to the product pages with all products or specific product/ group of products that automatically sync with Shopify product management. 

andar could also back up those files and check edit history so it helps the team to handle those many product details pages easily.

lyfe fuel website

Landing pages

In andar point of view, app Integration is very easy and sometimes limitless since Pagefly is very friendly to customization. Only installing apps does not guarantee success or effective performance.But with Pagefly, andar is explained and guided what to use and how to use each app easily.

Ever since andar Global was published for international customers, there have been more than 10 different types of promotional campaigns: Student discounts, Ambassador Program, Membership, free gift campaigns, Facebook Messenger discount, etc.

With landing page type, andar team could build necessary campaign pages for each. 

“We want to provide a better shopping experience with a variety of promotion types.” - Park HyoYoung, CEO of andar

PageFly Analytics

With Pagefly’s Google Analytics integration feature, andar added GA code for pages, and the team could track customer's interest, app add-on usages, and obstacles which prevent their happy shopping.

The andar team then could understand the customer's needs and use it on Facebook Ads and Klaviyo email marketing.

The team also uses Pagefly's analytics features actively. It helps them monitor how customers respond on the main page since it is the main landing page with marketing ads.

To andar the role of PageFly does not stop from simply building a page, but it connects each app and helps to understand the whole procedure of marketing all the time.


With PageFly’s customization ability, andar team can add a fabric guide with intro text, image, and video which link to related pages on collection pages.

By adding those fit elements on collection pages, the statistics have made significant changes from April 2021 to the 2021 BFCM season in November 2021.

  • Weekly Page view: 18,235 → 32,881
  • Conversion rate: 0.4% → 2%
  • Avg session duration: 1m12s → 4m 32s

“We found out that Pagefly indeed helps to build truly customer-based pages and customers respond to the buttons and elements actively.” - Park HyoYoung, CEO of andar

During the 2021 BFCM period, andar kept updating the main page and mood of seasonality. From PageFly Analytics, we saw an increase in the conversion rate. The average percentage of visitors who clicked on trackable CTAs on the page from 44% to 64%.

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