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12 Best Shopify Product Review Apps For E-Commerce stores in 2024 [Pros & Cons Comparisons]

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You might have developed a fantastic online eCommerce business. But no matter how good your store offers quality products, there will be no basis for customers who visit your store to trust those products. Besides, you may also find that simply showcasing a good product is not enough to maximize the sales that can be earned without genuine product reviews. So, as Shopify store owners, you start to find the solution to the question: How can I collect reviews from customers who have purchased my product and love it?

Worry not and just buckle up for this article because we have the answer for what you need. Let’s dive in and find out the 12 best Shopify product review apps made for your eCommerce store!

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Shopify product review apps

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Why Does Product Review Matter For Every Shopify Store?

As powerful as endorsement letters for employment, positive site reviews of an eCommerce store are crucial. When making a purchase decision, a lot of internet shoppers frequently refer to product reviews. Many studies have found that 84% of consumers said that online reviews importantly affect their purchasing decisions, and 88% of consumers consult product reviews before making a purchase. A successful product review app will have a significant impact on your business, helping you to upsell clients significantly and acquire their trust. Here are some obvious benefits you can see from collecting real product reviews:

  • Boost sales and conversion rates: Your sales will increase if you include customer reviews on your store and product pages. When customers see that other people have bought your products and appreciate them, they are more likely to want to buy them themselves.
  • Gain the confident trust of all website visitors by proving the business’s reputation: Customers' trust in your business will also rise as a result of their seeing testimonials and images that support your brand and were posted by actual individuals.
Reasons for consumers in the United States to gain trust in companies as of January 2023

Reasons for consumers in the United States to gain trust in companies as of January 2023

Source: Statista

  • Enhance the consumers’ interaction and connection: By motivating customers to review products, you will create a connection between customers and your brand and strengthen the relationship between the two by appreciating their reviews.
Shopify Product review

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  • Maximize the store’s SEO efforts: As the customers review any of your products, they will use keywords related to that product. And this number of keywords will also increase many times corresponding to the number of product reviews received, this will help your store have an organic SEO source without doing much and boost product discovery.
PowerReviews Shopify Product review

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What Makes A Good Shopify Product Review App

You are aware that obtaining evaluations for your eCommerce store and displaying them is crucial for fostering client trust and serving as a sort of social proof. The problem is that when you search for product review apps on Shopify, you'll find a lot of different options in this category, so what factors should you rely on to determine which is the best and most suitable app for your online store?

Through our experience, we have drawn the basic standards to create a great product review application that you can refer to your Shopify store:

  • Simple to migrate to and use: The store arrangement is already complicated enough as it is, so using a friendly drag-and-drop interface is a must and it will work for all merchants whether you are tech-savvy or not.
  • Easy integration with other apps: Easy integration with other apps would be suitable for a multi-app support platform like Shopify. it is also more convenient for you to adjust the display of reviews without spending many steps.
  • Reasonable price: Price is always a top concern. If your store doesn't need too many complicated functions, then there is no need to pay too much for those unnecessary functions and vice versa.
  • Featuring photo & video reviews: Reviews that include photos and videos are unquestionably more trustworthy and interesting. It gives customers choices when deciding how they are going to review the products.
Loox Product Review

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  • Amazing customer support: Store owners may still find it difficult to use and install a new app, regardless of how simple it is to use. As a result, they want a willing and responsive support system for both application customization and troubleshooting.
  • Featuring rewards incentives and loyalty programs: Regardless of how much customers enjoy your product, there's no guarantee they'll take the time to rate it for your store. Therefore, having an app with rewards incentives will be significantly effective in motivating customers and increasing their association with the brand.
way to earn Product Review point

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  • Eye-catching interface: To encourage customers to read and leave more evaluations, the review area must be appealing to the eye. And by that, it reduces the chance that customers might miss out on high-quality reviews.
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12 Best Shopify Product Review Apps So Far In 2024

Perhaps no product review application is 100% perfect and can be applied to all types of businesses. However, we will provide the most overview of the 11 best product review applications today including stars ratings, pros, and cons so you can compare and find the right application for your usage needs. Check out the apps that will help you bring home the bacon below.

