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How To Define “Sell This Now” Products To Dropship On Shopify (+ Top 6 Winning Products In 2024)

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Finding the best winning products to offer online is one of the vital elements to success in running a successful eCommerce business. Identifying the product that will boost sales has become difficult due to the large number of products currently on the market and the intense competition that results from every other eCommerce business trying to implement the same marketing plan. In order to give you a solution to this, we are here with this article.

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In this blog post, you'll master how to define "sell this now" products aka winning products for your Shopify store in 2022 that will inspire fresh business concepts, or perhaps provide you inspiration for a fantastic new item to enhance your current online store's product service. Since different strategies can be used to approach each type of niche product, we are also providing applicable tips for reaching it out properly. If you have already been familiar with these terms mentioned below, skip straight to the last past to consult the top 6 winning products for Shopify in 2022. 

Let’s start now!

sell this now product

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I. What Are The Factors Of A Winning Product For Your Shopify Store?

Defining a winning product in six criteria

There are many criteria to define a winning product based on the time product is sold. But these six criteria below are applicable to every eCommerce store at any time and may help you in deciding the item that might be your key to great success. While you don't have to meet all six, your chances will be improved the more requirements you meet.

1. The “wow” factor

Your target audience sees numerous commercials every day. You should give them something fresh and fascinating since they are weary.

The item isn't necessarily so mind-blowing or exceptional (but it is surely more effective if it is). This "wow" element may also result from your product marketing, something that immediately caught your eye and prevented you from scrolling. Make it incredibly original, inventive, fascinating, or particularly cool that makes customers click. It can be increased by the product's usability, the product's elegant design, or any curiosity-provoking effect.

the wow factor

Source: beabetterbartender

For a better understanding of the pic above, we put it in a case where you are looking for a place to drink. The inevitable factors as you see are the drinks (of course) and the staff. However, there is a variety of such bars so you would expect a place with more than basic elements with a menu that includes food, cold drinks, and other elements. Then, the wow factor here is when it meets all your needs and expectations but even more than that: the staff can base on your preferences or description to provide you with the best service like recommending the great match that’ll suit your tastes. To sum it up, the wow factor is what is beyond things customers want and make them surprised.

2. Problem-solving or value-adding kind of product

As sellers, you must have learned about your target audience’s issues through research. Then, just offer a solution in the form of a product. People don't just purchase things for no reason; they do so because they add value or benefit them in some way. Customers, for instance, purchase food when they are starving and medication when they are ill. The product solves their issue in that way. A great sign of a successful product is if it solves an issue that many people are experiencing.

sell this now

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For example, as you can see from the pic above

3. Healthy profit margin product

Obviously, the product that generates the most net profit is the winning one. Consider all the expenses related to selling this product, and subtract them from the buying prices. The most obvious expenditures to cut are VAT and delivery fees, but you should also think about cutting your Shopify store's costs and advertising expenses. Selling expensive goods, for instance, isn't always a good idea because it's hard to do so in large quantities and it costs more money to advertise them. 

profit marign

Source: wellersaccountants

Therefore, the price should be set in a way that shields your business from profitability problems and high costs. To put it another way, consider a product that falls somewhere in the middle between cheap and costly (look for something you can sell for at least $20 with a 2.5x–3x markup).

For example, you can price at least $25 for a backpack whose total cost, including shipping, is $10.

If you can’t manage to calculate the profit margins due to certain reasons, we have Free Profit Margin Calculator as a tool to put you at ease. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and compare the result to see if the prices can bring healthy profit margins as you’ve planned.

pagefly profit margin calculator

4. Marketability

What makes a product marketable is how simple it is to promote it. Consumers' perceptions of value are influenced by a variety of factors, including product images, design elements, video footage, and advertising creativity.

As a result, your offering should be relatively straightforward and ideally mass-market. Customers must be able to glance at the product and know what it is, why they enjoy it, and why they want it within a split second or right away. The best type of response is one in which consumers are both reasoning the purchase based on the product's worth and emotional investment in it.


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5. Mass-market appeal

Not all products will appeal to the mass market, and it's certainly not necessary. This is the difference between which product will help you earn more, though. Simply said, you can scale more effectively the broader the market appeal. So, when conducting product research and considering a product, you should ask yourself, "Can this product be offered to multiple audiences and niches?" If the answer is affirmative, this is highly encouraging. If the answer is no, it's not always a terrible thing. The point is, you will almost certainly earn more if you can sell to a larger audience.

market target

Source: launchitspot

6. Timing

It’s not just about the trends. The product you offer should dominate the competition as well. Like, if you’re going to sell something at some time, research the market and your competitors, then sell what they’re about to sell later. But don’t try to compete with the dominant products of big brands. If you offer the same product as them, try to promote more functionality of products that fit the market at that time. 

