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300+ Gift Shop Names Ideas That Make Your Store Stand Out

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With more than 22,000 stores nationwide, this gift and souvenir industry is estimated to be worth $19 billion annually. The majority of gift shops are located in physical stores, but since 2019, over half of U.S. shoppers have reportedly planned to do their holiday shopping via e-commerce rather than in-stores, with close to 60%t choosing online channels in 2022. Peak profits for these gift shops online typically occur from late September to mid-December, although December is when online spending peaks.

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Ready to open a gift shop of your own? When starting a gift shop, there are numerous approaches you can take. Offering coffee, food, artwork, and trinkets that are representative of the area makes sense if you intend to operate in a tourist area. Prior to the holidays, other gift shops that are only open seasonally can be profitable. Whatever direction you intend to take the business, we have more than 300+ gift shop names for you to take into consideration.

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How To Name Your Gift Shop

As is well known, business competition is growing daily. Starting a business with an appropriate business plan and strategy is now crucial.

Your company name should be the first and most crucial part of that business strategy. You will draw in more customers if you select a unique name for your gift shop that can effectively convey your message to your target audience.

But you won't find it easy to attract customers if you don't name your company after your aspirations and dreams. Therefore, picking the ideal name for your gift shop is crucial.

Make sure to confirm the availability of your proposed business name before making a decision. Some names may already be taken since this site receives hundreds of visitors each day.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose a name for your gift shop:

1. Brainstorm gift shop names ideas

You should first come up with name suggestions for your gift shop using contemporary methods.

To determine the kind of company name you require, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is my business exactly?
  • What is my target audience?
  • Which products will I focus on the most?
  • Why will people prefer to buy from me?

It will be simple for you to compile a list of names once you have clarity on these issues.

Start putting all the names you came up with on your own.

2. Try a gift shop name generator

You can name your gift shop using one of the many online name generators available. These name generators will provide you with hundreds of gift store names after you enter a few keywords.

Although the names produced by the business name generator might not be hip, they will at least provide you with a ton of original words. Play around with these words and combine them to come up with some truly amazing name suggestions.

3. Get Ideas from friends and family

You could also have a brainstorming session with your family. It is a common belief that we generate a lot of ideas when we sit with various people.

You can include your coworkers and friends in your brainstorming session to come up with some incredibly original gift basket names.

We will begin shortlisting the names on your list once you have finished.

4. Keep your goals and dreams in front of you

Your objectives and aspirations should be in mind as you choose the name of your company. This is because you will give your company a name based on your aspirations and goals.

When you choose a name that expresses your aspirations, it will develop into a great one over time as your company expands.

You'll start scaling your business once it becomes profitable, at which point you'll understand how crucial your company name is.

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5. Finalize your business name

Make sure your company name is brief. It is best to keep it short and simple. This is so that people can remember and understand short, easy names. Therefore, after reading it once, anyone will remember it.

6. Check domain name availability

You can instantly check the availability of a domain name using the Shopify Domain Name Generator. You can check for domain name availability after searching for names you're interested in, and the annual pricing noted. You can tap through to reserve your domain name on Shopify.

300+ Gift Shop Names Ideas

The following gift shop names are original, clever, and stand out from the competition. Hopefully, this list of fantastic gift shop name ideas will inspire you.

Funny Gift Shop Name Ideas

Here are some funny gift shop names for you:

  • Dreamica
  • Fit to Gift
  • Flora Fun
  • Furry Friends Gift Shop
  • Giant Fling
  • Gift a Darn
  • Gift Fairy
  • Gift parcel
  • Gift Smarts
  • Giftify
  • Giftisp
  • Giftly
  • Giftoholic
  • Gifts Galore
  • Giftshopio
  • Giftster
  • Going Nuts Gourmet Gifts
  • I Present You
  • Log Cabin Keepsakes
  • Made 2 Infuse
  • Magic gift
  • OMG – Oh My Gift
  • Perfumania
  • Pretty Wrap
  • Scaredy Kat
  • Shiny Gift
  • Slush Present
  • Sprinkles
  • The Flower Pot
  • Wrap & Go
  • Wrap Around
  • Wrap Me Up

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    Cute Gift Shop Name Ideas

    • Afloral
    • Always Fits
    • Boulevard Gifts
    • BOXFOX
    • Brown Paper Packages Gift Shop
    • Charming Treasures
    • Cherished Memories Gift Store
    • Coming Soon
    • Cozy Corner Keepsakes
    • Eve's Addiction
    • FarmFoods
    • FiftyFlowers
    • Firebox
    • FTD
    • Gifts Galore
    • Glorious Gifts
    • Grandma's Gift Shop
    • Happy Box Store
    • Heart of Gold Gifts
    • Heaven Sent Gift Delivery
    • Hidden Gem Gift Shoppe
    • Holly's Handmade Gifts
    • Hopscotch Toy Shop
    • Just Because Gifts
    • Kiddie Corner Gifts
    • Knack
    • Knick Knack Paddy Whack
    • Lovepop
    • Nearly Natural
    • Playtime Gift Store
    • Proflowers
    • Pucker Up Gifts
    • Rainy Day Hobby Shop
    • ReserveBar
    • Riverside Gift Shop
    • Soufeel
    • Spruce Street Gift Shop
    • Sugar Cookie Sweet Shop
    • Sunset Gifts
    • Surprises Inside
    • Sweet Scents Candle Shop
    • Teacher's Pet Gift Shop
    • The Gift Fairy
    • The Gift Spot
    • The Giftery
    • The Gifting Tree
    • The Hot Plate Kitchen Gifts
    • The Treasure Box
    • Twinkle Twinkle Trinkets
    • Venus ET Fleur
    • Wish Upon a Gift
    • Yellow Octopus
    • Yellow Umbrella Gift Shop

