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PageFly & Partnership: Spearhead eCommerce Success for Shopify Merchants With Better Store Design Experience

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With a glowing 5-star rating from 4500+ eCommerce merchants on Shopify App Store, is the one of the most popular Shopify apps for reviews and social proof. With, Shopify merchants can collect, display, and share the star ratings on their product pages or in blog posts to increase conversions and traffic. also helps their customers get more reviews from customers by incentivizing honest feedback with rewards like discounts, free shipping, or gift cards. 

Judgeme on Shopify app store

The Inspiration 

Before the integration, users were required to manually add embedded HTML code  if they wanted to show reviews or social proof on Shopify pages built with PageFly. This task was very frustrating for all parties involved in the process and took up extra time that would have been better spent elsewhere. 

Automatic integration is the one thing that both PageFly and customers desired. In the vein of hope that users can effortlessly add common widgets (Preview Badge, Review Widget and Reviews Carousel) by simply  and dropping them onto PageFly pages, PageFly and decided to put heads and heads together and build automated integration between and PageFly. 

The Ultimate Handshake 

App integration is just the start. Both PageFly and acknowledge that for our merchants to get the best from both worlds, further partnership activities must be pursued. 

With a customer-centric goal in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and co-produced: 

  • We co-produced Help-desk articles educating our users on the new integration
  • We employed each other's expertise to write insightful guest posts that help our audience
  • We also featured each other's brand and product in our social media updates and email newsletters

With a smooth, streamlined app integration and comprehensive documentation from both sides,  existing users now can save time and enjoy the effortlessness of installing and adding widgets to PageFly pages. 

Judgeme and PageFly

Additionally, prospective customers may see this available integration as a reason to install and PageFly. It has been reported that many of new users mentioned that the  seamless PageFly integration has motivated them to install the app. 


At PageFly, we often dream of an utopia where every app is perfectly compatible with each other and every merchant can bask in the joy of seamless eCommerce experience between apps. 

For the dream to come to life, we know that our success is inextricably bound to your success, our partners, and that We cannot walk alone.

And in the words the great Martin Luther King “As we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead”. 

Walk with us. 

Join Us Today, for a bright future wait. 


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