1. Loox – Photo Reviews

Loox review app
Loox product review app
Rating: 4.9/5
Price per month: Three plan options from $9.99 to $299.99
Main features: Loox helps brands build trust, improve conversion rates, and increase sales with visual social proof. Automatically collect authentic photo and video product reviews and display them on beautiful, fully customizable widgets, without slowing down your site. Simplify your social proof marketing in one easy-to-use app, from one-click referrals to high-converting upsells. Built exclusively for Shopify, Loox fits all themes, supports multiple languages, and offers top-notch 24/7 customer support.
Unique Selling Point:
  • Collect product reviews on auto-pilot with customized emails and review form
  • Offer customers a next-purchase discount for adding a photo or video to reviews
  • Beautiful widgets that match your brand including carousels, pop-ups, and badges
  • Sync reviews to Google Search, Google Shopping, Meta Shops, and more
  • Drive even more sales with one-click referrals and social proof upsells
    • Offering exceptional 24/7 customer support
      • Automatic review request emails
      • Give clients discounts in exchange for ratings of their photos
      • Display reviews in review sidebars, popup widgets, review galleries, and review carousels.
      • Powerful integration
      • Enable rich snippets and Google Shopping
      • Integration with Google Analytics for further Marketing and Sales research
      • Review widgets show up on many different eCommerce pages.
      • 14 days free trial.
        • No free plan.
        • No video reviews for less expensive plans.
        • On cheaper subscriptions, Google Shopping is not integrated.
        • Lacks numerous essential features, such as sophisticated AI analysis tools or Shoppable Instagram.
        • Full customization is only available for the pro plan.
        Suitable for: Due to its plans, it’s suitable for mid-sized businesses that only need a limited number of review requests.

          2. – Product Reviews

 review app
          Shopify Product Review apps
          Rating: 5/5
          Price per month: Two plan options from $0 to $15
          Main features: offering features like collecting and displaying product reviews, photo and video reviews, social media sharing, and SEO optimization.
          Unique Selling Point: includes its ability to automate review collection via email and SMS, supporting a wide range of languages, and integrating with various platforms for enhanced marketing.
            • Provides robust support with a 24/7 team, offering customization help and quick response to inquiries
              • Simple to use
              • Unlimited review requests for any plan
              • Has a free plan with multiple features
              • Advanced features like in-email reviews or pictures/videos reviews are available in the free plan.
              • Works excellently with virtually every Shopify theme.
              • Google rich results and snippets are natively supported
              • Ability to import/export reviews
                • Even after the app’s removal, it still leaves a script in your theme.
                • The admin user interface could be a little more user-friendly; sometimes it feels overly complex.
                • Free trial for the paid plan only for new upgrades
                • Need to be on paid plan for coupons
                • Ads on the free plan

                Suitable for: All kinds of businesses that need a free plan and unlimited review requests

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                3. Growave – Reviews, Wishlist


                Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist +
                  Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist + dashboard

                  Rating: 4.8/5

                  Price per month: Four plan options from $9 to $299

                  Main features: offers features such as loyalty programs, wishlists, reviews, and social login.

                  Unique Selling Point: Its unique selling point is the consolidation of multiple essential e-commerce tools into a single platform, enhancing convenience and functionality for Shopify store owners.


                  • Provide 24/7 help portal and email support, ensuring effective customer service and assistance.


                  • Encourage sales via gift cards
                  • Long free trial of 30 days
                  • Simple one-click social login using your Facebook, Google, Line, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, or Amazon account, or by entering your email address.
                  • Create shoppable galleries from your Instagram feed and user-generated content to let your consumers make purchases directly from your feed.
                  • High website loading speed
                  • Shopify POS integration


                  • Only 24/6 support
                  • No multi-language support
                  • Few integrations
                  • Not very simple to use
                  • No free plan
                  • Limited orders per month

