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The benefits of dropshipping with Spocket

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Spocket is revolutionising the world of e-commerce. We connect retailers to a diverse selection of the best products from literally thousands of dropshipping suppliers across the globe, which means expanding your product catalogue has never been easier. And with an expanded catalogue ultimately comes an expanded customer base.

In this guide, we’ll take you through several key factors surrounding the world of dropshipping. We’ll also give you an introduction to dropshipping with Spocket. Read on to learn everything you need to know.


What is Spocket?

Spocket is a game changer for retailers everywhere. It’s essentially a dropshipping platform that links you directly to a vast catalogue of the world's most reliable suppliers. In doing this, it gives you access to their best products and enables you to get them to your customers efficiently.

Basically, Spocket facilitates opening an ecommerce space without actually having to carry any stock. Sounds like a win-win scenario, right?

Plus, Spocket has an easy-to-search marketplace featuring all the top US/EU dropshipping suppliers.


Source for best-priced products from millions of qualified suppliers at Sup Dropshipping
Automatic fulfillment and fast shipping guaranteed

What is dropshipping?

Simply put, dropshipping is an alternative retail service. It’s an order fulfilment service with a twist – one where the retailer doesn’t actually keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, the retailer buys products as and when needed from a dropshipping supplier (ergo a wholesaler or manufacturer) to fulfil orders made through their site.

The dropshipping supplier will then ship the purchased items directly to your customer.

The main difference between dropshipping and traditional retailing is that the retailer doesn’t actually stock or even own any of the products they sell. Instead, they act as the middleman between the customer and the wholesaler or manufacturer.

Dropshipping pros and cons


  • No need to stock products: Dropshipping allows retailers to purchase items from a third-party supplier and have them shipped directly to a customer as and when needed.
  • Easy to get set up: As you won’t need to store any of the stock, you won’t need to worry about having a warehouse or storage space prior to getting started. This means you can work from your home or a shared office space or even from your favourite cafe. All you’ll need is a little time and a reliable wifi connection.
  • Low overheads: As there’s no need to rent storage space or pay staff to pick, pack and ship the products, there’s minimal upfront costs to get your business going.
  • Great for entrepreneurs and side-hustlers alike: With dropshipping, the sky’s the limit. You can offer as diverse or as specialist a range of products as you like. Earn a little extra cash on the side or start a booming career. The only limits are the ones you put in place for yourself.


  • Quality and branding control: Given that you’re entrusting your dropshipping partner with shipping the products to your customer, you aren’t able to check the quality of a product ahead of dispatch. Also, branding your products with your company logo isn’t always possible. And if it is, it comes at a premium.
  • Tracking deliveries can be tricky: As you aren’t the person shipping the item, you’ll have to contact the supplier to chase up a delivery if your customer reaches out to you regarding its whereabouts.
  • Managing supplies: With a traditional store, it’s really easy to keep track of how much inventory you actually have. When you’re relying on dropshipping partners, you will need to keep tabs on their supplies so that you know exactly how many of a specific product you can actually sell before it’s out of stock.

For more on the pros and cons of dropshipping, check out the blog post. Or, find out why some dropshipping businesses fail so you can avoid that same fate.


Who is the founder of Spocket?

Saba Mohebpour is the CEO and founder of Spocket. His vision was to build a platform to connect buyers, retailers and suppliers flawlessly. His main goal is to empower online entrepreneurs by offering a comprehensive and logical solution to the inventory distortion issue. This is achieved through the dropshipping model.

Saba Mohebpour, who featured on the highly coveted Forbes “30 Under 30” list, said “I dreamt of a platform where I could easily find thousands of products, with prices that are already negotiated and heavily discounted, without risk of holding an inventory of products.” So, that’s just what he built.

How to use Spocket

Getting started with Spocket is quick and easy. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

Please see instructions here:

    1. Start by signing up for a free account through the Spocket platform.

Spocket guideline 

  1. What’s more, if you already have a website (for example, on Shopify) you’ll be able to connect your store within the Spocket dashboard. And as soon as you’ve linked Spocket to your ecommerce store, you can begin importing some on-trend products that are sure to ensure the success of your business!
  2. Finally, browse the Spocket catalogue. And with thousands of products across every shopping category imaginable, the sky really is the limit! Some of the main categories include beauty, jewelry, kids and babies, men’s and women’s clothing, tech accessories, toys, and pets. But there are literally so many more to choose from too, you won’t be disappointed. Simply import your products and you’re all set.

It really is that simple. We should also mention that if you’re searching for products in general, you have the option to search by name and product category. Plus, you can even filter the results by location and price.

Spocket vets suppliers so you only ever partner with trusted dropshipping stores

Spocket’s founder is an entrepreneur himself. So, given that he’s been right where you are now and fully understands the struggles that come hand in hand with dropshipping, Saba Mohebpour created Spocket. And he did so with the goal of solving those primary problems faced by the world of dropshipping (i.e. lengthy shipping times and high product prices).

The Spocket platform has partnerships with both Shopify and WooCommerce stores. And it is these connections that facilitate finding suppliers that will ship products directly to customers.

Furthermore, Spocket is rigorous in its screening process. Spocket only approves the highest-quality suppliers that meet its standards as a partner. And it’s good to know that many of Spocket’s rivals aren't quite so strict in their approval processes. Instead, they’ll approve just about anyone as a supplier.

Source for best-priced products from millions of qualified suppliers at Sup Dropshipping
Automatic fulfillment and fast shipping guaranteed

Spocket’s team has a very strict verification process in place to ensure you won’t be let down. And each potential supplier must adhere to this very strict verification process prior to being approved.

