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Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales: Top 30+ Free and Paid Apps

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Are you struggling that your store is on fairly slow growth and hard to find your customers?

If you've worked with Shopify before, you've probably used a variety of Shopify apps to boost your eCommerce store's online sales and conversions. But, what are the best Shopify apps? 

💡 We meticulously evaluate Shopify themes and apps based on our hands-on experience. Read more about our comprehensive review process and methodology.

Picking the "Top Shopify apps" from a number of thousands in the shop isn't easy. Each one claims to boost sales and help businesses expand, but not all of them are effective. To guide you, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase 30+ of the most effective free and paid Shopify apps that any merchant or marketer can use to increase sales. The following Shopify apps are now being used by around 2,000,000 online businesses to run their stores.

I. Why Using Right Shopify Apps Can Increase Your Store Sales 

Looking through the Shopify app store, it's simple to see how these best Shopify apps may assist you in launching a new online store. They support you in automating sales and making the shipping process more efficient. It features a number of alternatives for eCommerce shop owners to increase conversion rates and market their products, both of which can take up a lot of time. There's an app for anything you need, whether you want to integrate customer reviews, boost email marketing, advertise your products on Facebook, or obtain in-depth data.

The right app will help you save time while also increasing sales, so it's important that you choose the ideal one for you. If used correctly, Shopify apps have the potential to quickly improve the performance of your ecommerce store.

Luckily, most Shopify apps are simple to put up and affordable in comparison to the profit they may bring.

Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Save time
  • Increase store traffic
  • Expand customer database
  • Add referral programs
  • Optimize conversions
  • Enhance user experience

All of these major characteristics work together to achieve the ultimate aim of improving your store's revenue and profit. It's far more vital to choose an application that has the potential to boost your business and actually begin using it.

From marketing platforms to shipping solutions, here are the 25+ best Shopify apps to help you build, manage, and grow your store today.

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II. Top 20+ Free Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

1. PageFly: Landing Page Builder

Rating: 4.9 (10,040+ reviews)

PageFly is one of the best free Shopify apps that allows you to create custom Shopify pages with a drag-and-drop editor, which can save you a lot of time. You may publish high-quality pages from About us to Product page or  FAQ pages while managing your site with confidence and utmost control to maximize sales, whether you're a small or medium-sized business or a Shopify Plus brand.

PageFly Page Builder

Highlight features:

  • Enhance your store appearance with full access to the extensive element library, page sections.
  • This app seamlessly adjusts to all themes and is entirely compatible, resulting in a streamlined experience throughout your store.
  • Build your storefront in bulk or individually faster and smoother with lazy loading, global styling, and optimized code.
  • Customize with a custom code editor and HTML/liquid elements. 
  • Track your store performance easily with an analytics dashboard.
  • Get dedicated round-the-clock customer support even on a free plan.
pagefly demo page


Pricing: Free plan available with full access to all features, the only limit is the number of pages you can create. This plan might work for you if you are a small store with only one primary product or if you only need one personalized "About us" page. However, if your Shopify business is growing, you can benefit from upgrading plans starting at $24/month.

2. Referral Candy & Affiliate Marketing

Rating: 4.9 (2120+ reviews)

Referral marketing is the powerful marketing channel behind the idea of turning your customers into your salespeople. Or your marketing department. There's no one better than your existing customer base to go out and sell your brand on your behalf.

ReferralCandy incentivizes your customers to spread the word about your products by providing them with referral links and automating your entire rewards program. ReferralCandy has been a Shopify partner since 2010 (yep, you read that right) and has helped tens of thousands of merchants since.

Referral Candy

Highlight features:

  • Create a referral or affiliate program in less than 30 minutes: Set up your rewards, campaign theme, promotional widgets in a matter of minutes and let ReferralCandy do the rest
  • Encourage your customers to join your program and refer their friends by enabling post-purchase popups, emails and referral pages
  • ReferralCandy takes care of everything on your behalf: Have your referral program running on autopilot with automated customer rewards, including cash and coupons for one-off and subscription sales
  • Integrations with marketing tools such as Klaviyo, MailChimp and AdRoll
  • Integrate your subscription program with ReferralCandy and turn your customers' friends into subscribers. ReferralCandy integrates with ReCharge, Skio, Awtomic, Bold, Loop, Appstle, Stay, Seal and more.


