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How FINGER SUIT doubled their conversion rates with PageFly

Meet FINGER SUIT, the world’s best press on nails, learn how they go internationally and boost their on-site conversion rate with PageFly assistance.







Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Looking for a system that can assist in producing "TRENDY BUT UNIQUE" magazine-style pages



PageFly Page Builder assists the business in developing and leveraging the entire store with a host of exclusive elements and top-of-the-line assistance


Increase in conversion since the first launch


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Increase in Google search impression


One of the fastest ways to leverage your look into the next level is to have a new nail style. And if you are tired of bending your back to polish every single nail, then let’s meet FINGER SUIT - the solution to have quick but still gorgeous nails. FINGER SUIT is well-known for providing the most trendy and unique press-on nails at incomparable quality using the best ingredients. 

The story of FINGER SUIT starts when the CEO, Kimm Sae Hee realizes that there are many people who don't like to get their nails done at a nail salon. As a seasoned nail art guru, she thinks it could be a profitable niche. Unlike the other store, which has a standard web design with several columns displaying products, FINGER SUIT stores have a unique magazine-lookalike design. This layout is fashionable and makes them stand out from other competitors.

“Every time when product collections are open. We want to show the unique styles and characters of each collection.”

Not only have Korean stores, FINGER SUIT also wins international clients’ hearts for going international and has Taiwanese stores and Japanese stores. Developing a global eCommerce site that can aid in consumer acquisition and assist FINGER SUIT in establishing a global presence. The brand will also have a competitive edge and have more options for collaborations, funding, and company operations if they have a strong worldwide brand image.


Running a business is challenging enough, but when it comes to managing multiple stores with different languages, and currencies, the story is much harder.Here are the most common challenges that FINGER SUIT has faced:

The first: FINGER SUIT uses magazine-style pages to illustrate the concept of "TRENDY BUT UNIQUE." Thus, they need significant levels of customization features in particular.

The second: Themes are limited to exhibit unique styles on each collection, while it's hard to find a page builder that has unlimited features of element kinds or dedicated support for just a certain amount of elements. 

The third: The store needs to locate a reliable, sophisticated page builder that integrates with other apps. For a great conversion rate, an online store always needs more than one app.

And that’s the reason why FINGER SUIT and PageFly matched!


FINGER SUIT intends to demonstrate the idea of "TRENDY BUT UNIQUE" using Magazine Style Pages since the brand is still relatively new to US consumers. Therefore, both Product Designers & Marketers are specifically needed for Pagefly which has a high level of customization features and is so much easy to use for everyone. It reduces the communication process dramatically and magazine page designers could preview how it would look on the web in advance.

Every time when product collections are open, FINGER SUIT always wants to show the unique styles and characters of each collection. Themes are limited to show allocate different styles on each collection, and other page builders have limited features of element types or support only a limited number of elements. 

With rich CSS/HTML modification, Pagefly can fulfill the needs of publishing various pages. Pagefly helps the team create their own "STYLE BOARD" of magazine-style pages. Viewing high-quality photos of items and fashions makes customers happy.

“ We can quickly provide customer reviews on other pages thanks to the interaction with other apps. And guess what PageFly has everything we need”


Product Badge

Product badges' ability to capitalize on psychological factors like scarcity, urgency, and social proof is one reason why they are so successful.

Due to their fear of missing out, shoppers are more likely to purchase an item that is virtually sold out. Similarly, consumers who are debating a purchase may be persuaded to do so by the social proof of other consumers.

Here is how FINGER SUIT uses product badges to support sales growth:

HTML/Liquid Element

Every time a consumer visits the Magazine layout online store, FINGER SUIT keeps their code running smoothly to generate a smooth, elegant, and cutting-edge effect so that they can feel like they are opening a top-notch online magazine.

In the section below, not only do they use overlay images, but also highlight the image currently on display.


Since using PageFly in 2021, FINGER SUIT has lifted up not only their web design, but also their business results have been improved a lot:

  • From the Google search console, Google search impressions increased 5X from 200 to over 1,000 per day over a month.
  • The conversion rate increased 2.4X from 0.7% to 1.6% during the period. It kept increasing and now it touches over 2.6%
  • Reduces CS costs and helps customers more focused on the products and brands.
  • Style board pageview increased 3X during the period. From 2,227 views/month to 7,513 views/month.
  • The store saved so much time with PageFly when cooperating with the Product Design Team, Web Publishing Team, CS Team, etc. 

“Sometimes, someone accidentally changed unnecessary parts in the wrong way, so we could check version history and restore the previous version. It is a very necessary feature for merchants who start launching their brands in early stages.” - Lee ByungGu, Head of Design Team 

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