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Top 7 Best Shopify Page Builder Apps with Detailed Reviews in 2024

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Shopify gives you all the tools you need to create a visually appealing and highly functional online store, but when it comes to design and customization, you'll need third-party apps to make store pages without the need for coding or other technical knowledge.

If you already have a fully-functioning Shopify store, you might want to create landing pages for marketing campaigns for which you can either hire a Shopify expert to design it yourself using a page builder app.

💡 We meticulously evaluate Shopify themes and apps based on our hands-on experience. Read more about our comprehensive review process and methodology.

Without writing a single line of code, you can rapidly create and modify any type of page using a smart Shopify page builder app. That instance, you might be able to personalize your store yourself utilizing a page builder tool rather than paying a high-priced Shopify developer to do it.

We've examined a few of the top Shopify page builder apps in this article that can be found in the App Store. In order to assist you in selecting a page builder app that satisfies your demands, we tried and tested each of these applications and highlighted their key features.

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What is a Shopify Page Builder App?

A third-party plugin called a Shopify page builder software makes it easier for you to create new web pages for your store. These apps offer more options than Shopify's default page builder and have less limitations than the pre-built themes on the platform. By dragging and dropping pieces onto a template, you may construct your own headings, photos, buttons, and lists for your online store.

Shopify Page Builder Apps

Image Credits: Shopify App Store

Why do you need a Shopify page builder?

Shopify is one of the most effective eCommerce systems for merchants, particularly those in the B2C sector, to create an online store with a variety of tools and built-in features. Shopify is not, however, the magic tool that enables you to easily construct your store from start to finish. When it comes to page building, the available themes and templates are quite limited, and the default options can be restrictive sometimes.

That’s why Shopify page builder will become a practical weapon that you cannot miss to enhance your Shopify store appearance. Page builder app lets you easily drag and drop all Shopify page types (landing pages, homepages, product pages, story pages, etc.) as you wish without any coding or design expertise. Also, it gives you access to lots of beautifully pre-made templates to save time and effort and provides you with many additional features to help you track data and conversion rates on your store pages.

What makes the best Shopify page builder?

Yes, there are many available page builder apps for Shopify out there, so how can we compile this list for you? There are some certain features that a wonderful Shopify page builder should qualify for to help you design your own professional and beautiful Shopify shop:

  • Ease of use: You can effortlessly drag and drop all pages in your Shopify store without any coding or design skills required.
  • Pre-made templates: The pre-made templates should be varied for many industries and fully customizable with huge element libraries.  
  • Responsiveness: Customers now don’t browse your Shopify store with their PCs or computers only. You need to make sure your appealing pages work perfectly on other smart devices as well.
  • SEO-friendly: A great app takes care of SEO factors, such as title, descriptions, images, page load to optimize your Shopify shop for better rankings on search engines.
  • Data tracking: How many visitors to your website left without saying anything? Track their customer journey using third-party integrations (such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.) to more effectively convert leads into paying customers.
  • Customer support: When a problem arises, you unquestionably need expert assistance. For you to solve unforeseen issues, you must have access to support at all times.

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    Top 7 Best Shopify Page Builders for your store

    1. PageFly #1 Page Builder

    ⭐️ Rating: 4.9 with 7,850 reviews

    pagefly shopify page builder

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    PageFly stands out from the majority of its rival apps thanks to its slick and polished appearance. Thousands of user reviews have given it an impressive 4.9-star rating, and many of them point to the product's adaptable and user-friendly interface as a selling point. It is one of the most widely used page-building apps in the world, having created over 1,000,000 pages for 200,000+ of eCommerce stores.

    With a user-friendly UI that gives you control over every aspect of your store, PageFly is simple to use and easy to navigate. This is a fantastic option for both novice and experienced designers because you can edit your pages with code.

    Key Features of the app

    • Easy to use drag-and-drop system
    • Extensive library of over 50 elements
    • Broad template library (over 100) for different target niches
    • Fully compatible with other top apps such as Loox, Mailchimp and Yotpo and other
    • Ability to fine-tune through coding
    • Comprehensive help center, 24/7 live chat and YouTube educational channel

    Quick response at their 24/7 live chat where a representative from their support team will reply to your concern in just few minutes.

    live chat 24/7 PageFly

    Image Credits: PageFly mainsite

    Utilizing this drag-and-drop page builder, you can customize your shop however you want. The app and Shopify themes work together without any issues.

    Create a landing page that converts using specific tools. On PageFly, you can find all the tools you require for increased conversion.


    Free to install. No credit card required, 1 page/section, FREE all features and add-ons. Paid plan from $24/month.