Pricing: 14-day free trial. Plans start at $59/month.

3. Secomapp: UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

Rating: 4.9 (3290+ reviews)

Affiliate marketing is known as an ideal marketing model for dropshipping businesses to advertise your products and increase revenue without any upfront cost. And UpPromote: Affiliate & Referral is the No. #1 affiliate/ referral marketing app on Shopify App Store where you can find an all-in-one affiliate/ referral marketing solution to support you build, track and succeed with your marketing campaign.

UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

Highlight features:

  • The customer Referral feature allows your customers to promote your products without the need of joining any affiliate program. It helps you boost sales with positive word-of-mouth as well as connect to your loyal customers
  • Simple to set up: The quick onboarding process and guideline systems will help you understand basically how things work. 
  • Auto-generate referral affiliate links and coupons.
  • Manage your affiliate performance by in-app analytics with details of affiliate clicks, sales, etc.
  • Expand the affiliate team by free listing on UpPromote Marketplace by converting your customers into affiliates feature or Multi-level Marketing feature.
  • Automates payment procedures using PayPal integration. The Schedule Auto-payment with PayPal feature is officially realized.

    Pricing: Free plan available for unlimited affiliates. 14-day free trial to enjoy more programs and offers to grow affiliates starting from 29.99/month.

    4. PickyStory: E-commerce conversion platform

    Rating: 4.8 (690+ reviews)

    PickyStory is a platform designed for e-commerce conversion, specifically for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. Its primary function is to provide merchants with greater control over their product sales. Through PickyStory, merchants can offer their products in bundles, leading to increased Average Order Value (AOV) and higher store revenue. Furthermore, the platform allows merchants to create personalized upsell and cross-sell offers that can be customized to fit their brand and displayed at key points in the buyer's journey.

    PickyStory is a platform designed for e-commerce conversion

    Highlight features:

    Bundling: Improve revenue and customer satisfaction by strategically offering personalized product bundles using an AI algorithm or manual grouping. Display bundles as a single product for easy one-click purchasing, unlocking hidden revenue and improving the shopping experience.

    Shop The Look: Boost customer experience and AOV by using shoppable galleries to showcase multiple products on one screen. Display a "shop the look" button for a clean product page design, triggering a tailored product popup to improve the customer journey and increase conversions. 

    PickyCart: Increase AOV with PickyCart's AI-based product recommendations in-cart. Compatible with all Shopify themes. Simply switch it on and let the algorithm do the work. Keep your cart simple with a single, personalized recommendation for each customer.


    Pricing: Free to install and use for up to $500 generated through PickyStory deals. The price rises to $49.5/month and up after generating more than $500 through PickyStory deals. Different subscription plans are available.

    5. Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop‑up

    Rating: 5.0 (5,470+ reviews)

    Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop‑up is an expert in revenue growth that brings over 13 preeminent solutions to Shopify merchants. If you have not found a clear roadmap, this all-in-one tool will be the best one. What you need now is to enjoy our Trust Badges app and drive sales dramatically. 

    Highlight features:

    • Sales Pop: Update shopping trends to build trust and convert leads into customers.
    • Shipping Bar: Highlight current campaigns to access consumers effectively.
    • Countdown Timer: Show deals and time limits to motivate buyers to complete orders immediately.     
    • Trust Badges: Create and display trust badges to increase brand and product credibility.
    • Add-to-cart Buttin Animation: Attract customers’ attention to their carts and influence their purchase decision. 
    • Live chat: Enable Messenger/WhatsApp to support customers and improve their satisfaction. 

    Pricing: Avada offers the powerful Trust Badges Sale Pop‑up for free. Join us and discover more incredible functionalities to grab profits!



