How Cheezy accelerates the workflow with PageFly

Let's find out how Cheezy organizes and develops their storefront without any coding expertise.








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Designing the storefront that matches every occasion as soon as possible without coding knowledge



They found PageFly as the drag-n-drop-page builder tool that allows massive customization options to build any kind of page.


Increase in average session duration for Christmas landing page


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Increase in traffic to Christmas landing page

Meet Cheezy

The Swiss cheese landscape provides Cheezy so much more than just a regular type of cheese to offer customers over and over again. So Michel Sägesser, CEO, founder of Cheezy, decided to do something about it.

With a large network of over 4,000 Swiss milk producers and cheese dairies and ​​supplies of fresh milk on a daily basis, they deliver the best selection to your home in their cheese boxes. With Cheezy, your fridge will always be stocked with the finest cheeses - and the only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy them. 

“The profits we make with our cheezy boxes go entirely back to our producers - which means we want to strengthen the national milk producers and thus give something back to the Swiss cheese landscape as a thank you.”


Cheezy Marketing Managers, Sarah, and Michel work with a lot of heart for customers every day, ​​look after the webshop, provide you with the latest news about cheezy, and make sure that the cheese reaches you. Updating a website that constantly changes can be a challenge for people with no coding experience like Sarah and Michel while hiring a website developer takes a lot of time and money. So the Cheezy Team needs to find a page builder app that is easy to use without the need of having knowledge about coding or programming pages. In a fast and easy way, they are able to set up new pages from scratch


Among the most powerful Shopify page builders available, Cheezy found and decided to stick with PageFly, a really easy-to-use drag and drop. PageFly offers Cheezy super flexible customization of more than 90 features and elements that allows them to build or design any kind of page. 

“For us, it was the fast way of creating a landing page for our different promotions - also the possibility to adapt them quickly makes PageFly a very useful tool”


With PageFly, Cheezy Team has built over 70 pages. Most of them are landing pages, built for Cheezy promotions and campaigns. Let's find out what components Cheezy uses to create its storefront.

Consistent page layout

Cheezy uses a custom theme on its Online Store, which presents their brand identity perfectly. With PageFly, they are able to create the landing pages that match the theme styling. Cheezy usually uses a simple block of image, a heading, and paragraph. It is a simple layout, but it needs to follow the theme's formatting, from font family, font size to each element’s margin and padding, to maintain a neat and professional look across the store.

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HTML/Liquid code for divider and map

A signature element in Cheezy is the Divider beneath a certain heading. Having a simple HTML code for the divider, Cheezy only needed to paste it in the PageFly HTML/Liquid element. And Voilà, there’s the divider

cheezy website

The HTML/Liquid element is also advantageous to embed code from Google map. An example is the map showing Milk Producers’ location on Cheezy About Us page 

cheezy website

Accordion elements 

Accordions are useful when you want to toggle between hiding and showing a large amount of content. In How cheezy works page, they made FAQ sections to clear customer’s concerns about the working process. PageFly’s Accordion is the perfect element to show or hide information on demand:

  • Organizes content so visitors can easily find what they're looking for.
  • Helps minimize scrolling on pages, especially on mobile.
  • Completely customizable styles and colors to fit site design.
cheezy website


Since June 2020, Cheezy has built 74 pages with PageFly. Those are mostly landing pages for Online Store promotions and campaigns, implying that PageFly is a worthwhile tool for their business.

With PageFly, the work follows is optimized. With the smooth editing experience, the team can build any page to serve Marketing strategy within 1 day and hardly meets any big nuisance.

The Christmas landing page has the average session time increasing by 40% and its traffic increased by 21.4% compared to last year.

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