                  Suitable for: Small or medium businesses

                  4. Okendo Reviews


                  Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC
                  Rating: 4.9/5
                  Price per month: 14-day free trial. Flexible, monthly subscriptions with great discounts on product bundles and annual plans starting at $19/month.
                  Main features: Okendo Reviews is the #1 solution for over 9,000 Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants looking to build trust and drive conversions with the power of high-impact social proof. With an expansive suite of innovative capabilities and an intuitive user interface, Okendo Reviews makes it easy to collect and showcase customer-generated content throughout the buying journey including; product and brand reviews, visual UGC and Q&A.
                  Unique Selling Point:
                    • Industry-leading review generation rates: Okendo Reviews converts orders to reviews at an average rate of 10% – 2.5x the industry average of ~4%. The combined result of our advanced Sequences engine, Smart Review Forms, and flexible Rewards system, Okendo’s review capture process maximizes content generation by being targeted, personalized, and frictionless.
                    • Maximum conversion lift: Okendo Reviews Onsite Displays increase the conversion of browsers to buyers by an average of 4x, a rate greater than all leading alternatives. The combined result of our stunning display designs, engaging visual content, extensive widget library, maximum interactivity, and blazing fast speeds.
                    • Exclusive industry partnerships: Okendo’s exclusive partnerships with a range of industry-leading platforms including Google, Meta, Bazaarvoice, and TikTok, make it easy for Okendo customers to enrich a wide range of off-site marketing programs with customer-generated customer
                      • The customer success team is there to help you every step of the way from onboarding to optimizing your account to get the ROI you need.
                        • Industry-leading review generation rates – 2.5x the industry average!
                        • Maximum conversion lift increases the conversion of browsers to buyers by an average of 4x.
                        • Exclusive industry partnerships including Google, Meta, Bazaarvoice, and TikTok.
                        • Merchant-friendly pricing, no annual contracts.
                        • One customer marketing platform, seamless customer experience.
                        • Little to no impact on site speed.
                          • Google is a separate fee available on all plans
                          • Cannot integrate with Klaviyo in lower plans
                          • Short free trial
                          Suitable for: Anyone who wants to turn their customers into Superfans who drive fast, efficient growth.

                              5. – Reviews & UGC


                     Reviews & UGC app
                              Stamped Product Review
                              Rating: 4.7/5
                              Price per month: Four plan options from $0 to $119
                              Main features: focuses on collecting and showcasing high-converting reviews, ratings, photos, videos, and Q&A to boost revenue. It features customization options for brand alignment, integrates with major platforms, and provides AI insights for review analysis.
                              Unique Selling Point: comprehensive suite of features for review collection and management, including photo and video reviews, shoppable Instagram galleries, and check out reviews.
                                • 24/7 team for customization and quick response to inquiries, ensuring smooth operation and optimization.
                                  • Transmit review requests through SMS
                                  • Provide rewards to clients who submit pictures and videos
                                  • Has a free plan
                                  • Structured data (rich snippets) that is SEO-friendly.
                                  • Integrate with many apps
                                  • Shoppable Galleries that are easy to manage and add tags to Instagram photos that link back to websites generate a lot of user-generated content (UGC).
                                  • Has an NPS (net promoter score) to measure customers’ satisfaction rate.
                                  • 24/7 support even with the free plan
                                    • Short free trial
                                    • Cannot collect photo reviews in the free plan
                                    • The loyalty and rewards programs are independent. As a result, you must buy new software or a full suite of programs.
                                    • Only the Professional plan includes the Shoppable Instagram features

                                    Suitable for: Mid-sized businesses with limited review requests.

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                                      6. Ali Reviews – Product Reviews


                                      Ali Reviews – Product Reviews app
                                      Ali Review app
                                      Rating: 4.9/5
                                      Price per month: Four plan options from $0 to $49.90
                                      Main features: Its main features include a one-click import of Amazon and AliExpress reviews, automated email and SMS review requests, and customizable review displays.
                                      Unique Selling Point: The app offers unique selling points like boosting traffic and rankings with integrated review-rich snippets and Google Shopping, and managing reviews efficiently.
                                        • Support with a user-friendly interface, compatibility with major e-commerce platforms, and responsive customer service.
                                          • Capable of easily importing more than 100 photo reviews from Ali Express
                                          • Simply drag-and-drop the widgets to any store pages (zero coding required)
                                          • Mobile-friendly and totally responsive, and works flawlessly with any store theme
                                          • Utilize SMS and email to send individualized and automated review requests.
                                          • Show personalized reviews based on consumer data and site activity.
                                          • Easily migrate reviews from other apps
                                          • Display customer and product ratings in the Google Shopping feed
                                            • Short free trial
                                            • Plans with lower prices have fewer features.
                                            • There is no video review
                                            • Any area with customer reviews has the trademark "powered by Ali review" visible.
                                            • The loading speed of this specific product review app is rather poor.
                                            Suitable for: Stores that are dropshipping products from AliExpress