    6. MageNative - Mobile App Builder

    Rating:  4.9 (670+ Reviews)

    MageNative is a Shopify app platform for developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android. MageNative's mobile app builder incorporates several pre-built themes that are fully customizable. These eCommerce themes are designed to cater to various store types. It assists with building an app for your store that supports multiple languages and currencies and offers different fascinating features like app-only discounts, personalized push notifications, and lots more.


    Highlighted Features

    Augmented Reality lets your customers better visualize the product and give them the realistic view they purchase online.;

    An intelligent AI product recommendation feature to offer your buyers highly customized product recommendations.

    Users can access your app directly through their existing social media accounts using social media log-in, eliminating the need for a drawn-out and time-consuming registration process.

    Utilize a powerful cart abandonment campaign to re-engage buyers who left the checkout process beforehand.

    An integrated app analytics tool can help you track the effectiveness of your app and gather insightful user data.

    The multi-currency feature streamlines user transactions globally and lets users place orders in their native currencies.;

    The multi-language and RTL support feature makes your application available to all users across the globe.


    Pricing: Offers 30 days free app trial. A basic plan costs $49 per month, followed by a growth plan for $69 per month and an enterprise plan for $99.

    Start A 30-Day Free Trial With Boost AI Search & Discovery
    Trusted by 14,000+ online brands worldwide

    7. Slider Revolution:

    Rating: 4.9 (60 ratings)


    Slider Revolution is specially designed for the Shopify eCommerce platform to get more conversions and sales. You can showcase your product, and create video sliders, image sliders, and banner sliders easily. You also can create amazing single pages such as a coming soon page, 404 page, maintenance page, and any section using Slider Revolution. 

    Slider Revolution

    Highlight Features:

    • Create Any Kind of Slider: Create any kind of slider such as a product slider, banner slider, video slider, hero slider, and social media slider easily.
    • Ready Templates & Addons: 200+ Ready templates & 20+ dynamic add-ons help to create any slider without any technical knowledge. 
    • Drag & Drop Editor: Easily design any slider from scratch using drag & drop features. 
    • Multilingual and RTL support: Create multilingual sliders and ensure RTL support. 
    • Engage with Social Media Content: Easily integrate and showcase social media content in your sliders, pulling directly from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram. 


    Pricing: From $6.99/month. 7-day free trial.

    8. TinyIMG: SEO Image Optimization and Site Speed

    Rating: 5 (1531+ reviews)

    Search engine optimization is a powerful way to drive in traffic organically. But with competition increasing, brands need to look into untapped opportunities of how online shoppers make purchases. This is where image search comes in - where shoppers are looking for inspiration or visual cues around what they want to purchase. 


    TinyIMG helps Shopify stores optimize their images with the ability to set file names, ALT text, compress images, create image sitemaps and more. In addition to search optimization, it also helps with store speed optimization and offers a suite of features that help address other aspects like 404 pages, redirects, rich snippets, lazy load and more to give your site a fighting chance to make it to the top. TinyIMG has been a long-standing partner of Shopify and has helped tens of thousands of brands with image SEO. 

    Highlight features:

    • AI SEO booster with ChatGPT
    • Powerful sitemap SEO optimizer to boost search rankings
    • Auto page speed optimizer through lazy load 
    • One-click image SEO, image compression, image resize, file and ALTtext generator
    • Broken link detection and 404/301 redirect feature to never lose traffic 
    • JSON-LD, meta generator, lazy load, and script control for an optimized store.



    Free to install with 50 free images per month; pay as you go option available.

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    9. HulkApps: Form Builder with File Upload

    Rating: 4.7 of 5 stars (508 reviews)

    Form Builder with File Upload by HulkApps is an app that helps you create lead capture, payment, survey, and/or pageview tracking forms. 

    You can easily create appealing, user-friendly forms that users are more likely to finish. 

    Start typing like a notepad; this intuitive form builder anticipates your questions and automatically adds them.

    hulk apps

    Highlight features:

    • Unlimited Forms and Form Fields

    Make and store as many forms as you want all in one place. 

