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Uncover all the ways PageFly can help you to build and optimize your Shopify stores.

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Personalize mobile experience

Increase conversion rate

Edit your mobile view to create the most satisfying experience for your customers

Grab attention with hero banner

Increase customer engagement

Create a great impression on “above the fold area” and encourage your customers to check more on the site.

Show Reviews as social proofs

Build brand credibility

Increase your brand trust by presenting authentic social proofs with review and testimonial elements in PageFly.

Collect your visitor’s email

Increase customer retention rate

Grow your email list sign ups and turn them into long-life customers.

Use different fonts on your page

Increase customer engagement

Enhance the content readability and your store’s aesthetic.

Connect with your customers

Increase customer retention rate

Retain customers and constantly keep track of customer's inquiries with Contact form

Create a full-width layout

Increase customer engagement

The fluid designs that are perfect for smartphones and tablets, creating an immersive web browsing experience.

Add variant options and color swatches 

Increase the conversion rate

Boost the experience, shoot up the sales

Show Instagram Images

Increase brand awareness

Effective way to get more traffic and make a good connection with your customers.

Add different images to your page

Increase conversion rate

Draw attention, trigger emotion and bring your store to life 

Create Product page

Drive sales

Convert all product page traffic into sales.

Show discounted price on your product

Owner of Lock Feet

Amplify the thrill of a discount with price anchoring effect.

Use the same sections on different pages

Launch your store

Create and save a section on one page and reuse it on other pages.

Add Facebook Pixel

Improve ads conversion rate

Understand your audience and optimize your ads campaign with PageFly Facebook Pixel tracking

Use ReCharge subscription

Increasing customer lifetime value

Maintain the store's revenue stream by monitoring customers' subscriptions and recurring payments.

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