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Let PageFly experts show you how to build 03 sections in:

  • A sample page you own
  • Your Shopify page
  • Your very own design

⚠️ We've temporarily paused the program due to resource constraints. Feel free to check out our video tutorials for guidance on building your PageFly pages. If you have any further questions, our 24/7 Live chat support is available around the clock to assist you.

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Our Process


01. Collect Requests & Contact


02. Review & Negotiate


03. Build & Feedback

hand over

04. Hand Over Page & Video Tutorial

What you need to know?



  • 03 to 05 business days.

Your Benefits

  • 01 page with 03 sections built based on your sample page for FREE.
  • 01 video tutorial on how we rebuilt the page with PageFly.

Your Responsibilities

  • Ensure you are the copyright owner of the sample page.
  • Reply to our emails within 48 hours.
  • Don't edit the page during the building period.

What we WILL do & WON’T do


  • Build 01 page with 03 sections for each user.
  • Build the page with readily available elements in PageFly without custom codes.
  • Record a video on how we built the page to show you around PageFly's features.


  • Build a blog page or a simple page with fewer than 03 sections (please contact our support team if you need help).
  • Build features that require custom coding or unsupported functions (e.g. custom animations, overlaid layouts, setting up third-party apps).
  • Be responsible for any copyright infringement related to your page.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a section?

A section is the biggest container within a page. It contains all content dedicated to one topic, which can include multiple rows.


Why only 03 sections?

The program's goal is to show you how to use PageFly effectively. We will send you a detailed video tutorial so you can replicate what we do.


Can I register many times?

Unfortunately, we can only help you build 01 page only.


Can I edit the page after you convert/build it?

Yes, after we have handed the page over to you, you can edit and publish the page whenever and however you like.


What should I do if I don't have a sample page?

You can try out our templates  or  pre-made sections and refer to this video tutorial to create a page. Do reach out to us via our 24/7 live chat if you need any help.


Can I use the page for free?

This depends on your current plan, which decides whether you can publish the page to your website or not.


Will the new page replace my current one?

No, it won't. We will create a new page, which you can edit and publish later.


Can you optimize my page?

Unfortunately, no. We will only help you build 03 sections in the sample page to the best of our ability.

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