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PageFly's From Zero To One


Just 30 minutes to get a full grasp of PageFly!

Are you new to PageFly? Or yet you are having a hard time discovering every bits of the App? This webinar will help you learn about the basics of the app, and how you can build a strong and optimized base for your page to prevent any future modifications.

We will explore:

  • How to access and build the first page from scratch or use the template
  • How to create the Page Layout and align all Page's elements
  • Q&A session with PageFly's expert

PageFly's Expert Information

Minh Duc Nguyen

Product Designer - CRO expert at PageFLy

Minh Duc is one of the greatest people who makes every effort to  improve the app feature to make PageFly a powerful app builder.

With his working experience in PageFly from the first day, he is the best company to help you build a perfect page with PageFly.

Date:  April 27th, 2022
Time: The webinar ended now

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