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Meet Skin Discovery

Founded in March 2020, Skin Discovery is a boutique spa, virtual skin care consultancy and online shop. Christine Preston, the owner, is a certified Skin Therapist who is passionate about treating acne-prone, rosacea and prematurely aging skin. Her personal skin challenges have motivated Christine to find clinically proven solutions to treat the skin. Skin Discovery inspires women to look and feel their best by helping them find skin care products that calm redness and improve acne. 


When it comes to skin, it is all about personalization. As a skin care professional, Christine wants her store to be recognized with her own style and brand image. So Christine, owner of Skin Discovery, is in charge of building her own online store.

Shopify is a great platform for SMEs to manage their store. But the editor can be challenging for merchants that don’t have web development background or huge resources to run websites. For Christine, she wants to build her own website and doesn’t have to rely on a developer or designer to update her online store that constantly changes. That is when a page builder comes to her mind.And PageFly was her choice ever since December 2019, when she prepared for her first launch. 

And PageFly was her choice ever since December 2019, when she prepared for her first launch. 


Smooth Editing Experience

The Skin Discovery Team is small, but brilliant. The store is a combination between virtual skin consultancy and high quality skincare products, so traditional product pages can’t highlight the signature of each product/service line. That is why Christine created custom product pages for all her products/services. Taking full advantage of PageFly, she combined page elements on each page uniquely yet still had consistency. 

Christine also uses PageFly to create landing pages for different occasions. Her landing page often offers a lot of packages and gift bundles that include both skincare product kit and consultancy or treatment offer. 

Recently, her Holiday Gift Guide landing page presents Christine’s image and the promotion message at the top of the page (the signature design of her store), followed by the promotion information and countdown timer, then different collections and product lists. 

Three PageFly Features on this particular page have been helpful for Christine:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality: It makes the design process smoother and more straight-forward. 
  • Countdown timer: Support her marketing strategy.
  • Trusted banner: Present authorized beauty brands that are used in her spa/store.

The more Christine uses PageFly, the less nuisance she encounters in the working process.

The Support Team

One of the main reasons Skin Discovery stayed with PageFly is the Support Team. Christine can assure that she can’t find any support services like PageFly. 

“The Support Team is incredible. They are always there to resolve the issue in a reasonable amount of time.”

One of her unforgettable experiences is when she wasn’t able to publish the Homepage due to an error that she couldn't resolve from her end. She reached out to PageFly front-line operators and had the Technical support solve the issue immediately. And to Christine, the support was not only just about fixing the problems but also educating merchants to use the app to its full potential.


Bringing your personal style and design ideas through a developer unfamiliar with your brand can be difficult and cost quite a lot of money. 

Christine Preston has managed to build the aesthetic to her own store while saving lots of the designing time and fee. With PageFly features, Christine can see all the possibilities and bring her design idea to life without a single line of code.

“My shop is now differentiated from my competitors, whose stores all look very similar so PageFly has really helped me build my brand identity and stand out in a crowded marketplace."

From the end of 2019 and early 2020, Christine has had over 150 published pages using PageFly and Skin Discovery has seen a 34% improvement in drop offs on the website since implementing PageFly.

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