Helping friends in need has perks indeed

Know any friends struggling to build Shopify stores? Help them optimize stores with PageFly while getting rewarded with extra pages for both.

Refer friend now

Risk free, rewards for both

Exclusive For PageFly Users

What’s in it for you?

Invite your friends to install PageFly and gain:

Up to 50 extra pages

Use Bearie Coins to redeem extra pages to create even more beautiful pages and optimize your store.

Your friend’s eternal gratitude

You already knew our magic of building high-converting stores. Now your friend will know too and thank you for that.

Refer friend now

How to convince your friends to join?

Be sure to spread your love for us to the right friends via the right places.

Find that friend in need

That friend may be thinking about starting a Shopify store or stuck while building one. Whichever step they are at, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Send direct link

First off, copy your direct link. Then, send it to your friend, tell them what you love about us, and don’t forget to mention their sweet reward. 

Write a sincere email

Emails can be your best bet to convey heartfelt thoughts and get your friends on board. Just make sure to be short and concise.

Share on social media

Social media means chances of going viral. If you want everyone’s attention, here is your playground to spread your love for PageFly.