LYFE Fuel increased conversion rate by 400% since their first launch

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Increase in sales since the first launch


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Meet LYFE Fuel

LYFE Fuel was founded in California, USA with a very ambitious goal to take the complexity out of nutrition through a line of science-based formulas designed for optimal health and performance.

LYFE’s founder Chris Manderino is an ex-NFL player who moved to Italy to play football, where he encountered an Italian diet that was simpler and featured high-quality ingredients and smaller portions. A career switch to the nutraceutical industry took him down a career path where plant-based products were obvious choices to optimize health while being mindful of the impact our choices have on people and the planet.

LYFE Fuel launched its Daily Essential Shake in 2016, which is an all natural, plant-based meal replacement powder, engineered to provide exactly the nutritional elements that are frequently missing from the standard American diet. 

Today the company is serving over thousands of customers, empowering people across the globe to Live Your Fullest Everyday. 

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As a bootstrapped business, LYFE Fuel spent a lot of money on developers and designers. The process was slow and expensive. And once the work was completed, it was impossible for them to make any changes, as well as be adapted and flexible.

As a result, they needed to look for a page builder. And that was when PageFly caught their eyes for its rich-featured quality and competitive prices. The key features of PageFly convinced them to go in this direction.


LYFE Fuel decided to transfer to PageFly for greater operational efficiency.

“PageFly makes it easy for anyone on our team to make changes to the site and push new pages live for marketing purposes. We've built all our pages on PageFly.”

LYFE Fuel has been able to focus on releasing more product pages as a result of this transition.Using PageFly has also freed up their Marketing team to work on releasing more pages to reflect on marketing goals and getting pages to adapt with constant changes.

PageFly has definitely helped LYFE Fuel to save time and money on design and other web developing services.

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The Custom Elements and Social Proof Section

With PageFly, LYFE Fuel has published over 270 pages on their store. Chris and his team are able to customize their sites and create personalized experiences for visitors with different elements and page structure without relying on developers.

As a plant-based nutrition company, the reviews are critical for the brand to prove the value of what they have to offer. LYFE Fuel uses testimonials on almost every page.

With PageFly, they can use the sliders to present testimonials and social proofs. This customized social proof section was created by the designer on their team, revised by PageFly Technical Team, and reused over and over again on all other product pages.

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The support team

Shout out to PageFly. The app has been great and the team is even better

The customer support is the key factor for LYFE Fuel to stick with PageFly.To spice up their promotion pages, Chris and his team wanted to add an extra header with a mini cart but didn't want to show the header from the theme to reduce the bounce rate. PageFly team consulted them with possible solutions and assisted with the LYFE Fuel team every step of the way.

For LYFE Fuel, working with the PageFly team has been a pleasure and they can see a long-term collaboration with PageFly


The best thing that LYFE Fuel accomplished using PageFly is that they actually have control all over their store: They can iterate and put up landing pages or modify existing pages pretty quickly. Their team also uses PageFly to optimize high traffic pages like homepage or product pages.

The team is much more proactive with their promotions by using PageFly, which drove a big increase in conversions.

Their marketing team is able to execute BFCM and a holiday promotion by making quick integrations with PageFly.

After installing PageFly, the brand’s conversion rate increased to 400% percent on Product pages, and the average revenue increased twice per year. In addition to generating income, PageFly has saved them $10.000 per month in web development.

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