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Top 15 Product Description Generator Tools (+ Pricing, Key Features)

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As an eCommerce business, you have got a lot of work to maintain your system. Therefore you may not always have sufficient time to keep it yourself or DIYing when it comes to things like creating a product description. And, in particular, small business owners run short of time and money or both while operating any business online.

Fortunately, many tools for product descriptions are intended mainly for creating outstanding instances of the online store. You really should consider these product description generation tools as they are backed with strong AI.

Starting and managing an eCommerce business needs commitment and investment in terms of writing product descriptions. At first, one thing you most worry about is the creation of product descriptions actually. This is the most lucrative part when merchants build and maintain their web pages inside ecommerce store.

If you sell thousands of items, it requires many writing resources; however, generating enough appealing product copies will be difficult and labor-consuming if you sell a huge lot of store products. Due to this enormous effort, you may consider outsourcing item content description jobs.

However, it's expensive. You need a viable product description generator and here we've covered your ease.

01. Meetanshi AI Content Generator for Shopify

Meetanshi AI Content Generator

Meetanshi AI Content Generator is an impeccable content generator any Shopify store owner can use, regardless of their industry. Be it content for a specific product, collection, or a blog post – it works for all. 


Pricing Meetanshi app

Using the GPT-3.5 and GPT- 4 superpowers, it makes intelligent choices while creating your requested copies.

You just need to install the app, and within a few clicks, you can start generating your product descriptions and other content material. If you want, you can even add custom prompts. 

Additionally, you can create content for individual products or in bulk without any additional effort. What can be better than this? 

Go ahead and try this app for free. Consider it as your writing buddy during emergency hours or when you want to focus on other important tasks – it is always there for you.

02. homepage is the new application I have found for the AI writing generator. Although artificial, the description of your eCommerce items or Shopify store generated here may be pretty effective.

Pricing pricing

They don’t offer free subscriptions or test drives and here is where you will land after signing up.

You ought to be pleasantly surprised to find that the program uses a few established market strategies to produce content. It leverages AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action). Further, also effectively integrates vital keywords for improving Google SEO rankings in the product descriptions. supports marketing professionals, advertisers, and contractors to access and bridge the writer block and create FAST high-conversion copies. Their AI "Jarvis" may write your Facebook advertisements, marketing emails, website text, content, etc. It works with even the most nicely and humanely produced writing businesses! templates supports Multi-Language (Up to 26 international languages). The program comprises Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Polish, and Russian. This feature allows you to produce product information in the primary language if you target customs based on the geographical region. creates keywords for the review material attributes without any difficulty if you are an Amazon affiliate. This product description generator also generates product descriptions for your items from Amazon and Shopify

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03. MashnLearn

MashnLearn homepage

With MashnLearn, No signup option is available for free and you will be prompted to “Request A Demo”.

Here is what they need you to fill up.

MashnLearn sign in


MashnLearn pricing

Mash'n Learn is a setup technology business whose aim is to automate the product descriptions and retail enterprises' products and they have created a Product Catalog Automation Suite in particular.

This tool will let you create a better SEO product description for your ecommerce store for better results in the search engine. Mash'n Learn's solution offers both a scientific and a sales-driven feature with several demonstrated benefits for its customers.

A natural language bot from Mash'n Learn will be utilized to enhance the Retail Product Catalog considerably. Their NLP suite allows the organizations to develop catalogs' most satisfactory product information in 17 languages.

It also gives tremendous benefits on the marketing side, thanks to this technology. Product descriptions are automatically enhanced in full and periodically provide original product material. You may utilize this to increase your SEO, site conversions, visibility, and alternative keywords based on emotive relevance in your marketing efforts. To optimize your budget for internet marketing, how awesome this is!

04. WriteSonic

WriteSonic homepage

After signing up for free, here is how the dashboard looks like.

WriteSonic dashboard

You can create a new project and you're good to go with this product description generator.


WriteSonic pricing

Writesonic is yet another program product description generator for customers using AI.  It has become the top tool for eCommerce firms to describe products despite being new to the industry..

Writesonic was started because Sam (the founder) worked on the production landing pages.

On the other hand, Sam had built several digital products. When he wrote texts for the landing pages of his goods, he constantly got stuck. Consequently, none of his projects materialized.

