Our Review Methodology

Who Are We?

Published in 2017, PageFly has become a remarkable face in the Shopify App Store. With over seven years in the ecommerce industry, PageFly has established itself as a Shopify Expert, known for providing effective solutions to enhance Shopify business growth. Our track record of success is proven through more than 9000 customer reviews on platforms like the Shopify App Store, G2, Facebook and more. The feedback stands testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction and our ability to provide effective solutions.

Our services include an intuitive Shopify page builder and insightful blog posts with tips and guidance for business development. This comes from our experience and strong touchpoint with our customers via Live Chat. So believe it or not, our whole team has a clear understanding of our customers. After that, we craft valuable and actionable content from the gathered insights to help merchants in succeeding e-commerce industry.

Our Expertise-Driven Review Process

Exploring Shopify Themes Store and Shopify App Store can be like finding a gem in a treasure trove – exciting but a bit overwhelming with so many choices. That's where we at PageFly come in. We're here to make your decision easier with our friendly, expert theme reviews. These reviews are packed with insights and in-depth analyses, designed to guide you through the sea of options. Believe it or not, we will explain our review methodology, guiding you to select the most appropriate options for your online store.

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