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Ali Reviews - Enhance your credibility with product reviews

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Anyone doing eCommerce is probably aware of the role social proof plays in conversion rate. In a world where online stores are all over the place, customers rely on many factors to evaluate the credibility of a brand, the most important of which might probably be social proofs. What people say about your store is having a significant impact on your conversion rate.

That’s where reviews apps come into play. Among many types of review apps that facilitate different types of social proofs, Ali Reviews is an outstanding app that helps you easily collect and import reviews from many sources. Take a look at what it is and how it’s worth taking a look.

About Ali Reviews

Import reviews from AliExpress

AliExpress is a giant marketplace where merchants buy products from thousands of suppliers. Those suppliers are also selling to a larger amount of customers worldwide, whose feedbacks are a precious source of social proofs that can sky-rocket your rate of conversion. 


And Ali Reviews helps you catch that source easily: Import authentic product reviews from AliExpress, starting from Free Plan and with advanced filters. Among thousands of imported reviews, you can decide the types of reviews to display in your stores and the types to exclude. 

Bulk import reviews from Ali Orders

You can save more time importing product reviews because Ali Reviews is now integrating with Ali Orders to provide you a free exclusive feature: 1-click importing BULK reviews. Maybe it’s time you forget the concerns about product reviews importation.

Set up automated emails request reviews

One last but not least thing, Ali Reviews allows you to set up emails with review requests that are auto-sent to customers after their orders are fulfilled. This increases the chances you get positive reviews from your valued customers while requires just a little initial setup.

Free advanced customizing product reviews

Ali Reviews allows you to fully moderate the product reviews in your own way. From sorting out reviews with photos and content that you love, to collecting all the qualified reviews from happy customers around the world in a page.

On top of that, to help rocking up to your sales further, an inline SEO is offered for you to display reviews and rating stars together with your products on the search engines results. More free traffic is coming your way!

Why Ali Reviews?


FireApps is confident enough about their app to create a long list of benefits you get from Ali Reviews, which you can easily check in the app’s description on the Shopify App Store. But once you give it a try, there’re a couple of reasons Ali Reviews stands out from its counterparts.

  • Free branded emails: The automated emails with reviews requests are all Whitelabel. There’s no trace of any brand other than yours and you don’t have to pay for this.
  • Product reviews moderation freely in your way 
  • Made to fit: Works with any themes, mobile-friendly & 100% responsive.
  • Provide inline SEO that displays reviews & ratings on search results with Rich Snippets 
  • Multiple languages available: Reviews are currently available in 15 languages.
  • 24/7 customer support to help you through any ups and downs

How to get the app

Ali Reviews is now available as an internal element within PageFly editor. All you’ve got to do is to INSTALL THE APP. Then after a few integration settings, Ali Reviews section is ready to be added to your pages with easy dragging and dropping gestures.

Take a look at this instruction on how to integrate PageFly and Ali Reviews, you’re just a few clicks away from this powerful, promising collaboration. Go ahead and enjoy the convenience (and growth hopefully!). 

Best of luck.

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