    • Submissions Preview

    When a form response is hovered over, a pop up appears. This allows users to view all of the submitted form responses in a pop-up window. Every time someone submits their contact information, the recipient will receive an email with submission details.

    • Conditional Logic

    Conditional Logic (available in the Free plan) allows you to create a form that responds and redirects to conditional answers provided in the form.

    • File Upload with Unlimited Storage

    Because you have unlimited file storage, users can upload up to 3MB of files.  Form responses will include user attachments both within the app and in your Notification email.

    • Design Customization

    A wide range of customization options allowing for a complete look & feel of the forms to match it with your store theme.


    Pricing: 6-day free trial, Pro Plan $9.90/month

    10. LitCommerce - Multichannel Selling Tool

    Rating: 4.9 (302 reviews)

    LitCommerce is a powerful multichannel selling tool for businesses that makes selling across platforms quickly and effectively. With just a few clicks, you can expand your store to any marketplace, from eCommerce giants like Amazon to rising social-commerce forces like TikTok Shop.

    And the best part? You won't have to switch tabs anymore. This Shopify app features a centralized multi-selling experience that helps you integrate, manage stores, and streamline your workflow all in one place. 


    Highlight features 

    • You can integrate your Shopify store with 20+ top-tier marketplaces with LitCommerce. Also, get ready to list and manage inventory, prices, and orders right from your Shopify dashboard without the technical skill needed.
    • Create and edit listings with the advanced listing editor known as Template and Recipe. These are sets of product attributes (pricing, shipping, category, etc.) that save you time and effort while listing product information on different selling channels. 
    • Streamline your workflow with QuickGrid, a built-in bulk product editing and listing tool. It's a spreadsheet-style interface where you can view, edit, and manage listings on one screen. 
    • Sync your product listings, orders, pricing, and inventory almost instantly across integrated channels. No more overselling or stocking out. 
    • Import orders from marketplaces directly into your Shopify orders page, then manage and fulfill them conveniently in one centralized dashboard with LitCommerce. Hence, sellers can constantly get updated on the sales report and order status. 



    The Free Forever Plan is available for sellers with 2 integrated sales channels and 20 free listings. Otherwise, LitCommerce pricing and plan are a pay-as-you-go model, which is tailored to your business demands. Shortly, the more channels and listings you have, the higher you will pay.

    Litcommerce pricing

    10. Product Review

    Rating: 5.0 (26700+ reviews) is ranked as the best review app for Shopify that helps to collect and display star ratings and reviews for your Shopify store and services. Reviews and other user-generated content, like pictures and videos, provide social proof that boosts your conversion rate, organic traffic, and customer engagement. It helps you generate more reviews on autopilot by allowing customers to leave evaluations immediately in their email and share them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

    Highlight features:

    • Product review groups & cross-shop synchronization
    • Display your review ratings in Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook and on-site. 
    • Instantly loaded reviews to increase page speed.


    Pricing: Get more awesome features like coupons, cross shop syndication, and Google Shopping at $15/month. 

    11. Automizely & Aftership: Emails & Pop Up

    Rating: 4.9 (6200+ reviews)

    To promote lead generation, optimize conversions, and boost sales, this all-in-one email marketing and conversion optimization apps for store sales is available for you. Without any coding skills, you can easily set up the app to automate your email marketing and send newsletters, welcome emails, and abandoned cart emails.

    Automizely Emails and Popups

    Highlight features:

    • All popups you need in one place to grow a subscriber base, convert more sales.
    • Over 30 useful Marketing tools - social proof, sales boost, web push, shipping bar and trust badges that can be set-up in minutes.


    Pricing: Automizely Emails & Popups completely free for up to 300 contacts while you can get unlimited emails for larger customer databases starting from $11/month.

    12. Hextom: Free Shipping Bar

    Rating: 4.9 (11400+ reviews)

    Hextom is one of the best conversion apps for Shopify. Consumers nowadays expect retailers to offer free shipping as a perk for purchasing multiple items. Promote your free shipping deals with progressive notifications and a cart goal to increase cart values and purchases. Encourage your clients to spend more throughout the holiday season. Displaying different free shipping offers based on country, pages, device, and time period allows for advanced targeting.

