XMiles saw a conversions by 500% since the first launch using PageFly

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Meet XMiles, a team of nutrition specialists in the endurance sports scene, increased their happy customers more than 50.000+ by the amount of information provided to them about certain products, via pages created by PageFly.





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Basic function of Shopify was insufficient in helping them accomplish their objectives of page's customizations



They successfully achieved their goals with the assistance of PageFly.


Increase in conversion since the first launch


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Meet XMiles

Anthony started his journey back in 2007 as an IT Professional. Unhappy with his weight, he began running. He competed in his first race, a 10K, two months after starting, and never looked back. In 2009, he competed in his first marathon and kept going to compete in his first Ultra in 2011.

After his time spent racing around the world, he decided to take the big step in changing professions to become a Nutrition Advisor. Anthony got his Advanced Diploma Nutrition and Weight Management, and Nutrition Specialist Diploma. Inspired by his journey and wanting to share his knowledge, he opened up XMiles.

Anthony understood the need for having a nutrition system that enabled him to perform, but also had issues with sourcing the best products as well as having access to testing and fine tuning a nutrition strategy. This was when the idea of launching a service focused on providing excellence in sports nutrition came about.

Over the years, XMlies team of nutrition specialists has been active in the endurance sports scene gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in the benefits of nutrition in endurance sports.

They are one stop nutrition shop, to get everything, all customer’s favourite brands plus many new and exclusive brands that customers wonder how ever coped without. They focus on providing with the right nutrition and kit needed to be your best, by allowing customers to Mix & Match your nutrition at no extra cost.

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They encountered challenges when attempting to modify the pages of our online store using the standard Shopify customization tool. They realized that basic function was insufficient in helping us accomplish their objectives. Considering the need for a lot of customizations, they sought out a page builder app, and they successfully achieved their goals with the assistance of PageFly.


After comparing and using other page builder apps, XMiles made the decision to choose to PageFly in order to enhance operational efficiency to build a high-converting Shopify store.

The XMiles team had a clear objective of creating unique and visually captivating home pages, as well as other beautiful pages for their Facebook and Google campaigns. They also utilized PageFly to personalize specific pages such as "About Us," "Team," and "Ambassador."

“We will continue using PageFly as long as possible.”

With the help of PageFly, the XMiles team successfully designed an eye-catching home page that instantly captivates customers. This visually appealing home page serves as a gateway, enticing visitors to explore the various collection and product pages on their website. By enhancing the attractiveness of the home page, XMiles has effectively encouraged customers to delve deeper into their offerings and ultimately drive more engagement and sales.

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Product List

In the home page, its main purpose should be to help customers quickly grasp the sales information and find the best deal being offered.

XMiles effectively employs the Product List element to showcase fresh products on a monthly basis. By adding secondary hover images on each product image, their customers can see a different image of each product and this provides more information as a visual aspect for customers and this also helps them to compare different products in a collection. The XMiles team adeptly harnesses the potential of this functionality.

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Using Blog List to provide useful information

XMiles has effectively utilized the Blog post list element to offer essential and valuable information to their users. By incorporating blog images, titles, and excerpts, users can swiftly and efficiently grasp the provided information. This approach not only captures users' attention but also enables them to gain a better understanding of the products offered by XMiles and how integrating these products into their daily lives can promote overall well-being and healthy habits.

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The support team

“ I have been with PageFly since 2020, and it has been a fantastic experience! Their support is brilliant, and help with any tiny details you want made. They are by far the best page builder you can use for your Shopify store!"

PageFly's exceptional customer support has been a crucial factor in XMiles' decision to continue using PageFly. The remarkable customer experience they provide has left a lasting impression.

To enhance their home page, XMiles sought to incorporate more collections to provide customers with a comprehensive overview. The PageFly team proved to be invaluable in this regard, offering expert guidance and consulting throughout the process. They were fully committed to assisting XMiles every step of the way even helping add custom code, ensuring that the desired solutions were implemented effectively.


“We have been using PageFly since 2020 and have seen our visitors rise by 150%. We have seen customers very happy by the amount of information provided to them about certain products, via pages created by PageFly”

In addition to ensuring customer satisfaction, XMiles has experienced a remarkable 500% increase in their conversion rate since the first launch and 750% Google Search impression by utilizing PageFly for their Shopify online store.

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