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Lumos Fiesta.png__PID:f339f60d-bddf-4c25-b261-9d5b5731d2aa

“PageFly has greatly reduced my business task time. The support team is incredibly helpful, enabling me to finish work quickly. I'm extremely satisfied.”

Lumos Fiesta.png__PID:219debf3-39f6-4dbd-9f6c-25f2619d5b57

Nilufer Sasmaz

Founder of Lumos Fiesta from Turkey

Lumos Fiesta (2).png__PID:ebf339f6-0dbd-4f6c-a5f2-619d5b5731d2

“We've been using PageFly for over a year and it's working really great for our brand. If you are trying to create web pages, it's one of the best brands to use.”

Lumos Fiesta (2).png__PID:c7219deb-f339-460d-bddf-6c25f2619d5b


Website Manager of AstropheApparel from USA

Vibing Stone.png__PID:411507c5-3ca2-41f6-95a9-a7c41c787381

“If you're building a Shopify store and want the most beautiful, engaging, and differentiated website you could ever build, you need PageFly. I don't know how I would have done it without them."

Vibing Stones.png__PID:4ebb8c41-1507-453c-a2f1-f6d5a9a7c41c

Ranier Agresar

Founder of Vibing Stones from USA


“Pagefly's flexibility allows us to do all. Thank you, PageFly, you have a great product. You've got a fantastic team, and you make our work a lot easier."


Sangita Verma

CEO of GiftSuite from USA

Little Lion History.png__PID:c7f40abd-0b97-410f-9279-e7dd199c7519

“Thankfully, I found PageFly because they had easy to follow templates that helped me create a beautiful website for my customers without having to know coding at all."

Little Lion History.png__PID:b55819fc-38c7-440a-bd0b-97010fd279e7

Brenda Burnacci

Founder of Little Lion History from USA

Visual Packs.png__PID:f40abd0b-9701-4fd2-b9e7-dd199c751934

“I found PageFly and I got the perfect tool to edit my website in three weeks. I was able to start from ground zero to really pull a full on website. Really recommended it."

Visual Packs.png__PID:5819fc38-c7f4-4abd-8b97-010fd279e7dd


Founder of Visual Packs from Canada


“My thumbs up to PageFly. Their support has been professional and courteous. If you want a simple start here on Shopify, PageFly is definitely.”


Theron Plain

Founder of AIBUYDESIGN from USA


"They're just incredible company. Amazing. They stand behind their products and yeah, sky is the limit, so definitely give them a shot. Highly recommend it."


Boris Haliad-Elul

Founder of Forge™ from USA


"It is the turning point for our work for the simple fact that there allows you to edit anything. They are supper nice and supprt helpful."


Pablo and Matteo

Founder of LUMIURA™

Insta Freshie.png__PID:d8277de1-53b8-49a1-baf0-eef24cf1b8bc

“Honestly, I can't recommend these guys more than enough. They are friendly and professional, fast and reliable.”

Insta Freshie.png__PID:1d4436d8-277d-4153-b8f9-a13af0eef24c


Founder of Insta Freshie

Roman Power.png__PID:75b426d4-52af-4f66-8788-4f4f79f73be6

"I enjoyed using PageFly. It has been a very useful tool since it's easily customizable, intuitive and time saving."

Roman Power.png__PID:98409ca0-5c75-4426-9452-af2f6647884f

Kajus Jurevičius

Founder of Roman Power


“The PageFly app is very easy to use. I made a great-looking and working website even though I had never done this before.”


Feđa Fajić

Founder of LuxeWebshop


"If you're ready to embark on your online business journey, don’t worry, because PageFly has got your back. With their help, you will be amazed at how quickly your page comes to life."


Coralie Eyssallenne

Founder of Owemama

Reăl Endurance Apparel.png__PID:5c75b426-d452-4f2f-a647-884f4f79f73b

“If you need to do landing pages, they they can help you get it done easily. Highly recommend PageFly. Five stars, two thumbs up.”

Reăl Endurance Apparel.png__PID:3d98409c-a05c-45b4-a6d4-52af2f664788

Chance Regina

Founder of Reăl Endurance Apparel


"PageFly showed me the best results because it’s so customisable. The best part of PageFly is the customer support. And the price of PageFly is also incredible fair. I would always recommend PageFly."