    Hextom: Free Shipping Bar

    Highlight features:

    • Free shipping offers with progressive messages in a slide out and customizable bar as customers put more items in their shopping carts.
    • Track the performance of each bar, so you know which free shipping goals generate the most sales.
    • Auto-detect visitors local currencies and convert the free shipping amount with real-time exchange rates.


    Pricing: You can get a basic plan for free while you can go extra with country targeting, unlimited active bars and background images at $7.49/month. 

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    13. StilyoApps: Reconvert Upsell & Cross Sell

    Rating: 4.9 (4550+ reviews)

    A simple yet effective post-purchase funnel and one-click upsell app is among the top profit funnel Shopify apps. Upselling and cross-selling to your consumers is a brilliant strategy to boost the size of your cart and the average order value. You may create a personalized thank you page or order confirmation page using ReConvert to convert new consumers into repeat customers.

    Reconvert Upsell & Cross Sell

    Highlight features:

    • Customize your landing page fully and easily with a drag-and-drop builder.
    • Access interface such as countdown timers, personalized recommendations, post-purchase surveys, and reorder buttons that help you automatically re-engage customers who have recently purchased at your shop. 
    • One click to collect birthdays, surveys, checkout upsell bundles, cross sell and aftersell order tracking.

    Pricing: Free plan available and 30-day free trial for larger plans with all features available ranging from $7.99 - 29.99/month.

    Start A 30-Day Free Trial With Boost AI Search & Discovery
    Trusted by 14,000+ online brands worldwide

    14. PushOwl: Web Push Notifications

    Rating: 5.0 (2890+ reviews)

    A smart marketing tool in converting anonymous consumers into paying customers and increasing revenues. You can sign up store visitors as subscribers with only one click using web push without any personal information like an email address or phone number required. Send website push messages about your products and offers directly to the device screens of your users, converting them into consumers and increasing sales.

    PushOwl: Web Push Notifications

    Highlight features:

    • Create subscriber segments and personalized campaigns.
    • Send recurring reports of your web push performance directly to your email.
    • Set up triggered notifications to recover carts, re-engage store visitors, send in-stock updates, welcome new subscribers, etc


    15. Yotpo: Product Reviews & Photos

    Rating: 4.8 (6820+ reviews)

    Yotpo Reviews app allows you to collect, moderate, and publish consumer feedback. These can be integrated with a variety of other platforms, and you can even include reviews in your search engine results, both organically and through AdWords. As a result, generating visitors to your website automates the process of distributing your best customer content on social media.


    Highlight features: 

    • Create a strong brand community.
    • Make smarter business decisions with the help of analytics and customer reviews. 


    Pricing: Free plan available. The app starts charging $15/month to add more orders, review carousel, and live chat support. 

    16. Fera: Product Reviews App

    Rating: 4.9 (5650+ reviews)

    Fera is among the best Shopify apps for review with customisable widgets that are visually appealing. Fera allows you to increase social proof and client trust without compromising your brand's integrity. Automatic product, photo, and video review requests with a range of incentives such as discounts, loyalty points, and cash back.


    Highlight features:

    • Quick and easy set up stunning reviews widgets in minutes.
    • Allow clients to send in photos and videos to be shown on your website.
    • Display average product ratings in Google search results automatically.

    Pricing: Fera has free plan and 14-day free trial for plans with more review requests sent and active widgets which start from $9/month.

    17. Rewards & Loyalty

    Rating: 4.9 (5940+ reviews)

    Create a complete rewards program including loyalty points program, referral program, VIP program with that allows you to customise pop-ups and emails to share these rewards with your customers. aims to create a Brand Community by gamifying your store. It gives your customers points for completing certain actions like making purchases, registration, birthday, referral, or social sharing and then offers them discounts in return. rewards and loyalty

    Highlight features:

    • Integrate with other tools like email service providers, CRM, and other marketing tools.
    • Use impressive statistics to improve customer loyalty.