    PageFly price

    Image Credits: PageFly main site

    Video Credits: PageFly Shopify Page Builder App

    Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
    Trusted by over 2,000,000 businesses worldwide

    2. GemPages Page Builder

    ⭐️ Rating: 4.9 with 3,530 reviews

    GemPages Page Builder App

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    GemPages is one of the most effective page builders for creating, designing, and optimizing Shopify store pages for anyone without restrictions or coding. Over 30.000 active merchants worldwide currently trust GemPages.

    With GemPages, you can create a page from scratch by dragging and dropping elements or you can adapt one of the available templates to your particular requirements. Every gorgeous, high-converting store page begins with its extensive library of templates, page elements, and features.

    Key Features of the app

    • No coding is necessary
    • 100+ page elements, 60+ templates for every need
    • Conversion boosters & Marketing toolkits
    • Page scheduling feature for a more efficient workflow
    • Integrations with 30+ top Shopify apps
    • Dedicated customer support

    Their support team responded back within 24 hours.

    Gempages email support

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    When creating a landing page, blog page, home page, and other types of pages, an easy-to-use page builder can save you time.

    Create various pages that are compatible with current themes to give your store a nice appearance.

    Use page builders, AB testing, SEO content, and other marketing tools to increase lead conversion rates.


    • Free
    • Build: $23/month
    • Optimize: $47/month
    • Enterprise: $159/month
    Gempages price

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Video Credits: GemPages for Shopify

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    3. LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

    ⭐️ Rating: 4.9 with 2,698 reviews

    LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Block templates are used by LayoutHub to build your store. The app focuses on an easy-to-use interface and pre-built templates and is targeted at smaller companies and Shopify newcomers. Although the app is simple, there are significantly fewer options than with PageFly on another page builder. Similar to PageFly, LayoutHub offers a 14-day free trial with its free basic plan.

    LayoutHub offers a variety of templates to help new users get started and has a great appearance that makes it feel like a natural extension of your Shopify interface. These templates do not, however, offer nearly as many customization options as other Shopify page builder applications. LayoutHub is a good choice if you're looking for an attractive page that you can use right away.

    LayoutHub dashboard

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Key Features of the app
    • Vast collection of templates with excellent designs for different niches such as food, fashion, Christmas, furniture and more
    • Importing template blocks onto your page
    • Support is available via email, live chat, and the help center
    • Affordable PRO plan with all the essential features

    Their team of talented user interface designers produces stunning designs with high conversion rates.

    This app is simple to use and seamlessly connects to Shopify stores.

    It provides you with all the assistance required to grow your business.


    • Free
    • Basic: $14.99/month
    • Pro: $29.99/month
    • Premium: $59.99/month
    LayoutHub price

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Video Credits: Layout Hub

    Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
    Trusted by over 2,000,000 businesses worldwide

    4. Shogun Landing Page Builder

    ⭐️ Rating: 4.8 with 3,106 reviews

    Shogun Landing Page Builder

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    You can make stunning, mobile-friendly pages with the aid of Shogun. It focuses on conversion rate optimization and is targeted at more established companies and Shopify users. The most expensive plans include A/B testing, while advanced plans allow users to track the performance of their pages through click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, and other metrics. These features are, regrettably, very expensive.

    Shogun offers a superior service for an eCommerce website with high performance. The page builder enables you to create high-converting pages to any specification, and the customer support is well-regarded. Smaller businesses might not be able to afford to invest in such a powerful tool, though. Combining an easy-to-use Shopify page builder app with an A/B testing tool would be a more affordable alternative.

    Outstanding Features:
    • Drag and drop system
    • Built-in analytics
    • Mobile optimization
    • Page publish scheduling
    • Full website elements library
    • Create and edit unlimited number of pages with 30+ templates
    • Develop custom elements using HTML/Liquid, CSS, JavaScript
    • Image compression and lazy loading tools
    • Available marketing tools: Content, SEO, email capture, split testing
    • 24/7 access to support over email and limited support on live chat
    • Multi third-party integration partners

    With the help of Shogun's website elements library, you have complete control over the creation of any type of page. All plans include access to the best SEO tools for optimizing your Shopify store for search as well as a marketing toolkit that includes AB testing, discount tags, countdown timers, and other features.

    The Shogun support team comes across as genuinely committed because they treat all customer complaints as their top priority and go above and beyond to resolve the issue over the phone or via email.

    For the type of users, it's generally marketed towards intermediate to advanced users but is acceptable for beginners. It can even work for agencies or businesses that want more than just a plain page builder.


    • Free
    • Build: $39/month
    • Measure: $149/month
    • Advanced: $499/month
    Shogun price

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Video Credits: Shogun

    5. Zipify Pages Builder & Editor

    ⭐️ Rating: 4.8 with 649 reviews

    Zipify page builder

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Although Zipify is undoubtedly one of Shopify's less popular page builder apps, it provides store owners with a more technical option with an emphasis on optimization. You can select templates from the builder's "ever-growing" library and still make detailed changes to your pages.

