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9 Creative Father's Day Ads That Will Leave You Awe-Inspired

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Father's Day is right around the corner, and if you are looking for some inspiration to help your brand stand out on that day, you have arrived at the right place. Father's Day is exceptional for families as children get ready to honor their fathers in different ways. It is also an excellent time for brands to stand out and make a splash with their advertising campaigns. Like Mother's Day, Father's Day is a perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their audience on a deeper and more emotional level. 

While there are countless ways to catch your audience's attention on a particular day like this, a few brands did better than others, and this article is all about them. To leave you inspired, we have handpicked nine Father's Day creative ads out there that will inspire you for your own Father's Day campaigns. 


9 Best Father’s Day Creative Ads You Need to See For inspiration

From poignant to light-hearted, minimalistic to ingenious, these nine creative Father’s Day ads are all you need for inspiration:

Gilette - This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad

    This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad

    Image Credits

    When it comes to certain things, dads are the best teachers, and this ad by Gilette simply proves that. The heartwarming Father's Day ad starts with a few fathers describing how today's children have all the information they need at their fingertips, pushing them to seek internet assistance for different things than their fathers. 

    So Gilette invited the children and asked them to look up a few answers on the internet to things like "how to tie a tie" and "how to shave." While the internet had the answers to their questions, they found it hard to pick them up. And that's when their fathers; swoop in, helping them with these questions in the most fatherly manner. 

    This ad portrays fathers as loving mentors who guide their children through challenges and teach them essential skills. It emphasizes the importance of fathers in their lives and nudges the audience to "Go ask dad" and celebrate them on Father's Day. 

    What we liked about this ad:

    • This Father's Day ad highlights the special bond between fathers and their children that is not easily replaceable.
    • The ad portrays realistic characters and scenarios that make it relatable.
    • It promotes a positive image of the role fathers play in their children's lives and encourages the viewers to appreciate their fathers.
    • It puts Gilette as a brand that values relationships.

    Watch the Father's Day creative ad here → This Father's Day, Go Ask Dad (Gilette)

    Michelob ULTRA -  Dear #ULTRADAD

      Dear #ULTRADAD

      Image Credits

      This heartwarming Father's Day  video ad celebrates father figures in all forms, such as mentors, coaches, and step-fathers. The Dear #ULTRADAD film begins with different father figures surprised with a Thank You note from people they have positively impacted.

      The video ad highlights the sentimental and fatherly bond a student or a step-daughter can have with their coaches or step-parent and how much it matters to let them know you're grateful for their presence. The notes leave them tear-jerked and depict the importance of communication and how even a simple letter can be the biggest gift for your father. 

      To extend the celebration, Michelob ULTRA encouraged its social media followers and audience to join in by sharing a tribute to their father or father figure through their favorite social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, using the hashtag #ULTRADAD.

      What we liked about this ad:

      • The content was easy to resonate with and relatable to many while highlighting the brand’s products in a non-promotional way.

      Around 71% of consumers tend to spend more on goods and services to support a cause. This is also one of the reason for the success of this campaign. This Father’s Day creative ad was created, including a social-responsibility campaign where Michelob ULTRA collaborated with Up2Us sports, a nonprofit organization, to support, train and engage coaches. 

      For every consumer who used the hashtag on social media, the brand donated $1 to the organization. This encouraged more and more users to use the hashtag, which in turn made the ad extremely popular.

      Watch the Father’s Day ad here → Dear #ULTRADAD

      Stella Artois - The Best Present for Father’s Day?

        The Best Present for Father’s Day

        Image Credits

        Do you know what could be the best present you can give your father this Father's Day? The video ad by Stella Artois answers this question. On Father's Day, you are bound to see heartfelt messages and throwback pictures from numerous users on social media showing their appreciation and love for their fathers. 

        But how many dads are their on social media handles to witness the love of their children? The Stella Artois ad shows the emotions of three real fathers who secretly listen to their children discussing their Father's Day posts on camera and how much they mean to them. 

        At this moment, the fathers go to their children and convey their happiness upon hearing what they feel about their relationship. Stella Artois urges people to take their Father's Day tribute beyond the screen this year, as the most significant gift they can give their fathers is their own presence.

        What we liked about this ad:

        • It shares an impactful message on how taking time to express appreciation towards their fathers off social media is important. 
        • The ad was relatable, urging people, especially millennials, who use social media actively while promoting their product subtly.

        Father's Day advertisements significantly impact consumer behavior, and ads like this are sure to push viewers to take action by building a solid and emotional connection. Many consumers are easily influenced by Father's Day ads when deciding what to buy for their dads. 

        Sometimes, sharing their favorite beverage could be the most ideal experience or gift they could gift their dads, and a simple video ad like this definitely proves it. The ad generated 33 million impressions and 3.8 million views, with over 40k social mentions for Stella Artois, increasing the brand's identity.