    Pricing: The app offers a free package. Advanced branding with more app integrations starts at $49 a month.

    18. ONE: Pop Ups, SMS & Emails Marketing, Abandonment Protector

    Rating: 4.9 (2480+ reviews)

    ONE seamlessly integrates different powerful conversion & marketing tactics into one store making the customer experience feel more personalized, thus, boosting sales. Automate email & SMS marketing for cart recovery, upsell bundles, product recommendations, thank you email templates, and loyalty programs. This Shopify storefront app offers sales pop ups as social proof to genuinely build brand trust.  

    ONE: Pop Ups, SMS and Emails Marketing

    Highlight features:

    • Use pop ups opt-in to capture leads, games with rewards, and provide store updates
    • Provide real-time recent sales notifications that are essential for urgency, one click upsells, and FOMO.
    • Personalize segmentation based on device, geo-location, page-level, UTM, AB testing, and A/B split tests.


    19. SureSwift Capital: Plug In SEO

    Rating 4.7 (2560+ reviews)

    Plug in SEO is a tool that analyzes your store and identifies problems with search engine performance. You can discover, analyze, and resolve SEO issues with page titles, headers, meta descriptions, speed, blog post structure, and content quality in particular. As a result, drive more traffic to your online store.


    Plug In SEO

    Highlight features 

    • Improve your store's SEO ranking by figuring out the simplest approach to optimize it.
    • Enhance organic traffic as higher rankings result in more free SEO visitors.
    • Help to fix the SEO related issues immediately. 

    Pricing: Free plan available. Premium plans start at $20/month.

    20. Code Black Belt: Frequently Bought Together

    Rating: 4.9 (2380+ reviews)

    This is one of the best free Shopify apps to increase sales for new independent businesses. Customers can buy related products with a single click with Frequently Bought Together, maximizing order value and sales. Customers are more willing to buy more things if recommendations are featured as bundles on your product page, increasing your sales and revenue. As AI algorithms have been continuously trained, developed, and polished for years, this program is unbeatable.

    Frequently Bought Together

    Highlight features:

    • Through data mining algorithms, AI creates a memory graph with the products that are most frequently added to a customer's shopping cart based on previous transactions.
    • Apply an automatic discount to the bundles using the app as a discount upsell widget for percentage discount, fixed amount, cheapest item for free, and free delivery.


    Pricing: Especially free for new businesses with no limits. Meanwhile, others can opt for a Professional plan at $9.99/month.

    21. MakeProSimp: Sales Pop up ‑ ToastiBar

    Rating: 4.8 (1800 reviews)

    MakeProSimp is a powerful Shopify app that boosts sales by automatically displaying sales notifications, cart notifications, online visitors notifications, and recent visitors notifications on your online store as social proof. To improve your consumer experience, use social proof to build confidence in your online store. You can enhance the number of successful transactions and conversion rates by using unlimited popups. So, if you don't have any sales/orders on your website, the Cart Notification app will help you make it appear busy, which is another form of social proof.

    Sales Pop up ‑ ToastiBar

    Highlight features:

    • Customize messages, positions, display time, delay time, and more.
    • Hide specific product / order from displaying in sales notification.
    • Track conversions by adding UTM parameters to sales notification and using Google Analytics.


    Pricing: 100% free plan forever. Obtain a higher value package at 4.99/month .

    III. Top 10+ Paid Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

    1. Vitals: 40+ Marketing Apps - Product Reviews, Upsells, Visitor Replays, Currency Converter

    Rating: 5.0 (7720+ reviews)

    Vitals is an all-in-one marketing and sales app that helps retailers convert more visitors into customers by importing unlimited reviews with images and showcasing featured reviews following order delivery. With product bundles, volume discounts, goals, and Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals, it creates an endless number of upsells and cross-sells. It records and replays visitor activities as they click, scroll, type, or move across store sites in order to identify and resolve drop-off points to drive sales.


    Highlight features:

    • Create FOMO with stock scarcity and countdown timer.
    • Sell globally with multi currency converter and geo-redirection.
    • Grow your email database with pop ups, announcement bars and spin the wheel.


