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Let’s find out how Daily&Co, a D2C company, uses PageFly in the developing and operating process of VANITY TABLE’s online store.







Seoul, Republic of Korea

Vanity Table website with PageFly
website challenge


Creating a high standard storefront that is able to change quickly and easily.

website solution


The diversity of the PageFly element library has helped create unique layouts for the brand and accelerate the publishing process.


Sessions in 2021 March, after 9 months of launching


Decrease in Bounce Rate for “About Brand” Page built with PageFly


Pages created with PageFly


The COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on businesses across various industries. For the beauty segment specifically, sales from physical stores that were once the backbone of the industry have declined significantly. Numbers of global beauty companies had to downsize, sell or even shut down their businesses. In the meantime, VANITY TABLE, global beauty platform of Daily & Co., opened in 2020 to capture opportunities created by the “stay-at-home economy”. VANITY TABLE presents the finest products to gift you an unforgettable first experience with beauty, and thereby, help you discover your true self.

vanity table website pagefly

Daily & Co. is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) company that develops and manages its own brands such as ‘KLUG’, ‘MONGZE’ and ‘YURICA’. Daily & Co. presents a variety of beauty products and directly communicates with consumers through its own global beauty platform ‘VANITY TABLE’. They manage all aspects of product development, online store development and operations, marketing, sales, and customer support to provide the best daily experiences to a wider global customers through our brands.

Daily & Co. x PageFly

When Daily & Co. started its business on Shopify, the overseas team faced huge challenges. The platform interface and process of publishing web pages are totally new. They studied various different themes and page builders and finally chose PageFly.

The Overseas Team of Daily & Co. eagerly joined webinars of PageFly and could learn how to build successful stores. Soon enough, the feature of “integration with PageFly” becomes one of their top priority when choosing other apps and solutions on Shopify App Store.

They also participated in surveys and Product development interviews with PageFly regularly. Since PageFly updated its features rapidly, Daily & Co. could use new features they needed all the time. Keeping their eye on the PageFy news and updates provided valuable insights for Daily & Co.


By teaming up with a number of brands that provide popular, high-quality Korean beauty items, VANITY TABLE is able to serve the demand for online shopping increasing as consumers struggle to visit brick-and-mortar stores during the pandemic. Since its launch, the company has been witnessing steady growth. 

During its growth and expansion, VANITY TABLE clearly knows what they have to deal with to fulfill their determinations. 

The first: VANITY TABLE needs to ensure that every featured brand and products are aligned with them in value and vision. VANITY TABLE wants to only feature brands and products in a high standard storefront. Shopify Theme templates are limited to show a variety of different characteristics. They did not support enough customization and multiple layouts.

The second: VANITY TABLE leads the changing seasons and desires. They know that the changes in seasons and trends bring changes in style. That’s why VANITY TABLE aims to please by offering special curated deals, they need to change the layout quickly and easily. 

And here VANITY TABLE’s needs and PageFly meet!


PageFly had opportunities to work with Kang So Seon, Director of Overseas Business at Daily & Co, to understand how her team uses PageFly to solve the trouble with the Default Shopify editor and update content that constantly changes.

Some of VANITY TABLE’s brands also have their own web page, ​​so VANITY TABLE needs to maintain visual unity of the brand throughout the stores. With PageFly, VANITY TABLE can visually show brands in different sections and feature products in unique layouts.

“The exquisite beauty and lifestyle trends are not harmed when it is published because PageFly can source various types of elements and features.” - Kang SoSeon, Daily & Co. Director of Overseas Business.

VANITY TABLE can also design timely promotional pages fit for each brand and market events. PageFly also helps publish unique layouts of each brand easily and it also makes it possible to make responsive web pages so that we can select how each product is published in a specific layout or devices. 


Kang’s team is now more capable of making the creative designs they want. On average, Daily & Co. often build 4 different customer focused promotion pages for every promotion eventLet’s take a look around VANITY TABLE's page editors to see how they’re able to pull off such a stunning website.

Bespoke Images and Various Layout Sections 

As mentioned earlier, VANITY TABLE always has to update the homepage and collections with new brands and products while keeping the visuals consistent,

In the VANITY TABLE Homepage, they use a bright color palette to bring a refreshing and youthful impression to visitors. The layout is simple but thanks to the Bold headers and bespoke Images, the Homepage looks like a beauty magazine, where you can find the latest trending products. 

They present latest updates, promotions and new brand announcements by using Carousels.

vanity table website pagefly

With collection sections, they use a 2-column section, and the only job left is to drop graphic designs into these columns by using the Image elements. 

vanity table website pagefly

HTML/Liquid Element

Behind VANITY TABLE is Daily & Co with a fully experienced team in coding and web developer. You can see the HTML/Liquid element is their favorite elements in all page types. They use custom HTML for well-styled Logo Slideshow on Homepage:

vanity table website pagefly

They also use this same element to make an Image Library that links to Shoppable Instagram Feed:

vanity table website pagefly

In the sale page, VANITY TABLE uses the HTML/Liquid element to customize the sale badges to match the discounted brands.

vanity table website pagefly

But the Custom HTML element is not the only way to create the features that PageFly wants. VANITY TABLE also uses the Custom Code Editor to create the page that they truly want. 

Even though all team members have coding experience, they still choose PageFly because it can save a lot of money and time to configure and double check these types of sections.


With PageFly helping with page updates and creation, VANITY TABLE, has enjoyed:

  • 1,200,000 monthly sessions achieved in 9 months of launching. This number is only 200K in June 2020.
  • The bounce rate went from 45.00% to 21.13%: The pages built with PageFly for introducing brands are kept updated, but could maintain a low bounce rate with help of PageFly.
  • Conversion rate went up from 1.7 % to more than 3% (From 2020 to end of 2021) 

In the past year, Daily & Co could open 7 different stores, and it took only a few days to design the site with PageFly.

“We do love PageFly's high functionality on integration that doesn’t require a manual installation process. Generally, we use over 5 add-on and app integration to help our customers convenience.” - Kang SoSeon. 

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