Merchants can depend on market research, and product tests, or put themselves in customers’ shoes to know when is the right time to sell something. And the simplest as well as indispensable, rely on Google Trends to observe how customer demand for product keywords peaks over time.

For instance, as you can see, even though the Purge Mask is clear that it is technically dead and won’t work (because it's a seasonal item), it might also be a good sign. This product has been shown to work, and it may continue to perform in the same way every year at a specific time.

II. Small Tips To Follow To Make The Best “Sell This Now” Products

Now that you have some understanding of the criteria for a "sell this now" product, let's consider what you should start doing next. In this section, we will suggest some things you should do and tips to make it easier.

  • Find the best things to sell: Successful products frequently change over time and even place. This is one characteristic that they all share. There are a few tried-and-true instances that, in a sense, are practically universal and overcome all frontiers. For example, sell stickers online is also a promised land to start.  

So, what you need to do is to consult these kinds of products and list all the criteria that you may want to consider that suits your plan and the requirements of your Shopify business. Next, decide which goods most closely match the criteria you have. For your online store, those are just the correct products.

ecommerce products

Source: shopifyguide

  • Define a list of potential products: You should create a proper list of all potential products before deciding which ones to choose based on your level of confidence. Thus, you will refer to the highest of the highest and the best of the best as having "high confidence." You would classify as "low" or "medium" those products that may not have as much "wow" factor, may seem somewhat saturated, may not have as much value, or may not meet other winning product characteristics. So the objective is to test only the greatest items, those in which you have the utmost confidence. There're many product research tools out there that you can take advantage of. 

The tip here is to consider all the factors that your confidence is based on. The timing, saturation, and criteria for winning products may all play a role. However, how seasonally opportunistic it is might also have an effect. Is it a seasonal product that is also fresh? Does it contain extremely marketable images and videos that you may utilize for marketing? Or is it a product you simply have a strong gut feeling for? In the end, that confidence is an individual matter that is based on your experience, those factors, and your familiarity with the characteristics of successful products.

ecommerce product

Source: a2xaccounting

  • Test the products: Now that you have your best out of the best potential product list, the next thing to do is to test the products. For instance, you might merely try a few of the fifty things on your list. A group of five or ten. Because you should only test theories in which you have complete confidence. Even if you have a large budget, you can have trouble spending it since you don't want to test things that you ultimately believe won't work. Only the top candidates should be chosen, and only those candidates should quickly be tested with Facebook advertisements or Instagram.

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product test process

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  • Find the right sources to research products: The good news is that winning niche products can be found on various channels. Your product options will be more diverse as a result, and it will be simpler to spot products that could distinguish your store from the competition.

The hitch is that depending on your target market and product area, you might need to decide how to find winning products. Here are a few approaches you can employ in order to decide on the best products to have in your online store in light of that.

  • Fresh products on Facebook/Drop Point
  • Untapped products on AliExpress/Taobao
  • Old products on Drop Point/Ecomhunt

product sources

Source: Shopify

Most popular methods to find winning products

  • Amazon bestseller: Bestsellers is obvious from the name. Amazon rates its products for your convenience and lets you know exactly which ones are selling better than others. In actuality, one of the most important measures of a product's performance is its Amazon BSR (Bestseller rating). This is solely dependent on how much of one product sells in contrast to another. Because they take their BSR so seriously, Amazon updates it every hour. To see the best-selling items on Amazon in each category, just put in that phrase. Alternatively, you can access any product listing on Amazon, scroll down, and select the category or subcategory that corresponds to the item you want.

top ecommerce retailers

Source: Sixads


  • Google Trends: Google Trends is a simple tool that manages to provide useful data, which is its greatest strength. It's perfect for situations where you've already recognized a product but want to know how it's doing on the market.

You'll get visual information about the amount of attention the product has drawn by running this search. If you dropship to a particular country or over a specified period of time, you can view statistics by using the filter icon.

  • Competitors research: Your dropshipping business manages in a competitive environment with other businesses. Particularly since you probably share the same target market, competitors in your niche are very important.

You could get accurate information on consumer demands and habits by looking into the products that your rivals are making available to them. Additionally, it permits you to recognize and steer clear of goods that your market might be oversupplied with.

competitor research

Source: Myk Pono

  • eBay Watch Count: Amazon Best Seller is eBay's equivalent of Watch Count. Even if they are not exactly the same, Watch Count offers valuable guidance on what is popular and what is not.

Access the Watch Count portal first. Once there, a search bar where you can enter product keywords will be visible. You can learn from the results how many people are seeing the item and what the average bid price is.