He wanted a tool to make a beautiful copy of his landings and other marketing stuff so that it could alleviate the agony.

He played the GPT-3 for a couple of weeks, by coincidence. It made him think: what if he could use GPT-3 to build conversion targeted sales funnels? Say farewell to writers' block. You can develop high-performance announcements, blogs, Landing Pages, Product Descriptions, ideas, and more in seconds using Writesonic's AI-driven writing tools.

Now, we talk about its simplicity. When you click on "generate," the Writesonic product description generator generates hundreds of high-converting versions of product descriptions.

Credits allow you to produce publications, blog posts, advertisements, product descriptions, and other content kinds effortlessly. Each time particular material is created, certain credits are debited from your account based on the content category.

You would be shocked to find that Appsumo also started Writesonic. Writesonic was highly effective as a product description generator for the Appsumo users and their organic consumers. The app not only has valuable functions, but it also produces product descriptions for converting.

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05. Ginnie

Ginnie Shopify App Store Listing

They don’t offer a free trial inside the app as the system houses in Shopify and you can click “Add App” and it will prompt you to login with your Shopify store URL.

Ginnie log in


Start from $0/month

Ginnie product description generator is also known as Kopigin. Kopin is a product description generator supported by NLG that enables you to produce duplicates of completely universal products for your online store. You may download and link this tool in your Shopify store in the Shopify app store. Including $3 for a summary, $50 for the 25 product descriptions, $75 for the 50 product descriptions, and $100 for the 80 descriptions, there are four distinct pricing choices.

As strong as Ginnie, you can browse and utilize it efficiently.

However, before you begin automatic product description production with this program to write content, you could have some queries. Check out some of the most common answers to questions before using this product description generator.

For eCommerce sellers with more extensive catalogs, creating rich product descriptions can be time-consuming and costly. But not now! Keep on reading below!

Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
Trusted by over 2,000,000 businesses worldwide

06. HotShp

HotShp homepage

After Signing Up you will be prompted to the following dashboard interface.

HotShp dashboard


HotShp pricing

Hotshp is a product description generator that you may try out for a product summary. Its price depends on the number of words in every description you have.

This costs $3 for each product for 30-35 words, $5 for 50-70 words, $12 for each product's 150-175 words. This looks rather expensive, but Hotshp does not produce product information by AI robots but by human authors.

They only write in English currently. In their application, they have lately begun to allow different language applications. It is executed when they receive sufficient applications for a specific language. The software enables customers to filter the product information so that the goods to be described may be readily selected.

Then the platform editors examine the product title, pictures, and keywords, and they utilize it to construct a summary written in practical terms. Customers may then sync the summaries with their shop automatically, and you can also manually examine each before the synchronization occurs.

07. ItemScribe

ItemScribe homepage

This product description generator offers no email sign-up for 3 days for free. Below is the screenshot of their dashboard.

ItemScribe dashboard


ItemScribe pricing

You have an infinite amount of product summaries that may be generated for $30/month or $10/week. ItemScribe is such an excellent method for generating product descriptions. This product description generator allows you to create a product description in three simple steps: 1) choose your category, 2) give essential product data, 3) cut/paste the summary created into the warehouse.

You may produce samples of the product descriptions in this online product description generator with only three quick steps. You have to choose a category of goods, choose the product information and copy and paste the content into your shop. Because this platform does not target specific keywords, the analysis procedures tools stated previously in the article will still be required.

The proprietor states I like to make games, travel, and watch British TV online when I don't work on ItemScribe. I'm living with my husband and five cats in rural Thailand, and no, I don't feel homesick in the snow.

Feels relaxing!

Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month
Trusted by over 2,000,000 businesses worldwide

08. Copysmith

Copysmith homepage

Here is how their dashboard looks like when you sign up for free – no credit card required!

Copysmith dashboard


Copysmith pricing

Copysmith is another product description generator of SEO product descriptions you may use for your key Shop or eCommerce business. Copysmith is a complete writing tool, like the other product description generators above.

However, its capabilities include the option to write several product descriptions of the same product. They state that their AI product description generator writes word by word at every stage. Therefore, you may be confident that you can always find original results. They also provide a small number of accessible copyright controls and supplementary controls for purchases. 