    Online Gift Shop Name Ideas

    A couple advantages of an online gift shop being open 24/7.  Here are some suggestions for an online gift shop.

    • BlueBox Gift Shop
    • Bootstrap Gift Shop
    • Cluster Gift Shop
    • Deadline Gift Shop
    • Factor GIft Shop
    • Gift Shop Flex
    • Gift Shop Pirate
    • Gift Shop Shack
    • Highpoint Gift Shop
    • Ignition Gift Shop
    • Potential Gift Shop
    • Sprint Gift Shop
    • The Red Balloon Company
    • The Ultimate Gift Store
    • TopTier Gift Shop
    • Urban Gift Store
    • Wacko Gift Shop
    • Weekend Gift Shop
    • Yolk
    • Zoom Gift Shop

    Unique Gift Store Names

    Finding the ideal name for a gift shop can be challenging. It can be challenging to think of a distinctive name that will set your store apart from the competition when there is so much competition all around you.

    In order to aid you, we have thought of a few unique yet imaginative gift shop names to spark your imagination.

    • Agora Gift Shop
    • Be The Gift
    • Bubble Gift
    • Crypto Gift Shop
    • Gift Amaze
    • Gift Disco
    • Gift Hut
    • Gift Is A Gift
    • Gift Radar
    • Gift Reach
    • Gift Ship
    • Gift Shop Hub
    • Gift Snow
    • Gift Store
    • Gift Tree
    • Gifthaus
    • Giftify
    • Giftos
    • Gifts for You
    • Gifts Unlock
    • Giftshopio
    • Giftspedia
    • Giftster
    • Giftubator
    • Go Get Gifts
    • Interactive Gift Shop
    • My Gift Shop
    • My Gift Store
    • One Gift
    • Sharp Gifts
    • Store Gifts
    • Unopened Box
    • Urban Gift Store
    • Your Gift Store

    Cool Gift Shop Names Ideas

    Here are some cool and catchy gift shop names for you:

    • Bond Party Supplies
    • Candy Tyme
    • Cozy Corner Keepsakes
    • Eden Gift Shop
    • Happy Place
    • Lots of Love Gifts
    • Mind Curves
    • One Strange Bird
    • Quality Circle
    • Rosebud Tea Shoppe
    • Spacebase Gift Shop
    • The Gifting Tree
    • Vogue Gift Shop
    • Wrap & Go

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      Vintage Gift Shop Names

      Here are several intriguing names for vintage gift shops that have been specially chosen for your shop.

      • 4 Generations
      • A Happy Home
      • Bits and Pieces
      • Castaway
      • Charming Treasures
      • Chic Boutique
      • Dazzle
      • Elegant Attire
      • Fabulous Finds
      • Grandma’s Attic
      • Life’s A Beach
      • Melodious Memories
      • Modern-Day Museum
      • Part of the Past
      • Premium Past Time
      • Purple Haze
      • Secondhand Delight
      • The French Touch
      • The Great Gatsby
      • The Vintage Thread
      • Time Machine Gifts
      • Toys of Joy
      • Vintage Ally
      • Vintage Candles n’ Things
      • Vintage Delights
      • Vintage Treasures

      Fancy Gift Shop Names

      Here are a few creative store names to get you started:

      • Bounty Hunters
      • Drunken Muffin
      • En Vogue Gifts
      • Everyday Occasions
      • Galactic Gifts
      • Gifts of Love
      • Give A Gift
      • Gourmet Gift Baskets
      • King’s Bounty
      • Love My Gift
      • Present Day
      • Show Don’t Tell
      • Special Days
      • The Big Gift Shop
      • The Gift Secret
      • Wrap Up Love
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        Handmade Gift Shop Names

        Your biggest obstacle will be coming up with a name that accurately describes you and your gift shop when you decide to open your own handmade gift shop to sell handmade or personalized gifts.