                                              7. Rivyo Product Reviews


                                              Rivyo Product Reviews
                                              Rivyo Product Review
                                              Rating: 4.9/5
                                              Price per month: Four plan options from 0$ to $19
                                              Main features: offers features to collect and showcase product reviews and ratings, with capabilities for importing reviews from platforms like Amazon and AliExpress.
                                              Unique Selling Point: includes seamless integration with various Shopify themes, the display of reviews on multiple store pages, and the facilitation of increased traffic through Google Shopping and review-rich snippets.
                                                • User-friendly interface and provides robust support to its users, including responsive customer service.
                                                  • Unlimited reviews are permitted under any plan.
                                                  • Importing reviews from a file and popular marketplaces
                                                  • Various options of how to display reviews
                                                  • Dedicated product reviews page
                                                  • Product Q&A features included
                                                  • Emails with review requests and discount codes that can be customized
                                                  • Review analytics for products
                                                    • Numerous unexpected errors and serious bug issues
                                                    • The free plan doesn't provide many of the options.
                                                    • Customer support is not quite responsive
                                                    Suitable for: Small and medium stores

                                                      8. Opinew Product Reviews


                                                      Opinew Product Reviews
                                                      Opinew Shopify Product Review
                                                      Rating: 4.9/5
                                                      Price per month: For plan options from $0 to $149
                                                      Main features: importing reviews from platforms like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, sending automated review requests via email, SMS, and QR codes, and providing customizable review widgets.
                                                      Unique Selling Point: designed to increase conversions with user-generated content including photo and video reviews, and it integrates with Google Shopping and various marketing platforms.
                                                        • Provide  24/7 support.
                                                          • Automatically send email and SMS requests for consumer reviews
                                                          • Exceptional customer service
                                                          • Complete connectivity with SEO-friendly review-rich snippets and Google Pro Shopping Review Listings
                                                          • AI Smart Reviews were present.
                                                          • Can bulk import reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Oberlo & Dsers, and more using Chrome extension.
                                                            • Only premium clients have access to more advanced features and customizations.
                                                            • Lower plans limit the number of review imports and email requests
                                                            • Many bugs reported
                                                            • Hard to transfer your existing customer testimonials from other product review apps
                                                            Suitable for: Medium to large businesses that want a cost-effective solution

                                                              9. Yotpo – Product, Site, and Visual Reviews element


                                                              Yotpo – Product, Site, and Visual Reviews element app
                                                              Yotpo Shopify Product Review
                                                              Rating: 4.9/5
                                                              Price per month: Four plan options from $0 to $49
                                                              Main features: include AI-powered review widgets, integration with social media and search engines, and the capability to collect photo and video reviews.
                                                              Unique Selling Point: Its unique selling point lies in enhancing social proof and driving conversions through high-quality product reviews and UGC.
                                                                • Provide  24/7 support.
                                                                  • Manage all customer reviews using the main dashboard (approve or deny)
                                                                  • Emphasize the key points from each product review
                                                                  • Create a strong data table from customer feedback.
                                                                  • Excellent customer service even for a free plan
                                                                  • Review gathering and UGC management across stores in a single location
                                                                  • Rich snippets and Google Shopping, along with SEO-friendly
                                                                  • Strong social integration with reviews embedded on the Facebook page
                                                                    • Insignificant free plan with limited features
                                                                    • Hard to use for non-savvy merchants
                                                                    • High starting price and no great-for-value plans of all
                                                                    Suitable for: Big-sized businesses that need high functional features

