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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas Your Customers Will Love

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Valentine's Day spending in the United States is expected to reach approximately 26 billion USD in 2023. This reflects a two-billion-dollar increase from 2022. And here's an overview of the annual Valentine's Day consumer spending survey report of how Americans plan to celebrate this special day with their loved ones.

valentine day spending survey

If you're like the majority of shop owners, you're always looking for great opportunities and new strategies to engage both your existing customers and new customers. Even if your company is unrelated to the sectors that typically benefit from this holiday, Valentine's Day is the ideal occasion to connect with your customers.

We’ve created a list of 10 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to add to your holiday marketing that you can execute easily.


Best 10 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas:

1. Use Targeted Popups

target popup

Source: Popup Smart

Every holiday sale, whether it be for Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day, needs a targeted email list with a large number of interested subscribers.

Popups are the most efficient way to gather high-quality emails on your site without degrading the user experience, regardless of the season.

When the big Valentine's Day sale is about to begin, you can then make a promotion popup that directs users to the product categories where the sale is taking place:

target popup

A popup is a necessity, especially if you have a specific landing page for the sale or are only discounting a subset of your inventory in honor of Valentine's Day.

2. Run Sale

With millions of consumers gift shopping online, there’s one way to bring your online store to the forefront of the competition: running a Valentine’s day marketing campaign.

While a compelling discount is essential for a successful sales campaign, how, when, and where you promote your products are even more crucial.

The most effective way to do that is to combine sales popups with marketing emails.

Consider the following subject line, which Kate Spade uses to announce its Valentine's Day sale:

valentine sale

By addressing its subscribers as "hey valentine," Kate Spade gives its email a friendly and casual feel:

valentine sale ads

By giving its customers an additional 30% off its sale items, Kate Spade shows how much it values its loyal customers. This kind of email is a clever way to engage your email list at a time when they are about to do their Valentine's day shopping.

Kate Spade positions its sale campaign as a gift to you, whereas Misfit adopts a different tack:

Here's Kate Spade email's subject line:

valentine day sale

The business encourages shoppers to buy gifts for themselves for the straightforward purpose of overcoming Valentine's Day blues. The email sent by Misfit appears as follows:

valentine sale

Misfit skillfully reframes Valentine's Day into a day of self-love, in contrast to the other brands that encourage you to spoil your Valentines.

valentine sale

If your products aren't necessarily gifts, it's a clever twist on Valentine's Day marketing campaigns.

Promoting a sale is one Valentine's Day marketing idea. To encourage buying your partner a gift to celebrate love, give customers a discount or run a 2-for-1 promotion.

This promotion was run by DKNG designs in the run-up to Valentine's Day. In order for customers to receive their purchases prior to Valentine's Day, they advertise their sale before Valentine's day.

Read more:

3. Create A Gift Guide

By creating a gift guide, let's make Valentine's Day shopping simpler this year. Promote gifts that significant others would want by using research on who is purchasing which products.

There is a gift guide from Walmart where you can select the recipients and their interests. A gift price filter is available for an additional improved shopping experience.

valentine gift guide

If there were ever a perfect time to guide prospects with relevant and helpful gift guides, it’s in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

You can aid your prospects in making a better purchasing decision and promote your products as excellent gift ideas by providing gift guides in the form of emails, pop ups, or landing pages.

You can go deeper into personality and interests or take the simple route with gender-based categories. Huckberry combines the two in this email:

valentine gift

The business organizes gift guides first by category and then by gender in a lengthy newsletter format that it sends out:

valentine gift guide

By using this strategy, the company creates content that is simple to skim. You can quickly begin browsing from this category if your Valentine is, let's say, an adventurer.

You can broaden your gift guides even further if your products already cater to a particular gender or hobby, as Man Crates does:

valentine promotion

Man Crates emphasizes that people are different, and so are their tastes in gifts with the benefit-driven headline "Get him a gift that gets him."

Man Crates has put together a list of gift ideas based on personality types in this email that serves as a gift-giving guide:

valentine promotion

If any of these categories provokes your interest, you can either visit a landing page where you can filter and sort various gift options or click through to learn more about each product type.