        Check out this heartfelt Father’s Day ad here → The Best Present for Father’s Day? - Stella Artois

        Toyota - The Journey

          The Journey

          Image Credits

          A non-father's Day ad (yet targets families as the audience) that really stood out for us is Toyota's "The Journey". It came out during the pandemic and was created entirely on CGI to overcome some of the production challenges. 

          The video ad features the Toyota RAV4, a compact SUV vehicle at the centre and drives a beautiful narrative around to highlight children's special bond with their fathers. The film starts with a kid writing a special letter to Santa near a window that flies away with the wind. The father and the kid set off to chase the letter in the car and finally get hold of it. The letter read how the kid wishes to have a trip with his dad as a gift this Christmas. The father realizes the biggest treasure is the time he spends with his kid.

          Though the ad was not released on Father's Day, it is an excellent example of inspiration for brands looking to promote their products and services and simultaneously touch the heart of many with a heartwarming message.

          What we liked about the ad:

          • Emphasizes the importance of spending time with each other.
          • Promotes their car with the right message and highlights the brand as one that values family and relationships.

          Father's Day ads that appeal to consumers' emotions are often the most effective. According to a study by Nielsen, ads that evoke strong emotions have seen a 23% lift in sales. An engaging and heartwarming ad such as this can be trending and, at the same time, positively affect your revenue and sales. 

          Check out the animated commercial by Toyota here → The Journey - Toyota

          Dove - Calls for Dad #RealDadMoments

            Calls for Dad #RealDadMoments

            Image Credits

            Dove's "Calls for Dad #RealDadMoments" ad is about everyday parenting moments. It captures moments of several children calling out to their fathers for help, from putting on a t-shirt to fixing a car. As their fathers respond to their call, the children's faces light up with happiness.

            The ad urges everyone to celebrate the often-overlooked moments of fatherhood and emphasizes the importance of the father's presence and involvement in their children's lives. 

            It also focuses on how caring for their children makes men stronger, challenging traditional notions of masculinity. The ad paved the pathway for Dove's Men+Care products. The ad also urged others to celebrate their fathers over social media using the hashtag #RealDadMoments.

            What we liked about the ad:

            • The diversity of the fathers and children depicted in the ad helps connect with a wide range of audiences worldwide.
            • It tugs the viewers' heartstrings with a pleasant and relatable video. 
            • The brand promotes its unique collection in a non-salesy way and yet showcases the brand as one that genuinely cares about its consumers.

            Check out the ad here → Calls for Dad - Dove

            Nike - A Father’s Day Tribute

              A Father’s Day Tribute

              Image Credits

              The Father's Day tribute commercial by Nike is for those who have been distant from their fathers for a long time. The film starts with a young man's audio message to his father while he gets on with his chores. The audio narrative takes the viewer through a series of emotions. 

              The young man talks about how he's doing something with the pennies he used to collect with his father and that he found his old Nike shoes, and that it fits him well now. It concludes with a message for his father that conveys that he misses him and that he very much loves him. 

              Often, we forget to say the simplest yet most important things to our parents, which are how much they matter to us and how much we love them. This video ad encourages children to get back in touch with their fathers and reconcile their relationship.

              What we liked about the ad:

              • It highlights the brand's legacy.
              • Many can resonate with the ad and its importance. 
              • The commercial was heart-touching, with a moral message encouraging many to pick up their phones and call their dad. And with Nike's tagline " Just do it", the video ad became more creative and unique in its representation. 

              Watch the ad here → A Father’s Day Tribute by Nike

              Volkswagen’s Father’s Day Ad

                Volkswagen’s Father’s Day Ad

                Image Credits

                Who knew a simple print ad could convey so much? This witty Volkswagen ad for Father’s Day conveys a strong message, which is also mentioned in the ad's caption: "no matter how old you get, you still have a lot to learn from him.”

                The visual features Volkswagen’s new and old (iconic) beetle and how an old car can still hold its legacy and have a few tricks up its sleeve.

                When it comes to parenting, fathers are a know-it-all, and they always have the best interest in mind for their children. Have a question or want to know how something worked back in the day? Whom better to ask other than your father? Volkswagen took this simple notion and presented what it does best through an automobile pun. 

                What we liked about the ad:

                • It’s simple and static. Doesn’t take too much time for the viewer to convey the message.
                • It is funny and relatable to automotive fans and others. 
                • Compliments father and at the same time promotes a classic car, effortlessly.

                Kate Spade - Thanks Dad

                  Thanks Dad

                  Image Credits

                  Talk about a women’s wear brand celebrating Father’s Day (say what now?). That’s right, Kate Spade, a popular luxury women’s brand, decided to celebrate Father’s Day with a twist. How? Through the old-school email marketing campaign. But if your brand’s target audience is women, how is this even relevant, you may ask? 

