PageFly Affiliate Partners Terms & Agreements

Updated by Oct 24, 2023

Important: The affiliate commission is calculated after 20% deduction of Shopify commission fee from PageFly paid plans.

For the 1st month, you earn 50% (excludes Shopify Commission 20% fee) of the PageFly paid subscription the customer has chosen. For example, if the customer chooses PageFly 10 slots ($29), you’ll get $11.6. For the PageFly 50 slots plan ($69), you’ll earn $34.5.

From the 2nd month and following months you’ll earn 30% of the PageFly paid subscription while the customer stays with us. When the customer uninstalls the app or closes their store, the PageFly affiliate commission for this customer will be terminated.

The Sales Cycle

The PageFly user who signs up for the first time will be on a Free Plan. The Free Plan gives access to give a try to all features with some limitations. Click here to see the plans difference. You get the commission when the PageFly merchant chooses one of the paid plans.

Getting Paid

When you have a minimum of $50 in credits in your Affiliate account and have an active PayPal account, you'll start to receive the payments from the PageFly Team. The affiliate sales earning within the current month will be calculated and transferred within the 3rd week of the next month. For example, the commission for the month of August will be transferred within the 3rd week of September.

Refund Cases

The merchant might request a refund during the period of PageFly app usage. The money back guarantee period is 30 days. If the refund proceeds the affiliate commission will not be counted.

Affiliate Link

After your application is approved, you'll get your affiliate referral link. This link directs visitors to and other websites in our “Affiliate Strategy” and includes your unique reference handle so that each new merchant you refer can be tracked.
A standard affiliate referral link looks like this:
Important: please use "rel=nofollow" link. Referral link and commission will be counted only with this link's type.

How does it work?

Your affiliate referral link includes a 45-day tracking cookie. This means that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate referral link posted on your website, then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor installs PageFly within 45 days. When the merchant choose one of PageFly paid plan and billed by Shopify Billing, you will earn a commission bounty.

Understanding the Successful Conversion

As the Affiliate Partner, you can view all successfully referred merchants in the Affiliate Dashboard. It's important to understand that a "successful conversion" means the merchant has used the affiliate link to install the app and then started using it. Eligible conversions require the merchant to begin using the app by creating a new page or editing an existing one. Any mentioned action needs to be performed only once during the app's lifetime.

Tracking From Free to Paid Plan

Once the merchant upgrades their PageFly plan from free to paid, they are required to either edit an existing page or create a new one. This allows us to detect the merchant's usage and update the PageFly Plan Status accordingly in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Please note that the PageFly Plan is updated after the successful charge of the PageFly subscription through the Shopify Billing API.

Prohibited Activities

  • You are not allowed to earn commissions on your own purchases. This is considered to be fraud and we will reverse these commissions.
  • You are not allowed to earn commissions from the PageFly partners landing pages.
  • You are not allowed to earn commissions from our promotion programs. However, there will be special promotion programs that you can promote. In this case, we will send you a notification email in advance.
  • Coupon & deal sites are not accepted.
  • Affiliates must not use any domain names which contain the “pagefly”, “sellersmith” brand name or direct variations thereof.
  • You are not allowed to earn commissions by running any form of advertisement (any form of Pay Per Click, Display Advertisement. For example, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads) using keywords that contain our brand name “pagefly", “page fly” or “sellersmith", “seller smith”, unless we have reached a mutual agreement that explicitly specifies and approves this practice. 
  • Buy the email list and run email marketing campaigns.

Affiliate Strategy

You can apply different affiliate strategies to refer merchants to use PageFly App. Read more about different strategies:


The requirements of the Active PageFly partner

To continue receiving recurring commission payment you must remain an active PageFly Partner to continue earning commissions by referring at least one active merchant to PageFly at least once every 12 months.

The requirements to join PageFly Affiliate Program

We carefully review each application to join the affiliate program and approve only partners who meet following standards:

  • You have the "online property" with daily visitors. Blog, Youtube channel and other.
  • You provide Shopify related services such as build Shopify stores, customize the storefront and other.
  • You have Shopify Partner Account.

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