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Meet A&A Jewels Co.

What first comes to your mind when we mention jewelry?

These days, fancy malls or high-end stores are filled with so many glistening gemstones and diamonds that a pair of sunglasses is sometimes handy.

To Ara & Amanda, there was still something missing. It’s the story of the owners that makes each jewelry item truly outshine

“ Without you, there is no jewelry suitable enough to be worn.” - A&A Jewels Co

a&a jewels co.

In 2019, A&A Jewels Co. was officially founded to fulfill the gap, allowing a simple and refreshing approach to shop for jewels online. Combined, they have 4 generations of Jewelers and Goldsmiths behind them, not to mention the wealth of experience they possess in the industry.


We had a chance to talk directly with Ara Libarian. From manufacturing, product development, fulfillment, to marketing, there is nothing he hasn’t touched. 

At first, Ara found himself stuck in a situation where he had to choose between hiring a company to develop the website or having full autonomy. 

He then started to look for something simple and straightforward to use. Given the fact that the cost of development is rising, it might take a lot of time & money to adjust even a minor change. 

That’s when PageFly - A&A Jewels Co. finally matched!


“ PageFly was always a simple decision. Without it, there’s so much that couldn’t look the way it does today!”

Given the way the world and retail are changing, finding PageFly was an amazing experience to Ara. He went from worrying about how the website is going to be designed to teaching himself how to develop one. 

Up to now, Ara has created 90+ pages with PageFly for the website. And it seems like he won’t stop doing that in the future. Simply because “it is beyond vital to how we present our business online”


A&A Jewels Co. team is now more confident to run any big campaign with PageFly. 

Without further ado, hereby we’ll take a closer look at A&A Jewels Co. storefront design exclusively built for the BFCM season as a great example. 

a&a jewels website

Landing Page

Focusing on showcasing the elegance of the product itself, A&A Jewels Co. team chose a simple layout while adding some touches of delicate creativity throughout the site. 

Product List 

As a landing page, its main purpose should be to help customers quickly grasp the sales information and find the best deal being offered.

The Product List element is an excellent option to achieve that. It was used 5 times in total on the Landing Page. Each product list represented the highlight items from each category, with a very clear sales banner right beside

a&a jewels website

Product page

Product Details with multiple Tabs 

For such luxurious goods like jewelry, customers will need to carefully consider before adding to cart and/or going to checkout. 

It calls for merchants' attention to help their prospects make a decision more easily. As an unwritten rule, providing as much information about the product as possible is ultimately crucial here. 

The A&A Jewels Co. team actually did an excellent job in doing so. They utilized Product Details element to the fullest with Tabs to avoid long descriptions. Breaking up the content by headings will greatly help users pinpoint relevant information and also ignore the information that was irrelevant to their purchasing decision.

Countdown Timer

For any type of sales page, the FOMO effect is irreplaceable. However, too much can cause a reverse impact which hurts the site performance in general. 

Countdown Timer element will be an outstanding choice if you want to emphasize the urgency like what A&A Jewels Co. Team did


From August to November 2021, A&A Jewels Co. online store witnessed a significant improvement in the site performance

“ When we rebuilt our website using PageFly, we've been able to see some quality traffic to our website, where customers interact with our content.” 

Specifically, the team has recorded a 3X growth in the average session time. Bounce rates declined considerably from over 73% to 54%.

The result itself does not only mean a mere number change but indicates that visitors are interacting with their content and engaging with more onsite activities. It’s indeed a firm foundation for them to build a relationship with customers in the short & long run.

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