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Meet our author, a skilled PageFly expert who specializes in page building, but also offers their expertise in CRO and marketing to help improve your Shopify store's performance and drive more conversions.

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Richard Nguyen

I'm Richard, your friendly CRO Expert and tech guru at PageFly. Since joining the team in 2017, I've been dedicated to enhancing technology processes that make Shopify merchants' lives easier. My passion lies in troubleshooting tech issues and helping businesses excel in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape. I'm proud to be part of the amazing PageFly family.

I usually assist Shopify merchants by providing top-notch technical support and sharing my extensive knowledge. I firmly believe that by working together, we can overcome any challenges and make your eCommerce business even better.

I also enjoy exploring new places and speaking at events to share what I've learned. These experiences not only make my life more fulfilling, but they also inspire fresh ideas for resolving tech problems for our clients.

I discover and write about the secrets of Shopify, exploring topics such as Shopify Knowledge, Shopify Themes, Shopify Apps and mastering the features of PageFly.

While I don't typically use LinkedIn, you can find me actively engaged in the Shopify Community.

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Sell Digital Products on Shopify Like A Pro In 2024 (Bonus Section Included)

Sell Digital Products on Shopify Like A Pro In 2024 (Bonus Section Included)

Jun 27, 2024 Richard Nguyen

Looking to sell digital products online? Start your dream business and sell digital products on Shopify today!

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Shopify 1MBB: 120-Day Free Trial Empowering Black Business

May 17, 2023 Richard Nguyen

Unveil the Shopify 1MBB initiative, empowering Black-owned businesses with a 120-day free trial and valuable resources. Join us to delve deeper into this program!

Shopify Abandoned Carts: Reasons, Hacks, Tips, and More

Shopify Abandoned Carts: Reasons, Hacks, Tips, and More

Jul 11, 2024 Richard Nguyen

In this guide, we present to you the most common reasons why users abandon their carts and some of the quick and easy solutions to your abandoned cart problem.

shopify analytics

Shopify Analytics: Get Data-Driven Approaches To Grow Faster

Jul 15, 2024 Richard Nguyen

Check out our complete guide on Shopify analytics, features, top Shopify Analytics tools, along with hacks to get the most out of your store reports.

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