Here is an overview of the necessary requirements a supplier needs to meet before being approved to partner with Spocket:

  • A supplier’s products must be high-quality and meet both EU and US standards
  • A supplier must have a good reputation
  • A supplier must be able to provide fast shipping and tracking information
  • A supplier’s products must be competitively priced
  • A supplier is required to maintain an order success rate of 95%
  • A supplier are required to answer any order inquiries 24-48 hours after shipment

Only once a supplier has successfully proven themselves across all of the criteria will they be approved to supply on behalf of businesses signed up to the Spocket platform. These requirements are there to ensure that businesses using Spocket can sell high-quality products to their customers. Plus, it helps to minimize those pesky common ecommerce problems including lengthy shipping times. Win-win.

How Spocket can help everyone earn profit at low risk

We’re here to help aspiring entrepreneurs, side hustlers and investors alike.

By building the tools needed to connect entrepreneurs with dropshipping suppliers, Spocket is enabling millions of people all over the world to achieve their retailing dreams. And this has been our goal for the last 5 years. Financial freedom is key.

We’re building new tools all the time too. We’ve recently developed our AI marketing tools and we’re focussing on enhancing our white labels products. We already have partnerships with several larger platforms to make your dropshipping ideas easier and more accessible.

By working with industry leaders including Amazon and Alibaba, Spocket has maximised accessibility. Language barriers are no longer an issue as both of these platforms are offered in 12 different languages.

At Spocket, we’re focussed on revolutionizing the world of eCommerce. Because of our dedication, a mom from the United Kingdom, or a teacher from Saudi Arabia can build their own business from the ground up using our dedicated and user-friendly platform.

We have made it our mission to empower millions of online entrepreneurs. This is why we wake up and smile each and every day. Today, Spocket enables over 60,000+ entrepreneurs across five continents to launch and scale their very own online stores.

On the outside, we're building something life-changing for entrepreneurs. Helping them achieve their goals is at the heart of everything we do. Changing an entire industry isn't always a straight path forward, but it's an experience unlike anything else.

And on the inside, we are a fun and passionate group of people striving to build a world-class culture of freedom, full ownership and responsibility.

Dropshipping is a hot-topic right now and choosing to invest in the idea while it’s in the exciting stages of growth promises high reward with very low risk. It’s a great choice for investors looking for an easy win. Alongside more traditional areas of investing such as stocks, commodities and crypto, dropshipping is on track to be the next big thing.

Upcoming Spocket features to get excited about

And as the world of tech is ever-evolving, Spocket too is expanding its catalogue of user-friendly features designed to make sure every aspiring entrepreneur has the tools they need to be successful. Here are just a handful of upcoming new features that will hit the dropshipping platform soon.

SmartLi: Spocket’s AI writer

SmartLi: Spocket’s AI writer 

SmartLi is specifically designed to help e-commerce business communities to create content that is both engaging and SEO-optimized. Content creation is an effective tool and helps to both attract and retain customers. With that in mind, content plays a vital role in the success of your business. But, high-quality content takes time and can be pricey if you consider freelancer fees. This presents a problem for new startups in the dropshipping world without much capital behind them.

Don’t worry though, this is exactly where Smartli comes in! Spocket have developed their very own AI writer to help you achieve high standards of content creation with minimal expenditure. Imagine being able to create engaging text for ads, blogs or product descriptions in next to no time at all! With that in mind, it’s easy to see what SmartLi brings to the table.

In addition to SmartLi being able to create quality content, Spocket has ensured this technology is built to last. SmartLi’s algorithms have been developed to identify and incorporate relevant keywords and phrases so that your content ranks higher in search engine results pages and you keep your site up to date with the latest trending topics. How’s that for a hot commodity?

DropGenius: Spocket’s AI store builder

DropGenius: Spocket’s AI store builder 

Want to get your profitable dropshipping e-store up and running in a matter of minutes? With DropGenius, you can achieve just that! This AI-powered dropshipping store builder allows you to imagine, design and create a dropshipping store with little to no effort. Genuinely, all you’ll need to do is pick out your preferred color scheme, the category of your ecommerce store and any relevant subcategories. Then, quicker than you’d think possible, your store will be ready to rock ‘n roll on the Shopify content management system.

The relevant set up details will then be sent to you via email. This is an absolute game-changer when it comes to kick-starting your drop shipping platform. What’s more, DropGenius has undergone rigorous testing in-house to ensure that it delivers the highest possible conversion rates. Plus, its AI algorithms will keep you up to date with the highest trending product recommendations too. In launching this, Spocket are giving you the confidence you need to believe in your products to convert.

Another cool feature of DropGenius is the ability to customize themes and tailor the ones that feature on your website to your personal preferences. Create a store that looks professional and engaging but also reflects a little bit of you too. This will enable you to build trust with your customers. And with access to a selection of over 1 million products to peruse and choose from, you can have faith that the future of your store is set to reach those business goals you’ve only ever dreamed of. Until now, of course.

Jubilee: The White Label Beauty Dropshipping App

Jubilee: The White Label Beauty Dropshipping App 

For anyone dreaming of owning their own cosmetics and beauty brand, Jubilee is incredible. Forget the hassle of manufacturing and stocking products, Jubilee is about to simplify the entire process. It’s a white label beauty dropshipping app which enables you to create your very own beauty brand in conjunction with US suppliers and high-quality white label dropshipping products.

An added bonus? You won’t even have to worry about minimum order quantities. Plus, you’ll be able to take full advantage of private label packaging and super-efficient worldwide shipping. Spocket really has thought of everything to help make launching your own business a breeze.

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