                                                                      10. Ryviu – Product Reviews App & QA


                                                                      Ryviu – Product Reviews App & QA
                                                                      Ryviu Shopify Product Review
                                                                      Rating: 4.9/5
                                                                      Price per month: Four plan options from $0 to $19.99
                                                                      Main features: It offers features such as importing reviews from multiple sources like AliExpress and Amazon, customizable display options, and sending automated emails for review collection.
                                                                      Unique Selling Point: the unique selling point is its ability to integrate with various e-commerce platforms and support multiple themes, enhancing its versatility.
                                                                        • Provides dedicated support through live chat, ensuring timely assistance for users.
                                                                          • Gathers and displays customer reviews for each product
                                                                          • Offers a range of display templates for reviews
                                                                          • The widget that boasts questions and answers
                                                                          • Provides review analytics
                                                                          • Has a CSV life editor.
                                                                          • Provides a visual builder for editing email review requests.
                                                                          • Combines Google Rich Snippets
                                                                          • Imports review from DHgate, Etsy, Amazon, and AliExpress
                                                                            • The free plan has a restriction of 20 reviews for every 50 products.
                                                                            • Reviews from CSV files can only be imported with paid plans.
                                                                            • App UI runs on an external website rather than being included in your Shopify platform.
                                                                            Suitable for: Small businesses with few products that only need limited reviews

                                                                              11. Fera Product Reviews App


                                                                              Fera Product Reviews App
                                                                              Fera Product Review
                                                                              Rating: 4.9/5
                                                                              Price per month: Four plan options from $0 to $99
                                                                              Main features: It allows businesses to import reviews from platforms like Google, AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, and more.
                                                                              Unique Selling Point: The app's unique selling point is its emphasis on aesthetics, ensuring that the review displays match the brand's style and its automatic review request system.
                                                                                • Offers dedicated support, including a 24/7 help portal and email assistance.
                                                                                  • Unlimited review for the free plan
                                                                                  • Allow reviews to appear in Google Shopping and Google Search
                                                                                  • Import existing reviews from various sources
                                                                                  • Diverse customer incentives offers for reviews
                                                                                  • Product reviews, store reviews, average rating badges, and photo/video wall widgets can all be used to display reviews on your store.
                                                                                  • Group products to make showcasing product reviews easier.
                                                                                    • Fewer admin users on lower plans
                                                                                    • Widgets & review requests are limited for the free plan (10 to 100 requests per month)
                                                                                    • Only more expensive plans provide developer customization.
                                                                                    • Compared to other apps, it is missing a lot of fantastic features like analytics and SEO tools, among others.
                                                                                    Suitable for: Small businesses that want a cost-effective solution

                                                                                      12. Vitals


                                                                                      Vitals review app
                                                                                      Vitals Product Review app
                                                                                      Rating: 5/5
                                                                                      Price per month: $29.99
                                                                                      Main features: offers a suite of over 40 apps in one package, providing tools like reviews, upsells, and currency converters.
                                                                                      Unique Selling Point: Its unique selling point is the comprehensive range of tools available, saving Shopify store owners from installing multiple apps.
                                                                                        • Emphasizes customer support with a responsive team, ensuring effective problem-solving.
                                                                                          • Easy to integrate with 40 apps
                                                                                          • Exceptionally long free trial of 30 days
                                                                                          • Request reviews via email, import a CSV file, or export from Ali
                                                                                          • Excellent and fast client service
                                                                                          • Lightweight and won't slow down the pace of your website
                                                                                          • Reviews on photos, comments, and verified review badges
                                                                                            • Does not have video reviews
                                                                                            • There is no customer loyalty program
                                                                                            Suitable for: Small or medium businesses


                                                                                                We hope this article has helped you somewhat in understanding Shopify product reviews and choosing the best app for your needs. While there are tons of other product review apps out there with various features, we believe these will be the best review apps for Shopify in 2022 that can suit a wide range of eCommerce stores. In addition, you can also refer to other product review applications on the Shopify App Store to expand your choices. Finally, we also have other articles to help you boost sales and optimize your online store that you can refer to below, and see you in other posts!

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