        • A Handmade Gift
        • All Things Handcrafted
        • Crafts N Gifts
        • Crafts of the Heart
        • Crafty Box
        • Crafty Kind
        • Everything under The Sun
        • Everything’s Rosie
        • Floral Fantasies
        • Gifthands
        • Gifts aplenty!
        • Hand Made Delights
        • Hand-Crafted Gifts
        • Handmade 4 All
        • Handmade and More
        • Handmade Gallery
        • Handmade Gift Honeycomb
        • Handmade Gifts Galore
        • Handmade Nook
        • HandyGifts
        • Happy Hands
        • Knot Added
        • Little Red’s Samplers
        • Painted Flowers’ Delights…
        • Relevant Gift Shops
        • Silk Scarves
        • Something I Made This Year
        • Successful Handmade Goods
        • The Art of Giving!
        • The Basket Lady
        • Treasures Galore
        • Wrapped and Ready
        • Yarn Delights

        Gift Gallery Shop Name Ideas

        Gift shops are a permanent feature of galleries that sell artwork. So, here are some names you can use for the gift shop if you have a small boutique inside a gallery.

        • Artsy Antiques and Gifts
        • Blue Planet Gallery Gifts
        • Bow & Arrow Collection
        • Clock Tower Gifts
        • Coach House Gallery Gifts
        • Elements of Time
        • Exit 9 Gallery Gifts
        • Fabulous Finds
        • Gift Mantra
        • GIFT WORKS
        • Inkling Gallery Gift Shop
        • Log Cabin Gallery Keepsakes
        • Magnolia Garden Center Gift Shop
        • Making History
        • Modern-Day Museum
        • Monster Art, Clothing, & Gifts
        • Once Upon a Trinket
        • The Scribe
        • The Vintage Thread
        • Time Machine Gifts
        • Townsend Gallery Gift Shoppe

        Baby Gift Shop Name Ideas

        A baby gift store could be a very successful business venture. Anyone who has ever had a baby knows how many different items, such as clothing, diapers, lotions, powders, and toys you need to buy.

        • Beautiful Bounty
        • Berry Bags
        • Better And Happy
        • Bliss Basket
        • Fairy Day
        • Fantasies
        • Gadgets Gift Shop
        • Galactic Gifts
        • Giftonvy
        • Hopscotch Toy Shop
        • Kid Smart Gift Shop
        • Kiddie Corner
        • Kiddie Corner Gifts
        • Knick Knack Paddy Whack
        • Little Ducklings Children’s Shop
        • Little Red’s Samplers
        • Merry Tails
        • Passion Play Gift
        • Planet of the Puppets
        • Playtime Gift Store
        • Snappy Gifts

        Gift Wrapping Business Names

        Gift wrapping is a highly sought-after skill. Here are some suggestions for gift wrapping business names to get you inspired.

        • All Wrapped Up
        • Box It Up
        • Creative Gift Wrapping
        • Gift Basket Wrapper
        • Gift Wrap Express
        • Gift Wrap Holiday
        • Gift Wrapping Shack
        • Going on a “Wrapping”
        • Mr. Gift Box
        • Origami Wrapping
        • Perfect Presentations
        • Pile On
        • Ribbon It Up
        • Roll it Out
        • Wrap Hound
        • Wrap it Up
        • Wrapping and More
        • Wrapping Company
        • Wrapping Made Easy

        General Gift Shop Name Ideas

        Here are some of the best general gift shop names that you can use.

        • Inside Joy
        • Just Because Gifts
        • Keepsakes
        • Lots of Love Gifts
        • Lucky Eyes
        • Magic Cross
        • Magic Star
        • Main Street Gifts
        • Moon Trims
        • Palm House Gift Shop
        • Paper Delights
        • Paper Source
        • Paper Surprise
        • Posh Presents
        • Royal Gift Shop
        • Seaside Gifts
        • Serenity Gift Shop
        • Silver Pennies
        • Smiles for Miles
        • Souvenir City
        • Spruce Street Gift Shop
        • Stumble & Relish
        • Sunset Gifts
        • Swiss Dream Gifts
        • The Gift City
        • The Pink Ribbon

        Gift Shop Name Generator

        1. PageFly Business Names idea Generator

        You may have come up with a lot of bizarre names for your online business now that you know what makes a good name.

        However, our shop name idea generator can assist you in continuing your search before you hit a creative wall and start visualizing some hazy names.

        The shop name generator on PageFly is a great tool for quickly coming up with creative names for online stores.

        Here's how you can get a pool of online store name ideas with the PageFly shop name idea generator in 3 easy steps.

        Step 1: Select Your Industry Type

        PageFly's shop name idea generator for gift shop names

        Step 2: Choose Your Sub-Industry

        Step 3: Generate Ideas

        PageFly's shop name idea generator for gift shop names

        2. Shopify Shop Name Generator

        This Shopify business name generator is a tool that combines random words and industry-specific terms to create unique, catchy name proposals that one may not have thought of oneself.

        The free business name generator provides instant suggestions in three simple steps:

        Step 1. Think of a word that best describes your brand

        Step 2. Enter it into the name generator field

        Shopify Business Name Generator

        Step 3. Click on the “Generate names” button

        Voilà! You now have 100 possibilities to select from or use as inspiration.

        Shopify Business Name Generator


        In conclusion, choosing the perfect name for your gift shop is a critical step in establishing a unique and memorable brand identity. With our extensive list of over 300 creative and captivating gift shop name ideas, we hope to have inspired you to think outside the box and find a name that truly resonates with your brand identity. Best of luck on your journey to making your gift shop stand out in the hearts of shoppers everywhere!

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