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Using PageFly inside Shopify

PageFly is now integrated directly into the Shopify platform, giving you easy access to all your data without ever leaving Shopify. By this, our valued users can save time and stay organized by managing your business more efficiently.

The new integration also enables a seamless experience between Shopify and PageFly with improved navigation and faster load times. In short, in this version, you can enjoy a simplified experience that makes using our app even more enjoyable.

Shopify native design

PageFly's new design with the signature green color has been carefully crafted to improve the user experience and create a consistent look with Shopify. By creating a Shopify native design, we want to make sure PageFly is more accessible and familiar to all users.

This new version also offers improved usability with improved navigation and an intuitive interface, making it easy and fast to find what you need. By this, you can enjoy a more simplified experience to make your time with PageFly even more enjoyable.

Google Analytics 4 hosted Analytics

PageFly data is now stored in Google Analytics 4, with the aim to provide greater accuracy and more detailed insights.This feature allows users to track their website's performance, including conversion rate, product views, sessions and more.

With this powerful Analytics feature, PageFly users can gain deeper insights into their website's performance, measure the effectiveness of PageFly pages and make data-driven decisions to grow their business.

Uninstall Safeguard

With the Uninstall Safeguard feature, users attempting to uninstall PageFly will receive a notification providing which data will be saved and which data will be deleted. This includes any pages, saved sections and custom code added, as well as any application settings or preferences.

Users can then choose to proceed with the uninstall or cancel. This extra layer of security provides users with greater control over their data and helps to prevent accidental loss or deletion of important information

Media Manager in a new environment

In this new version, Media Manager and PageFly Assets are stored in Shopify’s API files to provide streamlined media management, enhance security and improve website performance. From now on, storing your assets is more secure and the risk of accidental deletion is greatly reduced.

Media Manager is now located in a separate place to bring users a more effective workflow so there’s no need to access it in the Editor page.

We hope you enjoy this brand new version of PageFly. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by clicking Live chat icon in the left corner of this page.

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