4. Offer Special Promotions

While many other brands offer Valentine's Day specials, other promotions, like free shipping, can set your ecommerce shop apart from the competition. After all, one of the main factors influencing online shoppers' purchasing decisions is the availability of free shipping.

If you can’t afford to offer free shipping all year round, however, consider presenting it as a limited-time offer and adding a sense of urgency, like Madsen Cycles:

Consider offering free shipping as a limited-time offer with a sense of urgency if you are unable to afford to do all year round, like Madsen Cycles:

valentine promotion

Even though cargo bikes aren't the typical Valentine's Day gifts, Madsen Cycles discovers a connection between its goods and this holiday. They provide free shipping to their consumers "now through Valentine's Day" in this email.

It's a strong incentive that can be used for any holiday, especially for goods that require more expensive delivery.

Estee Lauder, on the other hand, uses free shipping to upsell during Valentine’s Day:

valentine free shipping

Estee Lauder requests a minimum purchase of $75 in order to qualify for free 2-day shipping and to receive your perfect gift on time. By promising delivery by Valentine's Day, the company cleverly moves you to a higher price point and boosts conversions.

Offer a discounted price or free gift-wrapping as an extra perk to spare customers from extra trouble if you want to strengthen your position even more.

5. Promote Relevant Products

Valentine's Day gifts are inherently different from gifts for Christmas or birthdays. You wouldn't associate love, hearts, and glitter with other holidays, but Valentine's Day is all about those things.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to promote any items you sell with that theme as great gift ideas. Check out this email from Cotton Bureau promoting the heart-printed t-shirts it is selling on this day:

valentine promotion

The business curates its products with a love theme in one email after featuring an exclusive t-shirt design for this day:

valentine product promotion

Although Cotton Bureau's items aren't necessarily suitable to celebrate Valentine's Day, they cleverly make the connection.

You can still use Valentine's Day as an excuse for product promotion even if your products have nothing to do with this idea, as Sunski does:

valentine promotion

Sunski uses this email, which was sent around Valentine's Day, to promote its rose-colored perceptions by simply capitalizing on an association.

valentine product promotion

6. Drive Urgency

A countdown timer and copy that emphasizes scarcity are a powerful combination for creating urgency in last-minute buyers.

The trick is to avoid making people feel bad about it. See how entertainingly Man Crates accomplishes that here:

valentine promotion

The brand merely notifies you in this email that today is the last day to ensure your Valentine's Day delivery.

With the humorous expression "True love might wait, but our delivery team can't," Man Crates cleverly conveys urgency.

Marc Jacobs, on the other hand, opts for an alternative strategy to convey urgency without worrying potential customers:

valentine promotion

The brand merely advises placing your order early to ensure that you receive their gifts by Valentine's Day in this subject line.

When you open the email, you see the following:

valentine promotion

A standard promotional email that includes delivery times. However, this is what you see when you scroll down to the email's body:

valentine promotion

With a hint of urgency, Marc Jacobs reiterates their call to action and supports it by demonstrating various delivery methods.

The business provides actual delivery dates to support its claims of urgency and scarcity rather than just saying, "Get it before Valentine's Day."

Remember to create a comparable popup to your product pages with a countdown timer, visible delivery dates, and an urgency-driven CTA if you want to evoke the same emotion in your website visitors.

valentine promotion

7. Target Last-Minute Shoppers

For many of us, procrastination is a way of life, and buying last-minute gifts is no exception.

There is a more efficient way to turn procrastinators into consumers than the tactic many retailers use to entice last-minute shoppers.

You are ten steps ahead of the competition if you can provide quick delivery to customers who order at the last minute. One such company, Violet Grey, uses quick delivery to increase sales on Valentine's Day:

valentine promotion

With a curated selection of "last-minute beauty gifts," the company first appeals to procrastinators. They also offer overnight and same-day shipping, but only if you spend more than $150.

You end up purchasing more expensive items if you want to receive your gifts on time. In this way, Violet Grey upsells to last-minute shoppers.