Hopeford Streams (2).png__PID:46c3bf9a-7c39-429b-a957-14189823ef94

Kevin Broom

Founder of Lunevio

Hopeford Streams.png__PID:9a7c3972-9be9-4714-9898-23ef94d7c16f

“I highly recommend PageFly for their expertise, patience, and 24/7 customer support”

Hopeford Streams.png__PID:c3bf9a7c-3972-4be9-9714-189823ef94d7

Frank King

Founder of Hopeford Streams

The Lawn Pack.png__PID:e2a7fdea-28a7-46b9-bcab-94ecf55351b9

"Since I've used PageFly, my conversion rate has gone up quite a lot, which has been really good, but the best thing about it is the support team."

The Lawn Pack.png__PID:527e38e2-a7fd-4a28-a736-b93cab94ecf5

Jack Skilling

Founder of The Lawn Pack


“There is no doubt in my mind that PageFly is a Shopify app that I continue to use now and into the future. You've made my life way too easy.”



Director and Co-Founder of byMolly

Jeliz Store.png__PID:196c34be-54bc-48d2-a6e8-f157ab324062

"This app has been very helpful, as it has allowed me to easily and simply create my page. It offers thousands of customizable templates to suit your preferences."

Jeliz Store.png__PID:fc5cc319-6c34-4e54-bc78-d226e8f157ab

Jean Ávila

Founder of Jeliz Store


"My experience with PageFly has been absolutely amazing. I was just on the free plan and they absolutely helped me. And that's when I realized they are the best."

Pawlume Store.png__PID:5cc3196c-34be-44bc-b8d2-26e8f157ab32

Andersson Gonzalez

Founder of Pawlume


“It's been a really amazing experience so far. The PageFly customer support team has been super helpful… If you guys are an e-commerce brand, it's really important to create a unique website to stand out, and PageFly allows you to do just that.”

BLU341 Computers.png__PID:927d7661-eeba-4392-b5cd-28477812beb7

Cibao Chua

Founder of BLU341


“PageFly is a fantastic application because basically it allows you to do what ever you want. The interface is very easy to use. The support is really friendly and effective. We really recommend the use of PageFly.”


Ferdinando Insinga

Co-Founder of LucidoSplendente

K9 Vitality.png__PID:e131ac4a-2867-44fd-9117-e4131e3d0eed

“I would really recommend PageFly to everyone out there. It's converting like crazy this month. I'm having a conversion rate of 4.5% plus.”

K9 Vitality.png__PID:c79a26e1-31ac-4a28-a714-fd1117e4131e

Aman Patial

Founder of K9 Vitality

Utopia Computers.png__PID:31ac4a28-6714-4d11-97e4-131e3d0eedb8

“PageFly has been a game changer for our online presence. A big thank you to the Pagefly team for the incredible support you've helped Utopia shine online and reach more customers.”

Utopia Computers.png__PID:9a26e131-ac4a-4867-94fd-1117e4131e3d

Craig Hume

Managing Director of Utopia Computers

Marquise Mystique.png__PID:610d45a4-119c-4b2a-a975-9cda2947889d

“With PageFly, we were able to truly modify and edit every element of the pages in great detail, and we never encountered any major problems or difficulties when adjusting them.”

Marquise Mystique (2).png__PID:45a4119c-cb2a-4975-9cda-2947889dc176

Onur Kasap

Founder of Marquise Mystique

pagefly customer

“PageFly has given me all resources to craft a really beautiful website that drives more sales”

Amaury Abel-Smith

Owner of Lock Feet

Amici pelosi.png__PID:e5f9ce1d-3a45-494c-b3a8-1afa21f0372d

“The exceptional customer support 24/7 that PGFly provides is something almost nobody else offers.”


Catello Graziuso

Owner of Amici Pelosi

Pop Retro Co.png__PID:ce1d3a45-394c-43a8-9afa-21f0372d87db

“PageFly is an absolutely fantastic app. It's really user-friendly and it's easy to use. And, customer service or support is absolutely amazing.”


