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Unpack: Advertising and The Booby Trap

Webinar Description

Over the years, Digital Marketing has witness a rapid growth in advertising and needless to say, the top of the pack are Facebook and its sophisticated algorithms that help translate user behavior into meaningful insights, This has enabled marketers to easily target audience and deploy marketing materials that accurately address the market needs.

However, have you got a full grasp of running a Facebook Ads campaign? As certainly, it does not adhere to the one-size-fits-all philosophy. 

In this episode, let’s Unpack the mystery box named: Facebook Ads. 

We’ll show:

  • 5 most common mistakes when running Facebook Ads
  • The release of iOS 14 - K.O. or opportunity?
  • Q&A session with Romas Juskevicius - CEO of Sixads & Harvey Nguyen - Founder & Director of AllFetch 

Who should attend:

E-commerce merchants, developers, designers and marketers who wants to enrich their expertise in order to conduct effective Facebook Ads campaigns

- Romas Juskevicius - CEO of Sixads
- Harvey Nguyen - Founder & Director at AllFetch
- Tanveer Kour - Operations Director at Trackify
- Hailey Luu - Display Manager at PageFly

Speaker Information

Romas Juskevicius
CEO of Sixads 

Serial entrepreneur building personalization and adtech products for small and big eCommerce. Founder of one of the biggest adtech apps in Shopify ecosystem - Sixads.

Harvey Nguyen
Founder & Director of AllFetch

Founder and director of AllFetch, currently oversees Product Development, Marketing and Partnership operations. eCommerce expert who has worked with brands to transform their digital experience, most notably Heineken Phillipines.

Starting Soon ...

Date: Aug 1st, 2021
Time: 9PM EST
Duration: 1 hour

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