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PageFly 3.2.0 & 3.3.0 Launched! AfterShip, Avada Integration, Exclusive Deals & Brand New Referral Program

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"What can we do, to make you stay?"

Tis' the question we wake up in the morning with. So, We decided to take advice from Don Corleone - "Make an offer he can’t refuse". 

and we take it up a notch with PageFly 3.2.0, and PageFly 3.3.0, we come with 03 offers you can’t refuse:.

I. Shipment Tracking Made Easy with AfterShip Integration

Shipment tracking (or Order tracking) can be vital to your eCommerce success as it gives your customers peace of mind knowing their package is on its way and will arrive at the right time.

Having a reliable order tracking system in place can give your company an edge over competitors who don't provide this service to customers. It is also important for customer satisfaction as they help manage expectations, keeping you ahead of potential returns or complaints about late deliveries from unhappy shoppers.

These are the reasons why PageFly partnered with AfterShip to roll out AfterShip integration, to help you create a more engaging post-purchase experience for your customers and drive customer loyalty. 

aftership app listing

To use AfterShip with PageFly, simply go to “Add Third Party Element", select AfterShip, then Drag and Drop it to the page: 

Aftership element on PageFly

Then, you can adjust the styling of your Order Tracking Form, right from PageFly, no custom code needed. 

aftership styling settings

Note that the Order Tracking form is only visible on live view. Once you publish the page, it will show up nicely like this: 

Aftership on live view

II. Lead Generation and Sales Recovery Now Easier with Avada Email Marketing Integration 

Avada Email Marketing is a Shopify App that helps you quickly add customized sales and marketing forms to your online store so that you can effortlessly collect email leads for your email marketing campaigns, push sales or recover lost sales. 

To use Avada Email Marketing in PageFly, simply open Third Party element -> select Avada Marketing Form then drag and drop it wherever you like. 

Avada email marketing in PageFly

Then, select "Connect To Avada". To Connect PageFly with Avada, you'd need to get an API and Secret Key. But don't get dismayed by these technical terms, simply open your Avada app and go to Manage Key page

Avada Manage Key

Once Avada is synced with PageFly, simply select the inline form you want to display in the dropdown. 

Avada works

Kindly note that at the moment, only Avada Inline Form can be imported to PageFly pages. 

Avada Inline Form

III. Release In-app Perk Icons: Quick Access To Exclusive Deals From PageFly Partners

What are Perks? 

In plain English, when you're PageFly customers, you get exclusive gifts from our partners - like housewarming gifts. For examples, you can: 

  • Get a 20% discount on Advanced Plan and Up with Look Review app


  • Get your 1st month free when you install DSERS Dropshipping app 


You can go to our APP Dashboard and get access to 28+ special deals from our partners. Isn't that sweet? 

PageFly exclusive deals

III. PageFly Referral Program Is Here: Refer A Friend, Get App Reward 

Here's how it works: 

Step 01: You go to Referral Program section in your PageFly Dashboard

Step 02: In the PageFly Event Referral Section, a referral link is already generated for you. 

PageFly referral program

This referral link is a registration link for the latest PageFly only event - which is, at the moment, this one: PageFly eCommence 2021: To Survive Is To Thrive

PageFly event

From then, it's simple: share it with your friend, your coworker, your dentist, your favorite barista, your long-time pen pal. 

Share it to your lover, your partner, your crush, share it to the kind stranger holding the doors for you, to the aspiring kid next door dreaming to be an entrepreneur just like you. 

Step 03: For every friend who successfully registers to attend the PageFly online event - you get 01 Bearie Coin - which can be translated to 01 extra page of any page type. 

Important note: The total number of redeemed pages, which is the total number of pages you can get using your Referral links, is closely correlated to the PageFly plan you’re using. 

If you're on Free Plan, you can get 05 new pages at max with our referral program. For Silver Plan, it's 15, and for Gold Plan, it's 50. 

So for example, if you’re on Free Plan, and you get 6 friends to register for the PageFly event, the total number of Bearie coins you can earn is still limited to 05 only, and you get at max 05 extra page. 

PageFly bearie coin

So what's in store for Platinum users who already have unlimited PageFly pages? - one may ask. 

PageFly Referral Program Section is currently not available to Platinum users. 

The current “Refer-a-Friend, Get-A-PageFly-page” Referral Program is currently available to non-Platinum users only.

Our Platinum users, rest assured, we’re crafting to life an even better Referral Program, with better in-app rewards - which will be opened to users of all plans in a very, very near future.

Stay tuned! 


Striving for innovation and betterment has long been wired to our DNA and PageFly 3.2 is just one of our many steps toward being a more perfect version of ourselves. 

If you need anything, contact us via our 24/07 Live Chat Support. 

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