Curioos opts for an alternative strategy to attract last-minute buyers without spending a fortune:

valentine promotion

As a Valentine's Day gift suggestion, the company suggests its electronic gift cards, which are made even more alluring by a discount. Additionally, Curioos responds to any potential objections by stating that there are "no fees or expiration dates."

Holidays are ideal for attracting last-minute gift buyers without affecting your profit margins if you sell gift cards on your website.

8. Offer Limited Product Lines

To increase sales on Valentine's Day, introduce a new product. Because limited edition products are more valuable, there is a higher demand for them. Customers are tempted to make impulsive purchases because they feel secure in purchasing a product whenever they want.

For Valentine's Day, Hershey’s created their meltaway rose kisses. For Valentine's Day romance, they altered the product to be distinctive and the individual packaging to resemble a rose.

9. Promote Self Love

Change your Valentine's Day marketing campaign to encourage self-love because independence is trendy. This formerly fashionable idea has become a tradition for Valentine's Day.

With this advertisement, Lovers + Friends hopes to attract singles without Valentine's Day plans. This advertisement encourages self-love by implying that you don't need to look fancy to feel good.

10. Run Ads

Although it would be ideal to run a Google ad for a Valentine's offer, this is about extremely last-minute ideas. You can publish posts to your free listing that appear when customers search for your shop thanks to the Google My Business platform. Make an Events post to promote a gathering you're hosting, or an Offers post to increase awareness of a special Valentine's Day offer you're running.

When a customer clicks on one of your Google ads, they land on your Google ads landing page. This indicates that the page has a significant impact on your advertising campaign's effectiveness, cost, conversion rate, and brand equity.

The first step in creating an SEO-friendly, flawless advertisement is writing the copy. The copy on your Google ads landing page can be designed and optimized to increase conversions from your ads.

It's crucial to give your customers a user-friendly Google ads landing page after working so hard to create a successful Google Ads campaign. When it comes to creating the best Google Ads landing pages, design, user friendliness, site speed, and improving user experience are crucial factors to take into account.

Tutorial On How To Build Landing Page For Valentines Day With PageFly

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, you have some excellent products, but you're worried about how to draw in and keep customers.

Holiday landing pages are the three magical words that every store owner wants to hear during special occasions.

Find out how using holiday landing pages can increase your holiday sales in the following great, practical advice.

Use Valentines Day Page Template

Use these Valentine's Day templates to get your audience in the romantic mood. These romantic holiday landing pages can help you create sales campaigns for jewelry, flowers, and romantic getaways for romantic partners.

The best Valentine’s Day landing pages feature…

  • Beautiful backgrounds – Usually either hearts, flowers or ribbons.
  • Calligraphy fonts – For that personal, handwritten touch.
  • Plenty of whitespace – Whitespace helps to distinguish the calls to action from the vividly red images so that no one needs to be swamped with red and pink.

01. PageFly Valentine’s Day Landing Page – Free!

pagefly valentine template


  • Great use of color. fantastic holiday-themed fonts.
  • included in each and every PageFly plan, even the free one.
  • Features of FOMO and the shipping schedule are clearly visible.


  •  Needs a lot of personalizing.

02. Valentina Valentine’s Day Landing Page – $18

valentine template


  • Compatible with Mailchimp.
  • Well-sectioned design.


  •  Very basic font. Needs more depth of color.

03. Flowerbox Valentine’s Day Landing Page – $78

valentine template


  • Wonderful images for flower-based stores.
  • Wonderful use of icons.
  • Images that span tastefully across sections. Great illustrated graphics


  •  Very basic font. Too much text for a holiday landing page.

04. Love Declaration Valentine’s Day Landing Page – $63

valentine template


  • Classy design. Gorgeous fonts.
  • Slow, attractive animations.


  •  Quite expensive. 


Give these strategies a try if you're looking for last-minute Valentine's Day campaign ideas or a high-commitment, unconventional holiday marketing plan.

We're confident that you'll find some inspiration for your upcoming Valentine's Day campaign, regardless of what you're selling.

The ideal holiday landing page has the potential to capture and convert more effectively than any other device on your store, regardless of the occasion. A little free assistance from PageFly can significantly increase your conversion rate from the point of downloading the template to the point of publishing the finished page.

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