 Their objective is to assist their customers in the production of authentic, efficient, and instantaneous materials. Go to their blog page if you're not persuaded of any research papers!

The most acceptable quality results are only available in English. In the following months, they will provide more translation services based on user demands.

09. AdZis

AdZis homepage

They don’t have a direct signup option and prompt you to contact them to take a test drive.

AdZis sign in


They don’t provide any clear pricing on their page and you need to contact them for a custom quote.

AdZis is an integrated product description generator that can copy customer's items with a single click. Three possibilities are available to you. The tool offers you the basic summary version via its AI software, with the first selection. The second choice is to be read and refined by humans in the original product descriptions. The third very sophisticated option will send the original text to search engine analyzers and expert marketers to make it distinctive and targeted for SEO use.

This one is not as easy as ItemScribe but offers more alternatives. Across reality, the prices vary widely in three levels of services. Tier 1 is the most fundamental thing, which means you get the description produced by your AI engine. In level 2, you examine and refine this AI-generated writing by actual humans before transmitting it to you which increases the price. In Level 3, expert copywriters may review the product description sample and modify it to guarantee it is distinctive and SEO-optimized. 

Get more visits with the AdZis Product Description Creator scoring for more keywords with original content.

With this tool, you can improve search engines grade and traffic to your site.

Get one-click information generating support to automate the development of eCommerce descriptions. Auto-generate product information, immobilization attributes, categorized in seconds, are the main features.

10. SnazzyAI

SnazzyAI homepage

They offer a free trial and after getting some information about your business, here is the inside look of their dashboard.

SnazzyAI dashboard


SnazzyAI pricing

Snazzy AI is an additional AI solution product description generator that supports the generation of eCommerce product information. Snazzy AI is the newest version in the digital marketing field, like several of its competitive companies. The program has a good number of users, it is unique.

Its consumers consist primarily of independent professionals, content teams, eCommerce companies, agencies, startups, and corporations.

They've got a significant strategy for freemium. As soon as you join, all their designs and tools will be accessed. You may develop content with five credits a day. You need to subscribe to a premium subscription if you want to produce limitless content.

Since I advise you to compare it personally, so they offer a free plan. But in the shortest timeframe, they also think they have the finest quality AI. The bundle of capabilities is the cause for the popularization and user base. In that sense, there may be fewer specific generators listed in this article with better than the range of its features.

11. Descra

Descra homepage

After signing up, here is how the dashboard looks like.

Descra dashboard


The tool works on the credit system and when you click to get credits, it redirects to

It is never easy or fast to write convincing and original stories and product descriptions - it needs time and works elsewhere. Meet Descra, a powerful product description generator of product descriptions to let you build hundreds of different product descriptions. With Descra, your content writing process may be accelerated by 100 times.

Descra is another type of program used to write product information that may help you produce 100s of varying kinds in only a few days. For some reason, their price information is not disclosed openly. Therefore, you have to call them to receive it. But how the gadget is to be used is quite simple for humans.

First, for each of your items, you ought to submit their information parameters into the System of Descra, and then construct individual text based on your entry. You may add synonyms and change the layout you like.

Then, you obtain a quality score for every description created that may be further modified to raise the quality score. Once the quality of your report is satisfactory, save and place your content on your product description.

12. Descrii Description Generator

Descrii Description Generator homepage

After signing up for free here is how the dashboard looks like!

Descrii Description Generator dashboard


Descrii Description Generator pricing

For your homepage, ads, marketing, sales page, and more, they utilize AI to develop proven, high-quality text. They constantly modify the way you think about creating your content!

You might wish to try out this alternative if you're seeking an excellent sales product description. Descriptions may be put on the shop, and item descriptions can be created in only four steps: Choose the specific product, select the value proposition and, lastly, change it in the app or publish it to your stores directly on the tab to obtain the summary.

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13. homepage

After Signing up, you will be directed to a video and after learning all the instructions, this is the dashboard of the tool. dashboard

Pricing: pricing

Rytr has arrived on the internet surface in April 2021 as an AI product description generator. Although just been, its client list has expanded to 1,500 content writers, bloggers, advertisers, businesses, and organizations. New technologies and innovations - this is very simple and effective to utilize.