    Pricing: 30-day free trial available. Starting from $29.99/month.

    2. Loox: Product Reviews & Photos

    Rating: 4.9 (18240+ reviews)

    By giving reviewers a discount, you may encourage them to write lovely product reviews for your store. Get your customers to give you five-star ratings and upload images of themselves using the products. With Rich Snippets, you can now publish valuable product reviews to your business and display ratings on search results. As a result, enhanced trust can help you increase Shopify conversions.


    Highlight features:

    • It is easy to set up.
    • Show your product in action.
    • Segment your product.


      Pricing: From $9.99/month with 14-day free trial available.

      3. Postscript: SMS Marketing

      Rating: 4.9 (1950+ reviews)

      This Shopify app is dedicated to help you drive traffic & sales using personalized SMS marketing campaigns and trigger automations like welcome series, abandoned carts, and more. Your team can leverage Shopify data to develop customized text marketing campaigns, conduct two-way conversations with customers, and unlock a brand new marketing model that produces big-time ROI for your business with Postscript.

      Postscript SMS Marketing

      Highlight features:

      • Sync your Shopify store data within minutes and activate default text marketing automations such as abandoned cart recovery, shipping notifications, welcome series, and loyalty offers to give your revenues an immediate bump.
      • Quickly grow a data protection compliant subscriber list for text message marketing via pop-ups, landing pages, email opt-ins, and more.
      • Use metrics to analyze the revenue your messages are bringing in.


      Pricing: Free 30-day trial with unlimited credits. Pay $25/month to avail plan.

      4. Care Cart: Sales Pop up, Social Proof, Stock Countdown Timer, FOMO

      Rating: 4.8 (4440+ reviews)

      Sales pop-ups generate a sense of urgency and allow you to show your visitors what has recently been purchased. With trust badges, it establishes the social proofs and trust that your store needs among new store visitors. To increase sales, engagement, conversion, and reduce bounce rate, display a live traffic counter to showcase product popularity.

      Care Cart

      Highlight features:

      • This responsive and customizable sales popup recedes automatically after some time to prevent obstructing the browsing experience of users.
      • Make use of a stock countdown bar, countdown timer, sold stock, and quick view popup.
      • Customize the look and feel of the sales popups with a variety of notification styles.

      Pricing: Get free plan with up to $100 boosted revenue while there's a 30-day free trial available with plans offering higher revenue goals starting from $3.99/month.

      5. Shopacado: Volume & Discounted Pricing

      Rating: 4.9 (2980+ reviews)

      Shopacado enables you to set up discounted pricing easily. It gives your consumers tiered pricing and discounts based on product volume and quantity breaks. Take advantage of this user-friendly dashboard to establish discounts and tiered pricing for your consumers. You can encourage customers to try new products and buy more at a lower price by using this volume discount tool. To increase consumer engagement and loyalty, provide discounts to just signed-in, tagged customers.

      Shopacado volume and discounted pricing

      Highlight features: 

      • Boost your average order value, reward your loyal customers and make pricing more flexible for them.
      • Customize percentage-based, $ based volume and quantity discounts, dynamic discounts for future products with tags.
      • Create a sense of urgency by offering volume discounts and time-sensitive quantity breaks.


      Pricing: 7-day free trial available. Basic package starts from $7.99/month.

      6. Privy: Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

      Rating: 4.6 (24850+ reviews)

      Exit-intent pop-ups, remarketing and retargeting, and email campaigns are all part of Privy's comprehensive system. Each message can also have its own set of triggers and page rules. With fly-outs and pop-ups, Privy allows you to engage users while they are on your site. That means you may use special offers and promotions to boost your conversion rate, as well as expand your mailing list.


      Highlight features:

      • Target campaigns based on exit intent, cart abandonment, cart value and website behaviors.
      • Run automated A/B tests and optimize your conversion rates.
      • Sync contacts to 50+ email marketing services including Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Bronto, Conversio & more.

      Pricing: Free for up to 100 email contacts and 15-day free trial with upgraded plans from $15/month.