    With Zipify, you can add features like countdown timers and "buy boxes" (which compare product bundles and draw attention to the best deals on your store) and control minor details like breadcrumb navigation. Unfortunately, this Shopify page builder app is one of the more expensive ones.

    Key Features of the app
    • Drag and drop system
    • Buy boxes to show product comparisons
    • Fast loading for pages
    • A/B testing and split testing for “Plus” users
    • Customize all kinds of pages like your homepage, product page, landing page, collection page, cross-selling and upselling page, and more.
    • We provide a host of templates that can increase your conversion and sales rate.
    • Our page builder is easy to use and delivers the desired result. Contact our support team via live chat for help.


    • Free plan (14-day trial)
    • Basic: $66/month
    • Advanced: $138/month
    Zipify Price

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Video Credits: Zipify Apps

    6. Automizely Page Builder

    ⭐️ Rating: 4.8 with 1,494 reviews

    Automizely page Builder app

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Another free app with all the features you need to build and customize your Shopify store is Automizely Page Builder.

    You have complete control over whether to design each page from scratch or using pre-made templates, edit it, and publish it in about three minutes. Without requiring any coding or technical knowledge, 5 minutes. With either individual blocks or flexible drag-and-drop options, their editor is fairly easy to use. Professional UX/UI experts created and coded the Automizely templates. This app is a great choice for any Shopify business because you can benefit from some premium features like tracking important page metrics and advanced style settings without having to pay anything.

    However, their support team response was so slow that we didn’t receive any answers back within 48 hours via email.

    Outstanding features:
    • Create all types of pages
    • Hundreds of pre-defined templates designed and coded by UX/UI experts
    • Provide endless options for page design
    • Customize the landing pages with advanced text, color, and font functionalities
    • Display attractive product recommendations on pages
    • Analytics dashboard to track key page metrics: visitors, add to cart percentage, total subscribers
    Key features of the app
    • We provide the tools to help you create responsiveness about us, products, or landing pages. App syncs well with Theme 2.0.
    • An attractive product recommendation page can lead to higher conversion in terms of sales.
    • Customize your storefront to match your brand tone. Quickly Create a responsive landing page without coding.


    • Free
    • Essentials: $35/month
    • Pro: $95/month
    Automizely Price

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    7. EComposer Landing Page Builder

    ⭐️ Rating: 5.0 (1,724+ reviews)

    EComposer Landing Page Builder

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Due to its simplicity for beginners, EComposer can be regarded as the Shopify Page Builder of the future. You can still drag and drop everything to create the pages of your dreams if you have no coding knowledge.

    EComposer also offers a layout library with a ton of pre-made templates for all different kinds of pages. Additionally, users can find EComposer integrated with their preferred apps, which helps their store run smoothly.

    Additionally, users can get their questions and problems resolved right away thanks to the support staff's 24/7 availability.

    Outstanding features:
    • Support all page types: Landing, Homepage, Product, Collection, Blog, Article, About Us, FAQ, etc.
    • Build specific content blocks and insert them to any theme with Section builder
    • 100% compatible with Shopify themes
    • Easy page builder with beautiful premade layouts
    • Lots of build-in extensions: Image Compression, Sticky Add to Cart, AJAX Cart, Stock Notifications, Frequently Bought Together, Cross-selling products, Custom Swatch Colors, etc.
    • Integrated with top Shopify apps:, LOOX, Yotpo, AVADA, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Growave, etc.
    Key features of the app
    • Build impressive pages in no time with simple Page builders. Get access to more than 50 unique templates for all kinds of pages.
    • Boost user experience and repeat sales with built-in extensions, third-party apps, and beautiful store designs.
    • We have a FAQ section and a live chat support team available at all times to attend to you


    • Free
    • Standard: $19/month
    • Pro: $39/month
    • Premium: $149/month

    Image Credits: Shopify App Store

    Shopify Page Builder FAQs

    Should you use a page builder for Shopify?

    Despite being required, using a page builder gives you greater design freedom when developing landing pages and online stores. Additionally, popular Shopify apps can be integrated with page builder apps, making it simple to include elements like reviews, shipping costs, and trust badges on pages.

    How do I customize a page in Shopify?

    Using the built-in theme editor in Shopify or one of the drag-and-drop page builder apps like GemPages and PageFly will give you more customization options for making beautiful pages that will increase sales for your store.

    Is there a free page builder for Shopify?

    PageFly is the best free page builder that allows you to create unlimited pages of any two page types. GemPages and EComposer are other Shopify page builders that offer free plans to create pages.


    You may have to go through several trials and errors before choosing the best app because there isn't a perfect app that works with all Shopify stores. We hope you can choose the best page builder that significantly enhances your storefront and supports business growth at your Shopify store from completely free to moderately expensive plans.

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