It's about never again experience an author's block — from emails and ads, automatically generating text and creative content to your demands in a few seconds!

In addition, Rytr's team is highly active and committed to software development. This is why their software routinely upgrades and functionalities are provided. The group presents a public plan to understand the next thing to do with Rytr. You might also ask for a feature if you are a premium user.

More tools to automate your store building process: 

14. AutoWriter

AutoWriter homepage

Looks like the tool has some technical issues as there is no link provided in the mail.


However, there is another option to get in and that is to Sign Up with your email address. After you get in, here is how the interface looks like.

AutoWriter dashboard


AutoWriter pricing

The tool works on a credit system. In terms of their pricing, you can start from $9 monthly and the Premium pack is $29 monthly. promises to create unique, unlimited, and excellent product descriptions in just a matter of seconds. Its strong AI goes deeper into your input and analyses what the content is about.

The software has also been loaded with tons of features to create multiple options of the description and claims to deliver a creative copy.

15. Tako - AI Product Description Writer

Tako (by Hypotenuse AI) is an AI product description generator for Shopify. It helps you write unique, high-quality product descriptions that boost SEO and conversion for your store.

Tako AI Product Description Writer

Tako's unique workflow lets you manage hundreds (or even thousands) of products easily. Connect your Shopify store, and Tako automatically pulls all your product information so you can generate product descriptions in bulk.

Another highlight is how it uses AI to scan the product information you already have (e.g. your images) to provide suggested keywords for each product. These keywords are used to generate the product description, so this saves you the time and effort of manually typing in product features.

Each time you hit 'Generate', you get a range of descriptions in different writing styles that you can easily edit and publish to your storefront directly.

edit product description easily with Tako

Besides product descriptions, Tako can also help you generate blog posts and marketing copy (including Instagram captions and Google/Facebook ad copy).


Subscription plans start from $9 a month. There is also a Pay-As-You-Go option.

Tako also offers a 7-day free trial with 20 credits, which allows you to generate up to 10 product descriptions for free.

take's pricing

Highlight Features

  • Unique workflow that automatically pulls all your product information from your Shopify store and allows you to publish product descriptions directly to your storefront
  • Uses AI to provide suggested keywords for your products so you do not have to type product features manually
  • Language support for 20+ languages including French and Spanish.
  • Also generates blog posts and marketing copy (including Instagram captions and Google/Facebook ad copy) that are tailored to your target audience
  • Generate unique, original and natural-sounding content

What Makes A Good Product Description: A Pocket Guide

First: Define Product Well

Marketing content used to define a product that offers value for interested clients is a product description. Customers can find info on characteristics, issues solved, and other advantages for generating sales in an attractive product description.

Second: Identify Potential Clients

Identify potential clients before your description is written. A strong buyer persona begins with an excellent product description.

  • Know who will purchase your products?
  • Consider who, what, where, why, and how before you write.
  • For whom is this commodity?
  • What are the basic details of the item?
  • When can anyone use these goods?
  • Why is this item superior to or valuable to its competing companies?
  • How is the item functioning?

Third: Convey the Essence

A few of these instances might be described as different in tone according to the company.

You ought to sound like an excellent product description. Is your brand talking or professional? Want to employ tongue-in-cheek humor, or are things straighter? Your favorite product description generator can do this task easier if you give particular instructions.

Fourth: Praise Your Product

Don't be frightened of praising. Just go a step further in the product information section, such as the Polo store or Apple. What distinguishes your goods? Is the product of decades of testing your quality product? Has it been handmade?

Fifth: Use Strong Graphics

The most effective approach to describe your product is not necessarily through text. Consider how you can improve if you're too wordy. Images are weighty, and customers better recall them. Show your item in a graphic, whenever feasible, which explains precisely what it's doing.

Sixth: Make it Skimmable

Create a single sentence that indirectly supports your strengths include keywords when feasible.


People just skim.

Few individuals genuinely have time to read anything they discover online in this age of knowledge. First of all, you want the main details. Bulletin points give a straightforward and concise manner to present the key issues.

Final Words

We've compiled the list of the best product description generators, do tell us which one is your favorite! No matter which product description generator you use, basically you need to take care of the customer experience as data shows that only a satisfied visitor to your store will convert.

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