      7. Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist +

      Rating: 4.8 (2060+ reviews)

      Growave is one of the must have Shopify apps for boosting sales and fine-tuning your marketing strategy. It may be used to build a loyalty program for your Shopify store, allowing you to reward loyal customers and enhance their lifetime value. Growave can also be used to add social proof to your online store. Customers can ask you questions about your products and give feedback on what they've bought. To help convert visitors, feature this user-generated content on your website and social media sites. The "wishlist" functionality offers a new CTA to let shoppers stay in your conversion funnel longer.

      Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist

      Highlight features:

      • Customize completely from the app’s dashboard itself.
      • Setup and use easily for business owners to move to Growave in a worry-free and seamless manner with a thought-out UI. 
      • Integrate with a wide variety of tools such as PushOwl, Klaviyo, Loox, Omnisend, and more.


      Pricing: 14-day free trial available. Starter package starts from $19/month.

      9. Recart: FB Messenger Marketing

      Rating: 4.8 (5470+ reviews)

      RECART is among the best Shopify apps for the messenger. RECART is created by eCommerce sellers to enhance sales with the help of messenger marketing. Messenger will be the next generation of marketing as in place of email sent to the email marketing folder, get better results by automating the chat conversation with your customers in a specific way on Facebook messenger. Like email marketing, messenger marketing is growing at a faster pace. Almost every person opens the messages and it is very easy to subscribe to RECART as.

      Recart: FB Messenger Marketing

      Highlight features:

      • Send reminders of abandoned cart, product review list, order receipts, notifications of shipping, and welcome messages.
      • Provide different one-click subscription tools.
      • Instant facebook campaigns with higher opening and click rates.

      Pricing: Based on the additional revenue generated by the app, the cost starts at $29/month. A package with more features starts at $499 per month.

      10. Shopney: Mobile App Builder

      Rating: 5.0 (900+ reviews)

      3 out of every 4 dollars spent in eCommerce was spent on mobile in 2021. Building a native mobile app with Shopney is the most efficient and easiest way to utilize that mobile eCommerce traffic. Shopney is the best-rated Shopify mobile app builder and you can turn your Shopify store into a mobile app in minutes without any code or design skills. Also, Shopney provides you fast check out, limitless rich push notifications and abandoned cart notifications that you can increase your conversion rate up to 5x.


      Highlight features:

      • 8 different layout options to make sure your product looks appealing.
      • In-app live chat feature that helps you personalize your customers’ shopping journey and increase conversion.
      • Incredible 7/24, multilingual customer support which guarantees a smooth onboarding and launch process
      • Integrate with the most popular Shopify apps. So you can utilize your favorite tech you use in your website and also on your mobile app.

      Pricing: Free trial is available for 30 days and it doesn’t require any credit card information. After trial, for $99 per month, you will get a native iOS and Android app localized into 21 languages and you can use the product dashboard in 5 different languages. 

      11. ModeMagic - Store Conversions

      Rating - 4.8 (540+ Reviews)

      ModeMagic is an all-in-one store conversion application that helps you boost sales on your ecommerce store. ModeMagic helps you automate your sales and promotional campaigns, inventory updates, bestsellers and much more through its no-code automation platform.


      1. Product Badges and labels display all the right information to enable quicker purchases.
      2. Trust packs help win customer confidence in your online store.
      3. Product feature cards deliver relevant product information to help make better purchase decisions.
      4. Automation playbooks allow easier automation of sales and promotion campaigns.


      Free + Paid plans available


      $0 (for up to 50 orders). $9 per month (for up to 150 orders); 9 cents per order thereafter. Scale: $299 per month (for up to 5000 orders); 5 cents per order thereafter.

      >>> Boost your store with top Shopify slider apps


      We hope you found our guide on the best Shopify apps to boost sales for your ecommerce store in 2021 useful.

      More traffic, more conversions, and more profit arise from the proper use of these highly effective apps.

      As a result, we strongly advise you to pick a couple of the Shopify apps listed above that bring immediate value to your business and properly test and learn how to use them to their full potential.

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