                  Kate Spade decided to promote Jack Spade, the brand’s men’s only collection on Father’s Day. It is an exclusive collection of giftable products meant for fathers, brothers, and all the men in any woman's life. A simple email graphic and witty (yet meaningful) captions with gift ideas for inspiration for gifting was a quick nudge for Kate Spade customers and fans to make the necessary purchase on Father’s Day.

                  What we liked about this Father’s Day ad:

                  • This email marketing ad for Father’s Day promotion targets a specific collection and products creatively and directly.
                  • The simple graphic conveyed the necessary message with simple and easy-to-understand visual elements and captions. 
                  • Targeted a unique set of audience for boosting its sales.

                  Personalized emails like this target fathers of all kinds. And for a premium brands like Kate Spade and Jack Spade, email campaigns help to attract high-spending consumers.

                  Fruit of the Loom - Father’s Day GIFs

                    Father’s Day GIFs

                    Image Credits

                    Looking for the most creative Father’s Day ad? Fruit of the Loom has got you covered. 

                    This campaign by Fruit of the Loom showcases a unique way of gifting on Father’s Day. Rather than searching online or in stores for gifts that your fathers will love, this brand came up with a microsite called the Father’s Day GIF Registry with multiple animated GIFs that shows dad-like behaviour with relatable captions that makes them ideal for the activity. 

                    Users could share these GIFs via their preferred social media handles. The best part? Beneath each GIF came a CTA that, on clicking, would lead users to the Fruit of the Loom’s e-commerce website, where they can purchase the featured products. Pretty cool, right? This is definitely one of our favorites! 

                    What we liked about the ad:

                    • This Father’s Day was creative, unique and extremely convenient to share.
                    • It made shopping for fathers from Fruit of the Loom a piece of cake

                    Father’s Day GIFs

                    Image Credits

                    GIFs are easy to share, allowing viewers to watch and pass them along to others. Best part? It comes with no expiry and stays in your memory as well as on your chat. Using these GIFs, Fruit of the Loom gave consumers ideas for Father's Day gifts effortlessly, encouraging more and more users to make easy purchase decisions.

                    10 Tips & Tricks for Creating Effective Father’s Day Ads

                    Tips & Tricks for Creating Effective Father’s Day Ads

                    Image Credits

                    As an online store owner in the eCommerce world, if you are looking to attract more audience to your store and products this Father's Day, then these Father's Day creative ads are definitely inspiration-worthy. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind to ensure your ad campaign is as effective as it could be. Here are they:

                    Tap Into Nostalgia

                      In the advertising world, nostalgia is a great tool to use for reaching your audience and tugging their hearts. Use relatable content through images or videos from the past to evoke emotions and connect better with the viewers.

                      Highlight the Unique Bond Between Father and Child

                        ​​Children and fathers share a unique bond. Highlighting this special bond can make it easy for viewers to resonate with your brand and, subsequently, your offerings. 

                        Consider Using Humor to Connect with Your Audience

                          Who doesn't enjoy humor? Humor in your Father's Day ads can make the content more memorable. However, it is important not to offend anyone directly or indirectly.

                          Appeal to the Emotions of Your Audience

                            Connecting with your viewers on an emotional level can be a powerful motivator to lead them into making a purchase or to simply build brand trust. So tap into the love and appreciation people feel for their fathers.

                            Feature Real Fathers and Their Children if Possible

                              Featuring real fathers and their children in your ad can make it more authentic and believable. This is all the more effective if the father-child relationship is portrayed positively.

                              Use a Storytelling Approach

                                Viewers always appreciate visual storytelling. Use a narrative structure to create a sense of emotional connection and engagement with viewers.

                                Create a Sense of Urgency

                                  ​​Father's Day is a time-sensitive event, so creating a sense of urgency in your Father's Day ad can nudge the viewers to take immediate action and make a purchase.

                                  Focus on the Experience, not just the Product

                                    It is important not to sound too promotional in your Father's Day ads, as it can simply lead viewers to dismiss your ad as non-relevant. It is ideal for focusing on experiences and emotions associated with Father's Day to connect with your audiences better.

                                    Highlight the Impact Fathers Have on Their Families

                                    Baby Looks At Father

                                      Image Credits

                                      Fathers play an important role in families, and emphasizing this fact in your ads can make them more impactful.

                                      Tailor Your Ad to Specific Demographics and Interests

                                        Father's Day means different things to different people, and if your target audience is coming from a specific demographic or has a certain interest, consider tailoring your ad for them. This makes the ad more personal.


                                        The nine inspiring Father's Day creative ads featured in this article convey the power of creative storytelling and emotional appeal in capturing the hearts and minds of consumers. Leverage these ads as inspiration for your next Father's Day marketing campaigns and create a truly memorable and unique ad experience for your customers. 

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