Anthony Redoblado

Founder of Pop Retro Co

Group 866.png__PID:5d260b39-fe89-4c24-846d-01160a2145d8

“They’ve an awesome customer support team which you can refer to them in case you face any obstacles or you need their support”

image 3.png__PID:71a5dbc7-f905-47be-a228-2880215585b0

Mohamed Karim

Owner of Eagle Store

pagefly customer

“Keep up the good work guys because I think you've been a lifesaver for us in the last year because I don't think we could have managed to build our own website without the help of the PageFly Builder team.”


Founder of Feelou

pagefly customer

“ PageFly has the design capability, great customization, regular updates and 24/7 chat support, that’s really great! Thanks PageFly, you guys are definitely the best so far”.

Guy Harley

Founder of tradienet.

pagefly customer

“ Through PageFly, we've been able to build many pages and that was really great in terms of allowing us to expand our website and build it in an effective way."

Richard Cawkill

Founder of The Sustainable Watch Company

pagefly customer

“ I highly recommend PageFly to any e-commerce brand looking to enhance the look and functionality of their online stores.”


Design Team Leader at DAILY&CO.

pagefly customer

“ I would absolutely recommend PageFly to any small business owners who is looking to incorporate a really lovely app for page styling in particular. Thanks PageFly”

Kaleja Dawson

Owner of Physi.Kal

pagefly customer

“PageFly offers the best customer support that I have ever seen in my life.”

David Y.

Owner of Cryptochips

pagefly customer

“I’m a big fan of PageFly, maybe the biggest fan. Thank you PageFly for everything you’ve done.”

Stephanie Kessel

Co-founder of Athena X Corp

pagefly customer

“PageFly helps us to boost our store’s conversion rate”

Sami Khattib-Sabsabi-Rifai

Founder of Meller Moss

pagefly customer

“PageFly greatly helped us to internationalize and scale for over 40 different Shopify stores.”

Alex Rinn

Owner of Trading Director EU of NATURECAN

pagefly customer

“PageFly is literally the best page builder we can find out there.”

Timo Stosius

Co-Founder of philia-nature.de

pagefly customer

“I’ve been using PageFly for over 3 years and I am delighted by their platform and service”

Christine Preston

Owner of Skin Discovery

pagefly customer

“The customer support team is great, they help you in some minutes. I would recommend everyone to try PageFly”

Bojan Simonovic

Owner of 1 Up For You

pagefly customer

"Potete costruire il vostro website in una maniera intuitiva, rapida, con supporto costante."

Enrico Lobina


pagefly customer

“I totally recommend PageFly and I have never been disappointed this decision that I made”

Mouaid Darwich


pagefly customer

“It's easy to use, highly efficient, highly customizable and has amazing customer support”

Michael Jakubowski

Founder of magjustable

pagefly customer

“I'm sure you'll get the website you've been wanting, with PageFly”



pagefly customer

“I love PageFly and definitely go with them”

Brian Ray

Owner & Founder of RayNSon

pagefly customer

"PageFly Team, they always respond in under 10 minutes to assist me"


The Brick Business Fleet

pagefly customer

“Don’t hesitate to reach out the online support team! My final rating is definitely 5 stars”

Patrick Taggart

Founder of Just Argan by Saha™

"That makes life a lot easier...PageFly is so recommended, five stars!"

Nigel Heaton

Co-founder of Pawsome.Coffee

pagefly customer

"PageFly helps us to grow our business...We have made more than 2 million USD in revenue"



pagefly customer

“Anybody wants to change the whole store, I definitely recommend PageFly.”

Zaynah Parker

Founder & Owner at Crowning Scents

pagefly customer

“I set up my website by myself with the amazing support of PageFly.”

Nikki Waterson

Founder of Paws for Giving

pagefly customer

“My favorite Shopify page builder - PageFly, easy to use and beginner friendly.”


Web Designer

pagefly customer

“If you are looking at creating a high converting store, then PageFly is very cool.”

Swapnil Wale

Founder of Techno PM

pagefly customer

“One the best app that I have on my Shopify store has to be PageFly.”

Gurjit Sodhi


pagefly customer

“Shoutout to the PageFly Team, it’s awesome to work with them”


Founder & CEO of Lyfe Fuel

pagefly customer

“PageFly has great features, and capabilities and really really great support.”

Alex Duff

Web Designer

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