You can learn how many units have been sold if you continue and click on a certain product. This can be useful for assessing the product's demand.


Source: Oberlo

III. Top 6 Trending Products To Sell On Shopify In 2022 As References

The list of six products below is consulted from all the sources that we mentioned above like Shopify, Amazon bestseller, Google Trends, etc. We sorted them out for you to consider for your Shopify store as potential products, so let’s check it out and see what you may find!

1. Laptop accessories

laptop accessories

Source: laptech

Most likely, those who might become interested in computer-related topics spend some time using technology for business or recreation and surfing the web. Because they have faith in online retailers, they won't be frightened or perplexed while making a purchase from one. This is why the idea of online shopping is not foreign to them.

To put it another way, this store will be targeting a large target audience that has some expertise or prior knowledge in online purchasing, making this type of product category one that has a lot of potential.

The search trend shows consistency over the year. That means they are always in demand as essential items in daily life. It can bring you more profit consistently to sell online on your Shopify store.

2. Power tool accessories

power tool accessories

Source: kenyik

In the home renovation sector, are you looking for a hot product to sell? Across the world, sales of power tool accessories are rising since they are essential items in each household. These products may include items like power drills, impact drivers, circular saws, table saws, polishers, sanders, and etc.

Focus on marketing on visual channels like Instagram and YouTube when selling popular home renovation items, then include a link to the product that takes customers straight to your Shopify store. To promote your products and generate sales quickly, you may collaborate with industry influencers and run Instagram advertisements. Make your own Instagram and TikTok accounts, and post DIY home improvement-related content there as a more sustainable alternative.

3. Shoes


Source: Mystersafetyshoes

Shoes have always been an essential item in life due to their versatility, not to mention the fact that they can also be transformed on-trend to suit any occasion. Therefore, this product is definitely a trending product and a winner in any situation, and it is easy to start selling online on your Shopify store. 

Although you might want to try with Google Ads, visual channels like Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are where these ever-trending things are most effectively offered.

Partnering with influencers is the simplest approach to get a new brand's items in front of this audience if you decide to employ any type of millennial-focused marketing strategies.


4. Beauty and health-related products

Beauty and health-related products

Source: Pinterest

Numerous items connected to health and beauty, such as jade rollers, yoga mats, fasting tea, and acne patches, can be found among the top items to sell on Shopify. This year, shampoos and artificial eyelash accessories were available. Again, it's difficult to imagine a period when products for beauty, health, and diet will lose their appeal. Since they are necessary and in constant demand, selling health and beauty items could be a successful business venture. If you have the correct marketing tools, like YouTube tutorials or partnerships with beauty bloggers, you may effectively sell these kinds of products.

5. Smartwatch

smart watch

Source: Pinterest

Right present, smartwatches are extremely popular, and major corporations like Samsung and Apple are making their own models. You don't have to pick an expensive option, though; you may just purchase less expensive items to offer in your online store.

The trend indicates that there has been an increase in demand for smartwatches worldwide at the end of this year and that this tendency will continue. Because not everyone can buy a high-end smartwatch, there are large gaps in the market that experienced business people can take advantage of.

It can be advantageous to use Google Ads to promote this popular item. You may be able to attract customers with strong purchasing intent and get them inside your shop. Another choice is to use Facebook advertising to target particular demographics based on the appearance or usefulness of your accessories.

6. Pet products

pet products

Source: akc

One of the most stable markets is for pet supplies; by entering this industry, you can be sure of long-term success. Online shops that sell goods for pets are finding some popularity. Examples include dog and cat kennels, accessories for caring for fur, canned food, games, etc. The following are some examples of popular things you could sell in this market: pet food, pet carriers, pet toys, pet washing equipment, etc.

The pet market stayed steady and profitable throughout the course of the frantic last year (to put it mildly), whereas most other businesses or niches saw severe disruptions.

Here is a short peek at what Google Trends has to say about "Pet Products." How constant this market has been can be seen very clearly. Additionally, this market is bursting with a variety of goods, which opens up countless opportunities.


These are just a few of the high-value products that will be in demand in 2022, but there are a ton more options available when determining what to sell on Shopify as a newbie drop shipper or a seasoned store owner. Finding top-notch products is only one aspect of the challenge.

To sum it up, research is the essential key to know how to promote them effectively. Your business will have a greater chance of success if you make use of the various tools and educational opportunities available to you. Regarding how you use your research findings, be diligent and thorough. The six criteria for winning items should also be kept in mind as you should avoid becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of products on the market by evaluating and implementing your results in accordance with the needs of your specific target market.

If you still wonder what to sell on Shopify, we sincerely hope that this post has been helpful to you in some way as you choose the best items to sell on your Shopify store. Please stay tuned for more useful content from us!

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